Kale Chips | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

Kale Chips | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

Hello everyone, this is Michelle Phelan, Nutritionist
at Blossom Bariatrics and today I’m going to talk about some of my very favorite protein
snacks and supplements. Here we have a really delicious snack. It
is carbohydrate free, sugar free, of course. They are made from Kale so they’re called
Kale Chips and believe me, they are more delicious than they sound. Many manufacturers, such
as this one, by Rhythm Super Foods have some wonderful flavors. This one happens to be
Texas BBQ. So they’re getting really creative with the savory flavors for folks that are
just needing some crunch and some savory taste. Again, Kale, as you know, is chock full of
vitamins, minerals, vitamin A, iron, you name it, iodine, so a really great healthy alternative.
Definitely kale chips are on my top twelve favorites.
If you have any additional questions, please visit our website at Blossombariatrics.com
and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. As always, have a healthy day.

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  1. Our very own expert Nutritionist Michelle Phelan talking snack tips! 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI_wq9KtMEo #weightloss   #weightlossjourney  

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