LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 5

LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 5

Hi again and welcome to week five, first
day of a week five and it started with a bang you can say, I lost 0.4 kilos. That’s
a very good start to the week. I treated myself today to a caramel cappuccino, the
girls won that in a lottery or at the Christmas Fair that we went to a few
weeks ago and I thought why not there’s quite a lot of calories in it but I
wanted that I want it treat myself and it was really yummy so that was a treat
for today. As you might have seen that last week there was a few days where I
just pretty much look like I’ve given up on most things
that is part of my depression and my struggles. I wanted to talk to you about
that and I’ve said that this channel is gonna be about that as well so I will I
am gonna make a little video about well I’m just gonna fill you in on some
things and then I might elaborate that later on or tell you a bit more on
perhaps why I ended up in this situation at least what I think and some of the
signs that you should be looking out for so you don’t end up the same way but
that will be in a different video so talk too much about that now. Anyway day
1 week 5 keep it up that’s it so I will see you
again tomorrow and see if that cappuccino kinda made it
all go bad or not I don’t think so but we’ll see tomorrow even a standstill is
a good one as long as I don’t gain a lot so see you then take care bye Hi again
it’s a bit later today so that’s why the light is very poor in here but new day
to day and I paid for what I did yesterday
I gained point 1 kilo. I don’t know if it’s because of what I had yesterday
that I had a little bit extra calories, I went over my calorie budget or if it was just one of those days but it wasn’t up today and hopefully it’s gonna be better tomorrow
we’ll see then take care, bye I wanted to do todays video here, I lost what I gained yesterday so 0.1. Christmas is getting closer it’s gonna be harder and harder but I’m sure
that i’m gonna fix this. This place is amazing I’ll see you soon again, bye Hi again a new day and I have lost point
2 and that means that I am actually now below my part goal that was set there isn’t a new goal in the graph so I’m gonna see what happens. I know what my
goal is and that’s that’s far far away but anyway it’s good I lost even
though we went to a school bingo yesterday and we won loads of goodies
chocolates and cookies and candy and all kinds of stuff wine might be my
Christmas wine so yeah that’s good I’m also quite pleased because this top
that I’m I’m wearing right now, I it used to be like a a second skin on me
it’s not now it’s it’s okay so um here it is and it feels it feels ok it feels
comfortable um okay might be a little bit not the
prettiest thing but it’s good so that’s one step closer and also a non weight
goal which is really good, it means you don’t always have to go to the scales to
see the results and this way I can see the results so I’ll see you again
tomorrow take care Hi guys and welcome back to another day
it’s gonna be a double take today because yesterday was a really really
busy day we went away to meet friends and had some really nice dinner and then
went to family so um I’m gonna start with yesterday. Yesterday was a
standstill day and that’s okay again that’s what happens so I thought that
because of yesterday with all the eating and I had some wine and I had
some, I tried to think about what I what I did eat i stuck to the roast it was roast
chicken and some vegetables instead of getting all the gravy and potatoes and
stuff could be a bit greasy so it went well and today showed
that I had another standstill day so that’s good again. Me and my good oh I’m
getting tired of that, I need to find another way of saying it but anyway so it’s been
two standstill days so hopefully is gonna be a loss tomorrow. I also checked into
the app because you know I mentioned that I had although they set up a goal
for me a part goal that I’ve now passed which is really good but it shows that
it wasn’t them that sat the goal it was actually me that done it accidentally I
didn’t put the right weight loss in so now I’ve put my next goal to reach a
hundred kilos and that is according to what they calculate is gonna happen in
March we’ll see what happens but that’s like I said my next goal and then
there’s lots to go but I need to have short little goals to get there I also
got one of these and that is because even though there’s a step counter in
the app which is really really good I don’t always carry the phone and I lose
out on a lot of steps and I want to see what I actually do in a day so I’ve got
this I’m gonna start that and see if that is working so yeah fingers
crossed it’s gonna be good I’ve got a bit of a cold now so I’m sorry I sound a
bit but that’s life is winter it’s almost Christmas and there’s always a
cold going around somewhere so I will see you again tomorrow and
have a good day goodbye Hi again it is the last day of week five
and just as the week started with a good loss the week ends with a good loss so I
lost 0.3 today we’ve got a cold going in the family so both girls are home
I think I’m a bit off as well but that’s how it is so this week is over have a
look at what the total is at the end of the video and I will see you again in a
new week tomorrow take care, bye

12 thoughts on “LOSING 100 LBS! /My weight loss journey/ WEEK 5

  1. It’s great that you documented your journey to look back on and share on your channel. Keep up the great work and wishing you the best!

  2. You may be helping so many people with this video that you don't even know. Though I'm not looking to lose much, I was very motivated by this. I love seeing others make and reach their goals. I'm sure you will reach yours. Keep it up girl. Looking good!

  3. I am also on a weightloss journey. I can't say it's been easy. I am yet to reach my goals. Thanks for sharing your journey with us

  4. Wow I am so happy for you and thanks for documenting this. I usually move towards these videos when I need motivation to lose weight

  5. Awwww I’m happy that your one strong women and pushing what you want. It is hard at times but gotta keep on going✨💜

  6. Filming this is such a good way to hold yourself accountable and stay on task! I am starting my journey too now that baby #2 is out of me 😂 💞

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