Laparoscopic Endoscissors Dissection

Holding the adhesions over sigmoid colon area and traction is applied Maryland topped up with electrocautery is used to coagulate the tissue avoiding trauma to intestine Proper traction towards anterior abdominal wall required Take out the Maryland without touching the omentum or any other tissue Take in Endoscissors and start dissection Open the prongs of endoscissors on reaching the site only to avoid trauma to other intraperitoneal structure Apply traction with endoscissors off and on to reveal the correct plane and continue dissection Intermittent assessment of surrounding anatomy should be practiced whenever in doubt A mass in Left iliac fossa adhered with surrounding structures start appearing Stop for a while , reassess, co-relate it with pre-operative imaging studies and plan accordingly Any query, what’sApp – +91-9412109123 or mail me at [email protected]

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