Lose Weight Upto 5 KG in 2 Days with Dry Fasting | Lose Fat with Waterless Fasting | Slow Down Aging

Lose Weight Upto 5 KG in 2 Days with Dry Fasting | Lose Fat with Waterless Fasting | Slow Down Aging

Hello Friends, I’m Aditi and welcome to my channel Aditi’s Kitchen. Today’s video is about dry fasting, which can help you to loose upto 5 kg within 2 days! That too with confirmed 101% results! In addition to that you don’t need to do any excercise or gym You will notice a substantial difference in your body after 2 days. Before we start, I request you to subscribe to my channel. also click on the bell icon to get updates whenever we upload a new video. 2018 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to Dr. James P. Allison & Tasuku Honjo Thier findings confirmed that human body is capable of protecting itself from disease like cancer T-Cell or Killer Cell is a type of White Blood cell (WBC’s) which alone can destroy upto 1000 cancerous cell. but due to wrong lifestyle our T-cells become weak and don’t work as per thier full potential. Dr. Allison & Dr. Honjo’s research found that if we do dry fasting every fortnight or 15 days, our T-cells regain thier lost power according to Indian traditions we also call it as ekadashi nirjala (nir=without, jal=water) fast. the fatcs westerners are finding now. Were known to Indians since ages. same way we Indians also fast waterless for Krishna Janamashtami as well as Karvachauth (Fasting for long life of spouse). this makes it clear that Indian Sanatan Civilization is purely based on scientific facts which we have forgotten over a period of time. so now let’s see how dry fasting helps in weight loss dry fasting is when you stop eating and drinking everything. dry fasting is considred best for loosing weight fast. In addition to weight loss, dry fasting also helps in inceasing immunity also release toxins from body. research has also proved that dry fasting also aids in releasing stem cells in blood stem cells helps repair body from within and hence slows ageing. toxin removal and body repair increases your metabolic rate and hence you loose weight fast. During dry fasting body breaks down body fat to get water it needs for proper functioning. every 100 gm of body fat breaks down to produce upto 110 ml of water so you can guess the amount of fat loss that will happen as body will break down fat to make water. that’s why dry fastiong is considered 3 times more effective than any dieting or fasting Let us see how dry fasting actually works! Our bodies have finite amount of energy! this energy is used for various purposes like digestion, walking, reading, respiration, repairing of damaged tissues cells. when we fast body doesn’t indulge in energy intensive tasks like digestion, etc. this conserved energy during fasting is used to push toxins out of body and healing tissues. this also saves cells from oxidative damage and rejuvenates them. so dry fasting enables body to push out all the garbage from body. release of toxins purifies blood. which increases our metabolic rates and fat burns at a much faster pace. so in a nutshell dry fasting is very good for our body and is 3x effective although dry fasting is a great way to loose weight but you should consult your doctor if you have some medical condition like diabetes, low or high blood pressure or if you are on some other medication. if you feel too uncomfortable while doing dry fasting you should immediately stop! Now let’s talk about what all precautions we should follow while dry fasting we should not do vigrous excercise in gym. Yoga & meditation should be practised as it calms your mind and helps toxin release through breathing. it’s also very important to know what we need to do after dry fasting once you are done with dry fasting, never straightaway go for a normal solid diet. first we will drink a glass of luke warm water. then we will shift to liquid diet such as soups, juices we will come back to our normal solid diet after 2 days on liquid or semi solid diet. after 2 days of dry fasting you will notice a marked difference in overall heatlh of your body you will also benefit from inch loss and overall body weight loss. you can do dry fasting every 15 days. if you like this video then do press the like button don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! Share this video with your friends and family! so let’s meet soon with a new video till then ciao!

68 thoughts on “Lose Weight Upto 5 KG in 2 Days with Dry Fasting | Lose Fat with Waterless Fasting | Slow Down Aging

  1. Im trying all the diets.. i started with intermittent fasting then one meal a day diet then i did egg diet.. only lost 3 kgs in a month.. I strictly follow diets but my weight got stuck after some days.. im now 67kgs.. im on it for like a week.. its not going down.. i need to lose atleast 10 kgs.. do you think dry fasting would work ?

  2. hi im new 😊
    men zroor try kru gi or phr AP ko btaun GI bhi k mjhe kitna faida hua
    thank you so much ma'am 😍

  3. Who mam djo yeh dry fasting ka idea dekha te hai kya who yeh dry fasting kiya hai .hum to try nahi karega khana nahimkhawoghe pani nahi piyoghe aur humare badan me pani bahut zarori hai khana nahi .dokter kahte hai kam se kam 3litre pani pine tjhahiyeh .yeh karne she pehle please dokter she puch le na friends.

  4. after dry fasting you got all your weight that you losed while dry fasting so this is not helpful video for weight loss😢😢😢😢

  5. I m doing dry fasting from tomorrow…. Give me blessings…. Bcoz mai 48 hr rh sku without water….💧💧💧💧

  6. Started 24 hard dry fast daily with minimum of 16.5 hrs. When i drink enough water after small refeed, find I do good. Not the best probably 2 do at nite, but small refeed + water helps I find … gl, all..

    Edit: helps w/ brain/ nerve issues. 15-20 pnds 2 go ..

  7. Hi ,Thank you for the video, it's really helpful. But, I wonder, can I do something like the day 1 is dry fasting then day 2 is water fasting then day 3 is dry fastin then day 4 is water fasting and I will repeat it until 2 weeks? is that okay?

  8. I started my weight loss journey with dry fasting ..I lost 5 kg from which 3 kg never came back I assume the 2 kg was the water weight ..plus it healed my acne when ever o get acne I try dry fast and every time it is healed by it ..it motivated me so much that I started eating healthy I started working out I lost 12 kg in a month with out any lose skin and now again I am on a dry fast for 2 days…you should give it a try I dry fast every other week

  9. Hi aditi i want to do dry fasting..i want to ask that
    Kya hum salt water flush k hours b count kar saktey hai kya..ya dono diet plan difference day mein karein

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