Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Saul’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Saul’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

my name is Saul, Iím 34, I have type 2 diabetes
and itís just that simple. I felt horrible. I was sick all the time ñ
so sick that couldnít eat. I went to the doctor ñ I was having trouble sleeping, going
to the bathroom all the time. They kind of knew already even before the blood test. About
a week later, they called me and told me I had type 2 diabetes.
it wasnít tough to hear. I just wanted whatever was wrong with me to feel better because I
felt so horrible. I canít even tell you how much better I felt getting it under control. the first thing I did was get rid of all the
pop in my house. I took it to my brotherís house. And Iím talking cases (laughs) of
pop. And then I told my family and I started a plan from there. Diet, exercise, things
of that nature. I started looking on line bc Iím a tech guyÖ
looking for apps to help me watch what Iím doing; exercise, heart rate things of that
nature. That was one of the first things we did.
itís working out great. I count carbs and calories all the time. Itís amazing when
you put in what youíre eating on paper; you see how much you eat in a day. Makes you feel
bad for a little while. Iím down to 1100 cal and 150 carb per day and itís not a problem.
At first I was hungry but I found that when Iíd go walk in the evening it would tamp
my appetite. the first thing for me, and I was really big
when I started. My first walk was 41 minutes and I only went 1.5 mile. It doesnít matter,
as long as you start somewhere. I was dreading it, sitting on the couch saying I donít want
to do this. Eventually, you have to try. Just one time. (413) my goal was; they say do something
21 times and itís a habit. My goal was to walk 21 times in a month and it would be a
habit. Thatís pretty much how I started the program. Thatís all I do, havenít tried
jogging yet, as long as my heart rate is upÖ it works. my nemesis is pizza. I just look at it and
love it. Everything else Iím ok with. We had vendors bring pizza and I actually left
the building. I had one piece and said I gotta go. I went somewhere healthier for lunch. I donít do a lot of the shopping at home.
It was important that my significant other read labels too. At first we shopped together,
but now that she does more of it, thatís key. If she bought junk, Iíd eat it. Whateverís
quick and easy. (550) when we exercise, we do it as a family. Her, my kids we all do
it together. Itís a lifestyle change. We donít call it a diet, we just call it eating
healthier. They ask us why we have to workout and exercise
and we tell them about getting the bad junk out of your system and replacing it with veggies
and water. it is very close. Once you start keeping a
food diary, they look at everything. The numbers donít lie ñ they look at everything, what
you eat, when you eat what the sugar levels are. You canít look at the doctor and say
Iím doing everything fine and give them the paperwork and itís all opposite. Itís important
that you like your dietician and doctor. That was the most important thing for me was the
ability to talk to them. just stay positive – make it a life experience
as opposed to a hindrance. Nobody knows I have diabetes, when Iím walking around nobody
knows, nobodyís going to judge you for it. Be positive, include your family and I think
most people will be just fine.

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