Lisa’s gastric band diary – Week 10

Lisa’s gastric band diary – Week 10

Hi everybody so I’m now ten weeks
post-op and I kind of feel like I’m starting to sound like a bit of a broken
record but honestly things are just going so well. I just had no issues
whatsoever. Yeah there’s literally nothing that I can say that’s
not um good about this experience for me so far things have just been absolutely
amazing and the only thing that’s probably maybe creeping up as a little
issue at the minutes would be my appetite is starting to come back a
little bit more and the portion sizes that i’m eating are not really filling me up as
much, so obviously i’m quite eager to get my second fill, and that’s due within the
next few weeks and if you have seen my last video, you know I have currently got 3.5 mail in a 10 mil band. I’m not sure what it will go
up to, I really couldn’t say I don’t know would depend on what the nurse says when we get there but yeah, it it’s just been fantastic it’s been really
really good and you know i’m i’m Kind of I don’t know it’s just really hard to explain, like I didn’t think it was going to be this straightforward I really didn’t
because I’ve seen a lot of things you know before I’ll actually go in for the
surgery and you do you know you do your homework in your hear some stories and
some of them just they just put you off for life and I thought well you know
each person is different and I’m just going to do what’s good for me, you know,
doing and there’s been times where I’ve been anxious like the last time I’m
about flying that was fine, and going back to work, that’s fine you know having the fill in the first was fine. Everything’s been really good and I think as long as you stick to you
know what it is that you supposed to be doing and you kind of don’t rail off then I think you’re going to be absolutely fine. I have I’ve been really
really good you know a lot of will power has been
needed and portions at the minute, I aim to keep my three meals a day under about
1,100 calories. You know, if I’m if I’m under there and I’m happy. Obviously I
am still eating quite a lot of fruit and veg so you know, they’re zero calories aren’t they so, you know I think that’s the thing that’s probably kind of stacking me up, you know keeping me full but yeah as I said my appetite is
creeping back a bit now and the fruit and veg isn’t really doing it, so
I’m just being careful you know I am still treating myself do you still have
the little and fun-sized packs of buttons, but yeah it’s going really
really well and again you know I can see I loss now which I’m really really happy about really happy and so yeah I mean this is only ten weeks so I’m really really intrigued to see what the next and weeks are going to be like and really really glad that I
came on this journey and I would seriously recommend it to anybody else

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  1. You look really happy and you are doing really well I want to get a gastric so I'm watching your progress to see how it's going for you and it's made me feel comfortable now with doing it and I can really see a difference from your first video of you and now 😊

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