I’m Chris Harper and with me is John, and
we’re here to demonstrate an application for abdominal pain. This is an application for your oblique
abdominal muscles which are just to the side of your midline abs. Abdominal pain can be caused by
muscular tears due to excessive twisting of the trunk. KT Tape helps treat this condition by
relaxing and supporting the painful muscles, takes pressure off the area to reduce
pain, and may increae circulation. For this application we’re going to place the
body in a little bit of a stretch where we’re going to be placing that tape. So we’re going to lean back just a little bit. Okay, we’re going to take a piece of tape, one full strip. We’re going to find the logo end of the tape and twist and tear that backing paper to create an anchor point. We’re being
very careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape. We’re going to place this up high, and
we’re going to place this with absolutely zero stretch. Give it a little bit of a rub so that it sticks, and
we’re going to remove the paper backing. As we remove it, we’re going to leave a little bit of paper on the end
of the tape just so you can something to hang on to
without touching the adhesive. Okay, we’re going to apply nice even pressure and stretch this out to twenty-five percent. So if we stretch all the way, and then back off halfway and halfway
again, that’s twenty five percent. We’re going to lay that piece down. Great, we’re going to apply that last tail of the tape with absolutely zero
stretch. And get that to stick to the skin. Great. Give it a little bit of friction rub just
to create some heat and good adhesion. Okay, we’re going to take our
next strip. We’re going to tear that off, one full strip. On the logo end of the tape, we’re going to twist and tear that backing paper. And being careful again not to touch the
adhesive on the tape We’re going to place this just above that first piece, again placing the body in a little bit of a stretch that’s good. We’re going to apply that with zero stretch, and just
like the first piece we’re going to remove that backing paper. Leaving a little bit on the end just to
hang on to so you’re not touching the adhesive. Great. We’ll apply that at twenty five percent
stretch so all the way, back off halfway, and halfway again and then apply that down. Okay, and that last little bit we’re going to just take the paper off, and we’re going to lay that down
with absolutely zero stretch. Okay, give the whole application a little bit of a rub, create some friction and some heat. That activates the adhesive so it sticks much better
to the skin. Okay, once that’s rubbed on, you can come up out of that
position. And that looks good. Some helpful tips before applying. Make sure to clean the skin very well, remove any lotions or oils you may have on. Also, trim excessive hair to allow better
adhesion to the skin. Be careful with removing and putting on
clothing as this may roll the tape. Please seek care if the pain feels
internal or increases, or if you experience spasms, swelling, or
discoloration. Some complementary treatments may
include ice, rest, anti inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, and light progressive stretching. For more information see our website at

18 thoughts on “KT Tape: Abdominals

  1. Is it possible to put Kttape horizontally as a tensor around the belly, just to have the clothes fitting better, and how to use it then?

  2. My doctor says I have a rectus sheath tear in my abdomen, right next to my belly button. It's rather painful I almost can't use my abdominal muscles at all. Will KT tape help speed up the recovery process?

  3. i have hurt my side abdominal muscle on my left side in the video you applied the tape higher to where my injury is, would i just be able to move the application down to where my injury is or do i have to use a different type of application

  4. As a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner it appear to me that your model applies a significant amount of additional tension as he lays the tape down.

  5. Hi Chris Harper thank you for this self learning video,I too hurted my my lower abdomen and the pain was just unbearable,after few searching to get some relief and being skeptical about KT tapes I bought one and saw your self applying video and its Two days that I have applied the tape well the pain has reduced and I have been taking medicines all along with it but your video taught the self applying has helped me a lot.Cheer s Buddha bless you and your sweet family 🙂

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