LOSE 10 lbs Permanently in 5 Weeks, 5 Must Do Steps

LOSE 10 lbs Permanently in 5 Weeks, 5 Must Do Steps

79 thoughts on “LOSE 10 lbs Permanently in 5 Weeks, 5 Must Do Steps

  1. Eliminating sugar works for me. However as #1 says, I need to get my mind right and commit to my healthier eating habit.

  2. Thx for the peep talk! My doctor challenged me to lose 10 lbs by April. I wanna lose 16. Im cutting down on carbs and moving more.

  3. Love watching & listening to these to Physical Therapists. They crack me up about them losing weight though. They both can afford to eat a few cheeseburgers.

  4. I go to Tops Take Off Pounds Sensibly and lost 21 pounds in 2019. Keto diet is not healthy. Just count calories and eat sensible. I cheat on Thurs when I get weighed and get right back on track Fri. I love bread.

  5. Thank you again Bob and Brad, you've been a big help in losing over 250 lbs. These steps will help me break my plateau and lose another 200!

  6. I eat keto as a way of life. Not only weight loss but have few to zero asthma attacks. Went from 12-13 inhalers a year to 3-4, and that's cause I am not perfect and when I go back to carbing like people normally do, I start having asthma attacks.

    Also, chronic heart burn, goes away. Joints stop hurting also sttiff feet. My mind is clear and works better and I have more and sustained energy – no afternoon coffee necessary. Chronic systemic inflammation goes. My face actually looks more youthful. Lots more positive things but it's midnight and I'm tired, so just stopping here. And those and other benefits are not just my story my. I follow a lot of keto groups. All people who eat this way expensive these and other benefits.

  7. Thinking before eating is a good thing to do. Also eat smaller portions…. start slowly to put a little less food on the plate.

  8. The "Younger Next Year" guys were great <3 ! Yes, they are pretty serious, but they got me to think of something I'd previously enjoyed doing and set myself a challenge ("kedge"). I got a bicycle even though I hadn't ridden in thirty years. I trained, slowly increasing my distances, and eventually went on a 400 mile bike tour.

  9. Thanks for the video. Your goal date is my goal date as well. MY BIRTHDAY. Down 10 pounds so far. Got a little more to go.

  10. 1) 1:52 True desire to do it the RIGHT WAY.
    2) 3:18 Write down YOUR GOALS on a piece of paper.
    3) 4:09 Define YOUR diet and stick to it
    4) 11:29 Do YOUR OWN exercise routine 5-6 days a week
    5) 12:53 READ a book, MOTIVATE yourself

  11. I love bread but since I discovered I have a gluten intolerance, I have decreased consumption. Went for gluten free bread but was getting expensive and noticed it was higher in sodium. So I guess that helped with the weight loss.

  12. Very good, ´´A little progress each day adds up to big results. – Unknown´´ ´´true desire´´ ´´lifestyle´´ ´´visual´´ ´´P.M.A.´´ ´´write out´´

  13. I did the unthinkable and went vegan only for a month (not that it is the healthiest option) I think I am starting to see some results from it though. I for sure get enough vegetables. Cutting out refined sugars, fastfood and fatty snacks probably helps a. Bit too..

  14. It’s definitely about getting your mind right. I lost 29 lbs about 18 months ago and there was NO doubt in my head that I was not going to succeed. I felt so good! I went right down to 9 stone 10lbs. Over the months I’ve gained 12 lbs and can’t stand how I feel now. I put 7lbs of that 12 just over Christmas and regret it as I didn’t hold back on the chocolate! You have motivated me, thank you and am today starting on homemade soups for lunch and going back to my previous regime – max 25g sugar per day!

  15. I want to lose 50 this year. So I’m going to keep an eye on the scale and adjust accordingly. My activity level is going way up as the weather improves and life is routine. Need to cut bread and pasta!

  16. i few years back I played basketball all day and lost massive weight. I was feeling great, then i started working and gained weight because I didn't know how to eat. I would just eat whatever, been trying to focus on my eating and hopefully i'll be back to normal weight again

  17. You won't loose weight unless your in a caloric deficit on a daily basis, like these guys are saying it's not magic it's sticking to it

  18. That’s pretty impressive that your former best weight is now your current weight and you have a new goal. You guys look great!

