Joe Biden: Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump And Have A Shot | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Biden: Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump And Have A Shot | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump And Have A Shot | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Trump trolls working overtime trying to discredit Biden, they are obviously scared and very threatened by Joe and the 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Blue Wave coming….

  2. Mickey Mouse could run against Trump and have a shot… But Hillary Clinton did not. What is Joe really saying here about his fellow establishment democrats? Bernie or bust!

  3. Is this the guy that was such a threat to Trump that the Ukraine was enlisted to torpedo him from taking Trump behind the gym?

  4. If Bernie wins, they’ll get all the free stuff…Then the govt runs out of dough. Austerity kicks in… then what???

  5. Micky Mouse Biden. An ex-Australian Prime-minister said a 'Drovers Dog' could win against his foe. Did not go down well at all.

  6. Amigo Biden, of course we know whom you are.
    You are pervert, so, you can go home now, the Latino vote belongs to the greatest President this nation ever had, the Latino vote will go to Mr Trump.
    KAG 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Bernie is the guy who tears into trump the most and trump is eternally scared of Bernie. Bernie will throw trump in jail and reform the DOJ compared to biden who will just rub a few shoulders and all will go away

  8. Old slow joe and the geriatric candidate crew are loving Yang got pushed out by the snakes of the DNC. Slightly better than Killary but a snake is a snake slow joe.

  9. When biden says that the caucus communities are not representative of what the country looks like, and that when the vote comes to large minority communities he will win, this is true. However this only true because of the high level of corruption and illegal votes in the metropolitan area.

    IE Seattle / King County

    I know whats going on their, and how votes are bought and sold.
    No wonder the county and city of seattle are sliding into the the toilet.

  10. Bad Analogy Micky Mouse just happens to be the most successful cartoon character of all time. Mickey mouse has made a Zillion dollars for Disney Stock holders. Mickey Mouse may have big ears but he doesn't have $300.00 hair plugs. And i don't ever recall Mickey mouse ever kissing his 15 year old Grand Daughter on the Lips or give 19 year old College girl's unwanted neck massages.

  11. I work for the elections as an election judge; one of the people who work at the various stages of ballot handling. You might be amazed at how many people write in Mickey Mouse as a vote of no confidence.

  12. Possibly, but he will mop the floor with you. Biden said in Iowa was the first time that I’ve ever been knocked down. You’re about to get knocked out. He’s a total moron

  13. 🤓🤓🤓🤓I'm going to give Biden the benefit of the doubt and say he is just in ill health and not ready to be the democratic nominee. Of all who enter the race, Biden had the best hand to play and win, Biden blew it. Bloomberg is using Obama ads better than Biden can talk about what he as Vice President contributed to the Obama administration success. Biden doesn't defend his family when it came to Ukraine. Biden saying he couldn't believe trump would go after his family. That sealed it for me, Biden didn't know and is not equipped to go against trump.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  14. Wow….the arrogance of this man is just overwhelming. After going after Trump non stop for four years, pushing at anything they might stick on him, he dares say that Rudy is morally challenged for investigating his corrupt dirty family?

  15. Joe your so insulating to everyone and everything. Let me tell you your damaged goods. Your finished everyone knows it but you and morning joke.

  16. Quinnipiac poll has 'Sleepy Creepy' Joe Biden at 27% among Afro-American voters, WTF! Really! 'Stop and Frisk' Bloomberg at 22% WTF! Really! 'Social Justice Warrior' Bernie Sanders only 19%. Where are they getting this information? Are they just making this stuff up? Biden and Bloomberg have done nothing positive for the Afro-American community, and BERNIE protested with MLK. Either this is mainstream media propaganda or whoever they polled are out of their minds. I suspect the former. Because all this time they've been saying Biden was the front-runner and the first 2 States he's tanked with pathetic numbers. MSNBC, CNN and others just hate BERNIE. Folks, listen to Dr.Cornell West and Nina Turner. Vote BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE 2020!

  17. It evident that Biden is an Established Moderate (centralist) Democrat, just like Hillary Clinton making him un-electable. Come to your sense, just like a deer looking into the headlights, before it is too late where upon Tru(mp)ck runs you over. Wake UP, too late trump four more years. Thanks to morning joe and fake media.

  18. News flash….Bernie is projected to win all 50 states. So Joe what's the point in interviewing a has been and asking him for advice on how to win the presidency? He's in last place. Maye you should get the winner on and ask him the same questions that your asking Handsy Uncle Joe. I'm positive your ratings will go up in a favorable way. Oh yeah, Joe Biden, black people find it offensive when you start a sentence off with "Man" we don't talk like that. When Bernie announces Nina Turner as VP you'll be done anyway!

  19. Recently saw Mickey Mouse in Disney land wearing a Joe Biden watch… His Son is rehearsing for for a remake of "StirCrazy "Like the Clintons another Dynasty of crooked criminal class politicians. Good God. USA how do you tolerate these insulting morons.

  20. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Im sorry I feel asleep when he said "LOOK" the 5th time how did he said he is helping black wealth gap …….hurt by his anti black crime bill and patriot act ….and private jail expansion ….. what is the time stamp where he is helping repair black men ???????????????????????????/

  21. This is why you don't run, on someonelses' name. Obama, was great, in many ways, but there was resentment, sizzling, to a fry.

  22. Biden won’t win. Trump, ran his family in the mud. And fighting Joe, didn’t punch back to Trumps crooked kids. Do America a favor, end the campaign and let Bernie lead. As a veteran, this isn’t about race. They’re more poor white people, then brown people. They just showcase the minority. (Think different) Do yourself a favor, look at the U.S. censuses from 1960-now. Brown, is the double minority, and more whites are on public assistance then any other. Look it up…

  23. I disagree with Biden..hes f*ckin Goofy!! get it?!! BUT Seriously, You have the electoral college, the RNC & DNC willing to cheat the voters out of their votes to stay in power, and a republican base that pledges allegiance to Trump and NOT America.. Notice that republicans have no other option but to vote for trump.. thats gonna be the Left soon if we dont support bernie in getting elected and passing the HR1 Anti Corruption Bill, campaign finance laws, and ect.

  24. I’m sick and tired of people talking about Bloomberg’s money! Trump said he had money too! Look at Bloomberg’s history of getting things done for the largest city in the US! Don’t let this chance pass you by! As much as I can’t stand Trump, pretty much ANY of the Democrats would be a better President than Trumposaurus. He is such an embarrassment for so many reasons.

  25. Look, here is the deal, they know me, I sided with segregationists, I voted for crime bill that incarcerated blacks, I love Corn Pop !!

  26. Sleepy Uncle Joe thinks that his son Hunter getting paid $50-80k/month from Ukraine Burisma for 5 years for doing NOTHING is FINE and not nepotism !!

  27. If Mickey Mouse does decides to run that would make him the 3rd Billionaire running. Is Mickey mouse taller than Mike Bloomberg?

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