Long-Term Follow-Up to Weight Loss Surgery / Matthew Brengman, MD, FACS

– We intend to see our patients for a lifetime after weight loss surgery. After the weight loss is completed, we want to see people a
minimum of one time per year. There are certain circumstances where we wanna see people sooner. Any type of abdominal
pain is a serious concern after weight loss surgery. You should be seen by
your weight loss surgery if you develop significant
abdominal pain after surgery. This can sometimes be something
unique to the operation that a general physician will
not be equipped to handle. In addition, patients
developed other problems after weight loss surgery that
the normal population get. Things like hernias, gall
bladder disease, appendicitis. These are also diseases
we treat in our practice, and when they require surgery, we are able to evaluate
your weight loss surgery at the same time to be sure things are as good as they can be.

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