Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

100 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

  1. Joaquin told jimmy fallon he lost 15 pound for the movie but he didnt tell kimmel.JImmy kimmel is such a rude person😡

  2. The blooper part was really uncomfortable to watch because usually during bloopers people laugh, and nobody was laughing mainly because it wasn’t at all funny

  3. Turns out this was a prank by Joaquin, the outtake wasn't actually real. He really showed how much of a butthole Kimmel is

  4. It seemed to be going pretty well until Jimmy made fun of the breakdancing. If you know he's a sensitive guy then lay off.

  5. You know who deserves an Oscar? everyone in the comments (including myself) who overreacted to this lmao. Just finished listening to Joaquin's sisters podcast (Lauchleft) with Joaquin being the guest, where he says this was a 'bit' for the show lol. Joaquin deserves an oscar for his performance on Joker, but also for this performance on Kimmel since I was fully convinced that this was real lmao. Probably the best actor I've come across👌

  6. Kimmel is the equivalent of feces. What a waste of time. Idiotic laugh tracks only make it worse. 👎🏼👎🏼🤢 Phoenix is nevertheless amazing.

  7. This interview is proof of the whole entire message of the movie. I feel for Joaquin about this. 🙁 I'm disappointed in the Tonight Show for not taking him more seriously as he put his emotion and entirely into his role. Respect to Joaquin Phoenix for exposing thing in this reality and his movies…

  8. To think they faked out that whole outtake… omg… JP just playing a character after that footage… Masterpiece… Brilliant marketing!

  9. I just watched the movie a couple of days ago. THEY SHOULD START THROWING OSCARS AT THIS GUY IMMEDIATELY!!

    Seriously tho, he has such a hard job and he did it so perfectly, and all Kimmel asked him about was his diet and his dancing… really disappointing interview…

  10. After watching vanity fair and see the comments here wow bravo Joaquin 👏and Jimmy I guess :v but mostly Joaquin of course to make sure it's looks like he's uncomfortable with it Lmao

  11. A lot of people think this interview was real and Jimmy’s a horrible person…it’s not, it’s a Skit…calm down.

  12. These motherfuckers are brilliant.

    Seriously I have a great deal more respect for Jimmy. Jesus, this was like the Damn movie. Jesus I wish I were this brilliant.

  13. I tell you who was gonna be great for this movie…if he was alive….BRANDON LEE….120%…..what's the big deal with joaquin….the only movie is worth to watch him was in the gladiator

  14. His practiced laughter is a dead giveaway to a, trying to hard to be entertaining. —- Fail.
    I would like to see a split screen of the people in the seats. With no canned laughter and "laugh now" light flashing.

    Craig Ferguson is instantaneous smarter and funnier then this ass licking suck hole.

  15. Showing the outtake is a birilliant display of damage control. Instead of the video leaking out and make Joaquin look like jackass Christian Bale style, they revealed it in front of the masses and had the actor act surprised and embarrassed.

  16. Is it just me who finds this outtake hilarious? Why are people so butthurt about it?
    Dude is full on the trolling mode.

  17. Salute Joaquin Phoenix for brung us the next step un the evolution on the Joker! Epic….EPIC FILM! 🔪🤡💜💚💜🎥🎬🤣🤣🤣

  18. I think that is was a total set-up. Of course Pheonix new they were going to play that clip. What an uncomfortable interview. weird. Can't wait to see the movie though. I guess that the whole point, so bravo!

  19. Is it me? Or Joaquin looks like a llitle he is suffering anxiety? Maybe after Play the Joker he really looks like its hard to get ríd of the caracter.

  20. So I grew up watching jimmy on all kinds of shows. I’ve always been a fan but after this, I’m never watching him again. This is so unprofessional it’s insane. Mad me sad legit

  21. I felt like Phoenix was gonna pull out a gun while watching this. Literally, I’m confused on how Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t scared when Phoenix was there after he watched the movie.

  22. Joaquin Phoenix : "Hey Jimmy… can you do me a favour?"
    Jimmy kimmel : "Yeah….what is it?"
    Joaquin Phoenix : "When I get my Oscar on stage, Can you tell them to introduce me as Joker?"
    Me: Bro… You are too good for the Oscars… Go make your own

    I'm unsubscribing this Youtube channel of Jimmy Kimmel for being Mean to phoenix…👿

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