Laparoscopic Gastric Wedge Resection (Links to Full Procedure)

Laparoscopic Gastric Wedge Resection (Links to Full Procedure)

Yeah, so this is… That’s stomach down there… Liver, falciform, gallbladder – yeah, it was
huge on the CAT scan. Let’s take a quick look around. Can these masses ever be benign? Could it be like a leiomyoma or something? Yeah, well if it’s a GIST tumor, which is
what it is, they’ll have a high propensity to, depending on the size and how many mitotic
figures there are – they can metastasize. You just want to make sure we take the short
gastrics – not the gastroepiploic here. Right in there. Right there? No, this. That’s it, right there. Yep. So we’re just debating what size stapler we
want to use. We want the appropriate thickness but not
too thick because then it will bleed. Now can you just staple across, and that’s
the end of it? That’s all we’re doing. It’s a wedge resection of the stomach. Right before you let go, let’s take a peek. Can I have another grasper, please?

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  1. How common is gastroparesis post gastric resection? I had a nissen fundoplication which resulted in gastroparesis. Is there any way to repair any nerve damage?

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