Losing my mind the day before school starts

Losing my mind the day before school starts

Good morning, guess where I am right now. I’m on the toilet! School starts tomorrow. I don’t um uh um uh Anyways, so, yeah, it’s the last day of summer. We have quite a few things to do today I have to get my school stuff ready Yeah, that’s actually pretty much it. And then after that it’s just a free-for-all like I’m probably just gonna lose my mind. Someone please help. Okay, let’s go get breakfast. I Don’t want to do anything at all today So, how are you? Have you guys gone back to school yet? It’s my last year, and I’m really not excited I should probably get up and do something, but I don’t want to Let’s refill some binders. Let me just clarify a few things about why I particularly don’t want to go back to school Do I do badly in school? no, and am I gonna drop out? No, that being said I absolutely hate everything about it. The stress I can’t deal with it I literally walk into school Sit down and don’t talk to anyone. Unless I’m spoken to obviously so most people think that I’m really quiet and just don’t talk ever but in fact It’s cuz I’m silently judging you. You can’t even see what I’m doing. Hold on. I don’t get into any drama at school, you know, I’m not part of the popular crowd but here’s the thing I love to listen to the drama. You know, it’s kind of like the beauty community. I don’t do makeup I couldn’t care less but boy do I love Jeffrey Star! This is not But yeah, so moral of the story is I’m gonna be counting down the days until school ends this year Actually, how many days of school are there? FuUUcc but yeah, that’s kind of my rundown of everything If you’re wondering what you can expect during the school year Let me tell you I am going to try to upload once a week I’m not gonna make any promises because my school week is extremely hectic I wrote down the schedule yesterday and nearly passed out because it was so crazy Let me just share that with you for one second. Monday, I bike in the morning go to school and then run in the afternoon. Tuesday’s my rest day. Wednesday, I work out in the morning again go to school run in the afternoon. Thursday, I have a workout in the morning go to school and then work in the afternoon. Friday, I have a workout in the morning go to school work out again in the afternoon Saturday, run in the morning go to the gym. Sunday, I work out again in the morning What. so yeah, hopefully you guys will stick around for my mental breakdown also I see that I’m shamelessly plugging my painting it looks Semi-decent from this far but trust me once you get up close. What on earth is happening. i hate my life oh God stop. No, what was I even talking about again? Why did I unravel these in the first place? This is a very bad idea. I think now I’m gonna finish the painting. I need to get varnish after that So that’ll be fun. We’re gonna have to take a trip to Michael’s. Let’s get painting So I just changed into my dad’s shirt because that thrifted sweater was too expensive to ruin That looks like dookie Hopefully Michaels doesn’t fail me this time because last time it was an absolute disaster What’s up, so we got the varnish and I feel like I didn’t really explain what this does So I’m gonna give you guys a little lesson on how varnish works so step one you buy a canvas and you paint a picture Voila you have your picture and then if you don’t want it to get ruined or if you don’t want the paint to fall off You take your varnish and you spray it So yeah, that is my tutorial on how to put on varnish I don’t think that’s right, but sue me so in closing Garnished it’s kind of like the setting spray of art except ten times more toxic and really flammable This is a really bad idea, isn’t it indoors, okay. I think we’re gonna need a little bit of a change of scenery I’m struggling. I hate my life. I Don’t like that God that smells like ass, Ok, so now we wait for it to dry the mailman is like right there that’s kind of awkward I’m just gonna sit here and wait pretend like nothing’s happening. I’ll see you guys in a bit I did not. Okay. So let me give you just a quick update of everything that happened So I used the varnish and I’m pretty sure I ingested a lot of it now. I’m feeling really nauseous So now I have to do something about it and I’m probably gonna take a nap. It’s almost 2 p.m I haven’t had lunch and I can’t have lunch right now cuz I’m so nauseous So I’m gonna take a fat nap and I’ll wake up when I’m feeling better When I went to bed it was 2:30 and now it’s 6:30, I took a four-hour nap, how does that even happen? I did nothing today. I actually did nothing today now I think we’re gonna have dinner and then I’m gonna go to bed cuz this day has been depressing before I end it off I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for supporting me over the summer Creating videos for you guys has been so much fun. And I’m gonna try my best to keep this up during the school year Sorry, if this video wasn’t really that interesting. I mean, I tried my best. So yeah, let’s go have dinner Hey just a quick little 4 a.m. update There was a fly in my room and I took an empty light bulb and I quarantined it. Let me show you So, yeah, I don’t know if you can see that but that’s kind of my life right now see you later

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    Edit: we also study during summer break, so basically we don’t have any day off other than New Year

  2. i've been a fan of Joana since the "i cut my hair with craft scissors" and i remember watching this video last years summer. tomorrow's my first day again 😭 thank you joana for keeping me sane all year 😂

  3. I remember, when I was in High school, I'm in school from Monday to Friday. 6:30 am – 6:00 pm everyday. And Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:00 nn. 🙁

  4. Okay I know it's the next year, but school starts in 10 days and I'm not ready because its first year of college for me and I'm fricking terrified.

  5. Thinking about the fact that Joana might be “the quiet kid” in school and seeing how she is on her videos, literally blows my mind.

  6. John Cena : "how many days of school are they?" *google : 190 "I just lose my willing on living"

    Me : how many is it in my country?
    Google : 245
    Me : oh boi

  7. 7:37 yes those are green noodles but not the ones i'm trying to find. the ones i'm looking for are the long ones she said break easy but are healthy.

  8. I’m watching this bc today is the last day of summer and tomorrow 9th grade/high school starts and I’m nervous 😬

  9. On back to school season
    Other utubers: let's go back to school shopping, DIY scrunchies and show what's in my back to school backpack
    John Cena: let's re-fill some binders……true student

  10. omg school starts tomorrow for me, senioritis is really kicking in, im pretty sure i didn't do the physics homework for summer and we have a chem test like 2nd week we are back

  11. Last school year, I had 37 hours of school (50 minutes) per week… And this year it's the same. Yeah I hate school.

  12. Rewatching this because tomorrow is first say of school and i don’t even have my books ready and i need my uniform
    Someone just kill me

  13. "today has been depressing" -me, on days when i only watch videos and netflix and feel really sad around 8pm

  14. Im from russia and our school year starts on 1 of september. This year some areas of the region were flooded, so the date moved to 10th.

  15. I ate some avocado toast why spinning my glow up fidget spinner that I bootganged yesterday, meanwhile also watching John cena

  16. Can someone explain how the schoolhours work in Canada? They seem to have a lot of time in the afternoon, in Belgium you go to school from 8:30 to 4:30 or 5:30 depending on you electives and then you have to start homework 😭

  17. My schedule:
    Monday: Running: 3-6
    Tuesday: Running: 3-6
    Wednesday: Running: 6am- 8am
    Thursday: Running and Abs workout: 3-6.
    Friday: Running: 3-6
    Saturday: Running: 8am- 1pm (Meets)
    Sunday: Homework.

    Yay me.

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