I think my lifetime of morbid
obesity was actually a good thing. Let me explain. Hey everybody and welcome back
to another episode of Walk with me. This is Josh here and today
I’m talking about why my morbid obesity has actually been a good
thing in my life. And I know those of you that are still
struggling Are probably disagreeing with me right now.
But I just want you to hear me out and obviously I don’t just
mean being obese but being obese and conquering that and actually
losing a weight has no doubt made me better living
as an obese person or living as someone that has always been
at a healthy weight is going to be fundamentally in a lot of
ways. It’s always important to gain as many different
perspectives as you can. I think having that empathy
for different situations is a big part of growth as humans. And for me it’s almost
like living two different lives and now I have the benefit
of understanding situations from that many more people and just
that much more about myself and that perspective and that growth
is something that you can’t really teach you can’t really
buy can’t really learn any other way. And the even bigger part of
this that I wanted to talk about today you know losing weight
and having to go through that has given me the confidence and
the courage to pursue everything else in my life. I feel like I
have to give credit to those years as an obese
person and those years of taking off the weight I have
that to thank for everything because whether it’s working on
this YouTube channel or you know making sure to make the effort
to go on that longer hike or to go travel or you know
pursue my dreams and my passions. I always think back
and know that if I want to do it I can. And if I want to put it
in the work I can reach whatever goal I’m trying to work towards.
Next time we are thinking you know why me why can’t i just
be skinny like everybody else. How has it come so easy for them
when it’s so hard for me. Just know you have
that competitive edge in life now and you’re going to get
that much further towards what you want out of your life
if you’re willing to put in that work and get past that.
Hardship is what shapes us as humans. And that struggle is what makes
us stronger and gives us perspective for the good things
because I think those good things in life are only good
with that balance and maybe some people disagree with me.
Maybe this doesn’t make any sense anybody but been thinking
about the last couple days and I just really wanted to share.
For me I obviously have ups and downs just like everybody
else but I have this almost unstoppable feeling over
the last few years since maintaining my weight loss
and my goal for this channel. Sometimes it’s through practical
tips and sometimes it’s more motivational sort of stuff.
But my goal is always to kind of convey that feeling to all of
you. That was all I had for this week everybody. As always if
you’re struggling with anything. Make sure to let me know down
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all of you guys later. Have a good one.

20 thoughts on “LIFE After Living with MORBID OBESITY

  1. What things have you learned from your weight loss journey that have shaped the way you think about life today? Let me know! 👇👇

  2. Good morning! Thank you for your videos! Would you mind sharing your camera, microphone setup? And what you use to edit and assemble final product? I’m on my own journey to begin creating video content similar to yours and am looking for all the info I can get. Thank you SO MUCH for your time!

  3. I think for me it has made me who I am as a person. As i lose weight I think it now just get to be the person I have always been just in a sleeker more mobile body. I was doing some tile work in our dining room this weekend and commented to my wife how much easier it was to be bent over doing the work without having to stand up straight to breath. It really is amazing how as an obese person we learn to live with the things that are so hard for us. The things most average size people would never have to think about. Bending over to tie your shoes and then having to stand up before you are done to get air before going the next shoe. I still have more to lose but I sure am happy to be on my way down and to be able to do more and more without stopping to breath. It is funny and sad all at the same time. Great video as always Josh. Have a great week!

  4. My problem is that I know how much time it takes for me reach my goal and im constantly impatient. Like when I'm in the gym I work crazy hard, and when I'm not there I feel like I doint nothing (even if I do small things). I know I won't give up, not this time, but im so impatient to reach my goals that drives me crazy.

  5. What I find so remarkable about folks like you? You fought through all the self-sabotage scripts. The human instincts, and urges, to stay the same, unleashes such an avalanche of internal, negative voices. How you folks meet them head-on, and still win, is where the real story of big life changes reside. Have a great week!

  6. I wasn't morbidly obese but about 30 lbs overwt (now near ideal wt) and I feel a lot of empathy for those who are trying to lose and having difficulty. I do look at those who are blatantly abusive with their diets with some disbelief though…..

  7. Great topic. I can't, yet, speak about how my weight loss journey has shaped me as I am still working to program myself to eventually accomplish my weight loss goals. However, I can speak to the point of experiences in life (good or bad) shape us later in life. The trick is to teach yourself to learn from those experiences. Especially the bad ones. I had a plethora of those in my early years. I got into a lot of trouble as a young man, many have always said what would you change if you could go back? My answer is always the same, not a thing. Each of those interesting events contributed to who I am today.

  8. Great topic man. Being extremely heavy for almost 40 years of my life for me was constantly just dealing with navigating , and finding work arounds.
    Since my 190 lb drop it’s like I have lived two life’s. This new one is inspiring., active, exciting! My old one was boring, scary because I was always worrying about health concerns and very limited. I couldn’t play with my kids, or do basic daily things.

    That is all behind me now. I love life and can’t wait to keep transforming my body. I agree I learned a lot on this journey but biggest regret. Waiting 40 years to change my life. 😎👊🏻

  9. I used to love your channel but I feel like it’s turned into more of a motivational speech instead of an honest story/chat. The music in the background certainly doesn’t help.

  10. I was a chubby kid, then got skinny when I was in my twenties, THEN I got so skinny I was ASHAMED of being so thin. Now I'm fatish and need to lose three stone. Love your vids. 😎

  11. Such an inspiring video Josh you're a completely amazing example and a completely amazing person – I'm serious.

    This is why you're my Guru xx

  12. Sure. But it would be preferable to grow through experiences that don't permanently damage your body. I'm talking plaque in your blood vessels, enlarged heart, kidneys no longer at 100%, neuropathy, messed up skin etc; some things just don't heal.

  13. I recently lost 50 pounds! glad to hear you achieved your goals, learned so much and are a happier more confident person 🙂

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