LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 6

LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 6

Hi again, new day it is week six and it’s
quite funny cuz I’ve actually lost point four again the first day of the week. I
don’t know if that is gonna be a trend or not we’re gonna have to check that
and see what happens. Um as you can hear my voice is on and
off it’s a bit rough right now but I am sure you can hear what I’m saying. I’ve
had a good day and I’ve been trying to keep on track and trying to come up with
new things to eat. I am very much into greens, I love vegetables so that’s the
base of my whole diet and also trying to think a bit about what I eat and drink.
I’ve stopped all my coca-cola or Pepsi or sprite or whatever, pop, you name
it anything has gone even light stuff I’ve stopped it so right now it’s just
water, flavored water because I can’t drink the water from the tap here. So
that’s some of the changes I’ve done I’m gonna go into that a bit more in another
video but for now I’m happy with the loss and I hope it continues this week
and that I see a good figure at the end thank you for watching again and I will
see you tomorrow Hi guys, a new day a not so good day weightwise yes a good day I lost another 0.2 but one of those down days
oh sorry I just had a bit of a breakdown it’s not a good day today One of those days where I feel I’m not
enough and I can’t do everything that I want to do but like I said before it was
a good day when it comes to weight loss point 2 kilos is a good result that’s fine.
I just need to get myself in a good place again and try to not take
everything personal I think that’s my biggest problem. When things go wrong I
think it’s my fault so I’ll see you again tomorrow and
hopefully a better day then and the weight is what it is so we’ll see then
take care, bye Hi guys
as you could see yesterday it was a bad day for me I I’m just going through a
bit of a hard time right now and I’ve got a cold as you can hear but it didn’t affect my weight which I
thought it would do I actually lost half a kilo this morning so I’m happy about
that I’m just hoping that I can get back on
my feet emotionally and mentally so that it’s easier to keep going it’s gonna
be Christmas soon and it’s gonna be a lot of days off for the girls I hope
that we’d be able to do something together and break up the the everyday
routine and and just have fun together as a family so I will come back again
tomorrow and I will let you know what happens take care for now Hi guys it is
a new day it is a weekend and as you can see I’m a weekend mode also got the cold
still it’s a stand still today but considering
that I lost a half a kilo yesterday it’s okay I think I’ll live with that I had
been planning on making a video about weight loss and different types of
weight loss programs and stuff but with my voice being the way it is it’s gonna
have to wait a few days so that is what I plan up ahead at least so I will see
you again tomorrow and I hope for a loss see you there
bye Hi guys so another day and another loss
I lost point two today so that’s a good result. Getting closer to the end of week
six it’s amazing actually that it has been six weeks already and that I’ve been
doing this for everyday with I think one exception I did one two days yeah
well whatever I’m quite proud of myself actually that I’ve been keeping this up
and that I’ve dared to show myself on a camera and yeah it’s good I will be back
tomorrow and we will see what happened then
and soon the weekly sum up so I’ll will see you then take care, bye. Hi again, it’s a new day as you can hear my cold is not gone yet I can’t say
it’s been a good day because I actually gained point five kilos that’s half a
kilo that’s quite a lot but that is part of everything I mean it you’re gonna have
these days it can be anything it might be the wrong time of the month if you’re
a woman it might be that your body has just gone into a stop period
it might be though you ate something wrong or drank something wrong I’ve done
that it’s Christmas but it doesn’t really matter because as long as you
don’t give up just keep doing what you’re doing it’s it’s fine these days
are gonna come it’s gonna be standstills it’s gonna be weight gains but as long
as you don’t give up that’s the that’s the main thing I’m not gonna say it it
feels okay because it doesn’t I shouldn’t gain that much it’s it’s
silly I’ve done something wrong but you could see as well that I’ve had up and
down days and that affects the way you eat that’s just the way it is I try and
think about what I put in me but sometimes sometimes it just it doesn’t
work so that’s how it is just one day to go and and the week six will be over so
I’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’m not gonna gain anything tomorrow if I do then oh I
better take a look at what I’m doing but I will see you again tomorrow and
hopefully a better day than today take care guys Hi again it is the last day of
week six and I have a standstill today which is better than yesterday
I’m amazed I actually gained that much but anyway on track again and I’m gonna do
my best so the cold is going away slowly as you can hear I’m gonna make another
video soon you see I’m gonna talk a bit about different methods to lose weight
and what is the best way to lose weight according to me so um I will do that but
first we are going to end this week and as usual there’s gonna be a sum up at the end so
you can see how much I’ve lost the average everyday this week and the total
since I started so um keep an eye on that and I will see you tomorrow week
seven okay take care bye you you

22 thoughts on “LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 6

  1. Wow your doing an amazing job with your weight loss angel when you said you were having a bad day and a breakdown I wish I could of gave you a hug your so brave darling 🥰🥰

  2. It is always a struggle to balance healthy changes for weight loss with old habits and life. Every little bit makes a difference and you are doing great.

  3. Weight loss journey can be hard with the ups and downs that comes with buts its worth it very proud of you girl keep it up 💖

  4. It is so hard to lose weight! I lost about 30+ lbs and gained it all back in 6 months! You are awesome and you look very good! Keep it up, hun!

  5. You are a brave lady to do a weigh in everyday. I know it to be best not to do so. You can actually gain muscle (if your working out) and like you mentioned theres things that can always effect those numbers. Really best to take measurements and not weigh in but just my opinion. Looks like your doing good. Sad to see you have a rough day, itll all be ok. Stay strong! Your doing well. I'm starting my journey this week been trying to for a while. That starting motivation is hard to grasp.

  6. Great job! Slowly is how you want to lose weight. I have gone up and down with my weight and I know how frustrating it can be. Kelp it up, you are encouraging me to start up some healthy eating habits!!

  7. You are amazing! Aside from your weight loss success….your transparency and vulnerability is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see more!

  8. Congratulations on your journey! This is not an easy one, trust me. We will definitely get through this one day at time and I will be cheering you on 😊

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