64 thoughts on “Live Mucoid Plaque Removal – WARNING GROSS AS SH*T

  1. Not sure where to start? Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Want to dive deeper? I made this free course for you🔥 ➡️https://goo.gl/Kyo2ET

  2. Great video! Ive been passing little bits of plague for the past couple of years. It passes when I take certain supplements. I haven't tried selenium or clay yet. I can't believe western medicine has NO clue about this.

  3. Yea that’s gross..I’m still shocked that someone would make a video of this.however I had no idea about this so it’s cool to know something new.so thumbs up 👍.glad that someone was brave enough to do this.

  4. Whatever he took to get rid of it, I want it!! I been sick for 2 years and I'm currently doing a water fast and it's crazy how much better I'm feeling. It's time!

  5. doctors and scientists will never admit to that becouse they will lose all the business, if everybody detox himself there will be no

    diseases left to cure with drugs that they are selling to us. pharmacy is a lie like everything else from the goverment and leaders.

  6. Oh my gosh – I have been taking a tablespoon of fermented terramin clay every day for about a week and had a very similar looking green poop a couple of days ago. i now know what it was!!

  7. Thank you for this video, you have opened my
    eyes to the truth of what is going on in there!
    Thank you for your help with this!

  8. IF ANYBODY! talks shit about this guys cauliflower ears, remember he knows how to fight AND his colon is clean….

  9. Do you think eye floaters are from buildup inside the body? I've gotten a few and they are driving me insane and making me depressed and I need to get rid of them

  10. Everything you say is the absolute truth. I have passed similar and worse through high enemas. Those that say it is a scam have reached me too late….

  11. These videos are so important on so many levels, I’m glad someone’s doing them (and I’m 2 years late to it)

  12. I put 6 big scoops of Metamucil in a jug of water, shake it up good, and drink it in the evening. The next morning everything inside of my colon slides out with ease. That is not the recommended way to use it, but I don't take it everyday. Metamucil is a game changer if you're feeling irregular, bloated, or whatever. For the best, most productive dump of your life, give this a shot. Maybe start with 3 or 4 scoops though. I think the scooper I use is a half a table spoon, but I really heap it up, so its probably a table spoon or more per scoop.

  13. This guy is so fucking stupid…he's completely unqualified to be giving medical advice…I'm reporting all of his videos on YouTube and Facebook until they delete him.

  14. Well There's plenty of half truths here but why don't you learn off some one that actually knows this stuff ? Like for instance do you have any idea where this has come from ? It's basically a Kahuna cleanse ritual. It's a mystic healing system that was guarded by the Shamen type people from Hawaii for thousands of years 'haha' & now it's being banded about 'in half truths' on Youtube.

  15. Thanks for sharing. You are right that our diets are contaminating our bodies. Our diets are also contaminating our planet. Oreos and Pop Tarts are not food.

  16. You are 100 % right thank you thank you for this video. Why are there no Drs. backing this shit up ? 20 videos of people showing the same disgusting crap. obviously its not fake. W.T.F. ?

  17. ❤️Freakin love u for this video…even tho I feel like I’m dying after I watched. 😨💩💩💩

  18. Got a colonoscopy…saw the insides of my intestines. There was none of this bs. It was completely pink.

  19. This is bullshit. Been doing autopsies for twenty years and had never seen that black crap in the bowel of a human. what you see is the product of cleansing supplement turning feces I’m into weird looking shapes and colors.

  20. I had the same poop during my cleansing program GO DETOX from coralclub.com
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    This GO DETOX program contains clay as well. I did it 3 times already and going to continue. Just 4 years ago I changed my diet to health style, but if I want to completely clean my body and mind, YES!, I must take herb supplements and do GO DETOX cleansing program , used to name as Colovada Plus
    If you have any questions about this program you can find me on Facebook, my name is Zhenia Sannikov, I'm from Iowa, and contact to me by personal massage. I heard about this program from my Russian friends from Eastern Europe , I'm shocked because American doctors never recommended this program to American people!!!

  21. Respect on your holy work bro, I took out a big black mucoid plaque without using any binder, just juicing, raw food and coffee enemas, it's real and the feeling of a clean vessel is amazing, all anxiety, fear, and confusion disappear. the trick is to keep doing it, people sell a 14 days detox plan which is a joke, I'm 8 months in and the plaque came out only two weeks ago, parasites still coming out daily, it takes time to kill these tricky demons, if you ate western diet all your life, you got it 100%

  22. Just please, don't accidentally scratch your nose or touch anything until you take that glove off and wash!!!! All jokes aside, this is amazing and I gotta get serious about cleansing. Thanks for the great information.

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