  19. Food diary – writing down what you eat and how much each day helped me. I Use food app that keeps track of that and coordinates with my fitbit steps. Lost 20 pounds 2 years ago doing this; but have been stuck at current weight since. Any suggestions for when we hit a plateau ? Hope your families and you both are doing really well.

  20. Love you 2, I'm 51 and need to lose 10 pounds which isn't as easy as when I was younger haha, love the video and advice, Happy New Year, Love Suzanne in the Uk xxx

  21. My weight can fluctuate 6 pounds literally overnight. But to lose body fat, it's no so much what you eat as it is when you eat. In American culture, food is within reach 24/7. Americans typically eat 6 times a day. Food industry has taught us to eat constantly. But our bodies cannot sustain constant fueling. Counting calaries doesn't work. Cut carbs, sugar, processed foods, bread. Eat more fats to satiate you. Don't snack between 3 -2 meals a day. Fast once in a while. Keto style is the answer.

  22. If you REALLY want to lose weight fast do the potato diet. You can lose 10 or more pounds in less than a week.
    Simple and potatoes are delicious.

  23. Kind of a waste of time video, you’re just rambling about different ideas with nothing specific about losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks as the title suggests

  24. I eat keto/low carb. I had to research totally to know to eat healthy and safely. It is not unhealthy at all. I feel better! No classes or special food to order. I read, watch videos of Kristie. I looked up recipes on YOUTUBE. BUT it was a lot of trial and error too. Eat good fats.

  25. Counting calories worked for me. I always looked down on the idea until I finally tried it and realized how I’ve never been aware of how much I’ve always eaten.

  26. I went on 16:8 IF in mid November and ended up losing 6 pounds in the subsequent 2 months. That was by intention. I lost 10% of my body weight last year and will lose an equal amount this year. IF allows me to stick to any diet plan. I lose weight for 1 week, maintain for multiple weeks. I only need to lose a couple pounds a month, so that I can eat like this forever. Also the maintenance weeks allow me to ensure I get proper nutrition. I could go on any type of diet and lose weight as you say. This way of doing that weight loss is what teaches me how to maintain that loss

  27. Brad's a stud. He looks GREAT at 180 lb. I wonder if he'll look too thin at 170 lb. His body; his choice. Nevertheless, seems like he's being unfair to himself. His legs are very muscular from all of his cycling; we've seen them! Muscle is dense and weighs more than fat. I've never seen him naked, but I am sure the rest of it is pretty toned. It just seems like he's being really hard on himself. Just an observation.

  28. Hey gents! As a diabetic, gotta watch my carbs. May I recommend the low glycerin index Ezekial 4:9 bread by Bread of Life. I've been eating it for over 30 years. I enjoy the flax kind and they have sesame and the original, also cinnamon raisin. It's in the refrigerator health food. Its yummy and has a pleasing mouth feel. Jus' sayin'.


  30. 23 hate-raters so far – likely feeling targeted and 'body shamed'! (:-D) What about those of vs who may appear gaunt, guys? How about a video for those seemingly unable to pack on a few pounds the healthy way? :-/

  31. We'll be your accountabilibuddies, Brad. 😎 I, too, believe in giving yourself a break over the holidays. And yes, it puts on a few extra pounds, but it also makes you grateful for the salads and other healthy foods you typically eat. By the time the holidays were nearing an end, I was ready to get back to my healthy eating on almost all counts (Barq's root beer being the one thing it takes longer to quit than unhealthy foods).

  32. Good luck Brad. I'm doing the same and have a lot of weight to shift. I'm doing the gym, walking and dieting with WW. I also use a fitbit trying to attain 10k steps per day.
    Enjoying the channel thanks 😁

  33. Be serious
    Visualize self at ideal weight
    Be positive
    Pick diet—stick to it
    Have 1 cheat day
    Exercise (diet most important)
    Exercise 5-6 days/wk
    Read good diet or exercise book, more you know-the better it’s motivating.

  34. Throw out scale, don't measure, no diet. Just eliminate processed foods (inc. all sugar) and get off your butt every day.

  35. "Define your diet for weight loss": Minimize carbohydrates (bread, rice and dairy), and minimize sugar (it's in nearly everything). Hint: read the labels. 😉

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