Life After Losing My Son To Suicide | Late Night Calls

Life After Losing My Son To Suicide | Late Night Calls

hello Figaro hey everybody its Rachel and This is life after losing my son to suicide You may notice that I look a little different today My eyes are very swollen and puffy. I’ve taken some ibuprofen Ice ice face bucket baths Yeah, this swelling is going down the reason for it is I cried really really hard I got a phone call at I think it was 4:00 in the morning 4:00 a.m and I got a text and luckily Steve wakes up to that kind of stuff and I’m first going to say that although this is a message I never ever Want to get I’m very thankful that This person felt that they could come to me and Steve for help someone to talk to So I got a text that from one of Isaiah’s friends at 4 a.m. That My friend killed himself One of Isaiah’s friends someone Somebody that’s very very dear and sweet to our heart and means more to me than I can explain in words He’s like a second son Call me just feeling broken and lost What’s going on? Hey so as you can tell a lot of times I Sit down and I just start to vlog I sit down and I start to talk about what’s on my mind and my feelings It’s been very therapeutic for me It’s been very raw for you so Steve walked in obviously he didn’t know I was vlogging and so I Took a break from that And I honestly don’t know where I was and I haven’t looked back to edit to that video So what I’m just going to say is that I got a call at 4 o’clock in the morning from a dear dear, dear dear special person in our lives that we care for very very much a very close friend of Isaiah’s and He lost someone to suicide who was very close to him and He is going through the emotions of of the pain of Isaiah yet every day and Now he has to deal with this pain on top of that Upon trying to deal with your own emotions at 19-20-21 these ages Try to figure out I’m 30-something and I’m trying to figure me out But as much as it hurts as much as I had to I Cried with him for an hour Just bawled and cried with him and it rolled over and I worked at Steve and I said I’m gonna need a bowl of ice after this And I did I dunked my face in it and my eyes are still puffy And although I never want to get that kind of phone call. I am very happy to know that I Can be support Guys the pain that is left behind to those that you love is unbearable I understand the burden is hard I Understand I don’t wish this pain upon anybody Know with all my heart and well-being If Isaiah knew the sadness I know he wouldn’t have done this as we’ve been there before Please know your worth Please be your own light if you can be the light for others Alright guys, please. Take care. I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and Thanks for watching please subscribe It’s one of these corners Please subscribe like comment if it’s kind I like to hear from you guys. I really really do it means a lot. So alright till next time. Take care And for those of you that have a personal relationship with me Thank you for reaching out to me Alright Peace Out

24 thoughts on “Life After Losing My Son To Suicide | Late Night Calls

  1. I’m a 17 year old boy, turning 18 on August 30th. I attempted suicide July 5th, 2018. Tonight I started dealing with terrible thoughts again, and this video series has helped me so much. I feel safe for the night. Thank you for posting these videos.

  2. It seems like we both had a bad day when your video was uploaded. I had one of my depressive episodes in 25th of April, but luckily this lasted only a single day.
    I sincerely hope that both your son and his friend are now happy in heaven, and free of all emotional (and any other) burden that they had while they were both alive.

  3. I haven't watched your video in a while, I've started doing my own personal videos and I go back and try an hope to inspire myself to get thru the emotions…. Some days are better than Others.

  4. Thank you beyond words for sharing … I have always suffered from depression/anxiety/OCD/ADHD, since as long as I can remember .. I’m now 41 and a mother of two kids … they are the only reason I haven’t taken my own life… I get misunderstood by so many and my 3.5 year BF and I just broke up he never understood me and doesn’t try to .. that has been a dark cloud .. so thank you for sharing because you have helped me see what my family would feel well my kids… and again thank you

  5. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I know I have no right to ask this but here it goes …. have you ever discussed what happened with your sons suicide ? I really think it could help people. Just my thoughts on it. So sorry for your pain.

  6. I have a 23 year old, a 21 year old and an 18 year old. I have two other children but you know? I have told my ‘adult’ children that the age between 18-25 is really hard. Those years were hard for me. Without my husband and I putting any pressure on them, they still feel like they have to have everything figured out, they have to be successful and it’s such a transition from being a child to a ‘legal’ adult. I believe they benefit from me just telling them this. It’s not something I’ve heard other parents say. And I haven’t read about this in any of the parenting books I’ve read. But kids this age are putting themselves under so much pressure. And I would like to know why. Is it something in school they are taught? Where is this coming from

    As I said those years were hard ones for me but this generation is really struggling more, I believe.

    For what it’s worth, thought I’d share. As I shared before my oldest son has been suicidal and we have been fortunate to still have him. We are lucky.

  7. Depression has to be treated with specific medications. Unfortunately some medications ,wrong dosages may not put you on an even plane. Please call a physician immediately. There is help,hope, & believe.

  8. I hope things are starting to get easier. I hope you have more good than bad days and your getting stronger. Warmest regards.

  9. This is a an epidemic and a national health crisis. Both your child and his friend commit suicide in 9 months, that is unreal. I am so very sorry Rachel. You are saving lives. But you can’t save everyone. Please take the best care of yourself that you can.

  10. I'm thinking of you today…I know it's the first anniversary. I dont k iw how you do it..I do t think I could. But you are helping so many people by showing us just how awful and painful this is for those left. And I'm sad that isiah's friend has to go thru this again

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