Live Rescue: Man Saved from Diabetic Seizure (Season 1) | A&E

Live Rescue: Man Saved from Diabetic Seizure (Season 1) | A&E

99 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Man Saved from Diabetic Seizure (Season 1) | A&E

  1. This makes me want to start a go fund me page to raise the money to get Ricard a service dog. Cause it has been proven that a service dog can be trained to sense when a diebtic is about to hit a dagerisly low blood sugar level

  2. What I don’t understand is how slow the medical teams in the United States is. I see that the police, fire, ambulance act super fast.

  3. That's so scary my grandma has diabetes and I fear the worst because she lives alone and going through kemo I hope this never happens to her while she's alone😭

  4. I'm not diabetics so I don't know but don't u feel a difference when u start feeling low not saying it's his fault but I'm curious to know if u get signals I assume it feels like when ur out of energy sluggish and if they do why did he wait that long.

  5. We are so privileged here in the US to have a nationwide EMT network to assist in emergencies. I have been to many third world countries where no help is coming, we are extremely fortunate here in the US.

  6. I can imagine being woken up confused by a woman in a park and being told "we have to give you some sugar" could be confusing to some if they hadn't experienced this before. Seriously though, what caring people, down to taking care of the dog and brushing the grass off his back.

  7. He just needs candy. Needs to carry candy with him . I belive I'm starting to get like that to. I get super lightheaded. Shaky. Tunnel vision all from bloodpressure of some sort

  8. Applause for those people that saved him👏 but the most heart melting there with Rufus🤭❤ I don't know if it is like that elsewhere too but in my country it says "The dog is the best friend of the human" and I believe it's true ❤

  9. I’m afraid that this will happen to me one day. I also have type one diabetes and my doctor told me that this will happen at least once in my life.

  10. Those Glucos tabs work good, but sometimes hard to get down since they are somewhat chalky textured.. Best to a) make sure your insulin pump settings are set and managed well b) carry some chewy candy (skittles, gummies, etc- candy that wont melt) with you and ideally some juice or regular soda. If you taking care of yourself and listen to your body you can usually detect and prevent this from happening. 31 yrs Type 1 Diabetic here- never had a seizure or been hospitalized from a diabetic related issue. You just need to manage this disease responsibly.

  11. Uhhh! This freaked me out! I've been living without a pancreas( and other organs) for just about10 years. My Doctor wants me on an insulin pump. But, I've had 1 friend die and 1 go into a diabetic coma because their pumps malfunctioned. This guy had a pump on and it should have sounded an alarm when he got too low. I have Diabetic unawareness. Which basically means I don't feel my highs and lows until they are extreme. I want a diabetic alert dog. They can alert you around 30min.of real trouble.statisticallt. But, service dogs cost a ton of money. I wish they were covered by my insurance! I pay $800 a month. Not counting co-pays.

  12. as a type 1 diabetic . this has happend to me many times. mostly im at home but it is very scary. ive had a friend die from it. rip grace

  13. Lol when the lady said "we're with the fire department" it sounded like "we're with the party pampin" or something

  14. This stuff is scary. My dad is a diabetic and when this happens it’s no joke. Glad that man called the fire department and he’s okay.

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