Jimmy Runs Into an Unhappy Ben Stiller and Tina Fey Backstage at The Tonight Show

Jimmy Runs Into an Unhappy Ben Stiller and Tina Fey Backstage at The Tonight Show

-“Our fifth anniversary. You guys made it.
Sit down, sit down, sit down. Welcome, everybody,
to ‘The Tonight Show,’ fifth anniversary. [ Knock on door ]
Yeah? -Hey, Jimmy,
we’re ready for you. -Okay, great.
-Happy fifth anniversary. -Yay! No, thank you. -Happy five.
-Happy five. Five years. -Yeah, man.
-Good show. Good show, good show.
-Ah. -Do you believe we’ve been doing
this shiz for five years? -Yeah. Yeah. Actually, uh, I can.
-You know what’s funny? You know what
the traditional gift for a five-year anniversary is? -Cotton?
-No. -Paper?
-Unh-unh. -Just tell me, Higgins.
What is it? -It’s wood.
-That’s right. Right. -Just — Just say it. -You want to sit around and
give each other wood later on? -There it is.
Thanks, buddy. -Oh, do you mind if I plug
my barbecue cookbook during the warmup?
-No! -Sir, I’ve told you several
times already I’m not a janitor. -Okay, okay, what’s your name?
-Bob. -Okay, Bob who’s not a janitor,
why don’t you go find a janitor and tell him the get
the giant fricking cockroaches out of my dressing room,
which looks like a crack house! -Ben?
-Oh. Great. Perfect. That’s just perfect.
-What are you doing here, pal? -Well, I was gonna surprise you
for your big anniversary show, but I guess now
I can just go [bleep] myself. -Huh?
-Surprise is over, everybody! Surprise is ruined. -No.
What are you talking about? That’s fantastic!
-Zero surprise. -Don’t worry about it.
It’s gonna be great. It’ll be fantastic.
I’ll just act surprised. -Oh, you’ll act surprised. Nice try, dude.
I’ve seen you act. -Okay, that’s — that’s rude.
-Whatever, “Taxi.” You’re lucky I’m even here. Surprise! -What crawled up
your ass and died? ♪ Oh, Tina ♪ Knocky knocky.
[ Knock on door ] Where is she? Where’s the most perfect girl
in the whole wide world? Hi.
-Do you need something? I’m getting ready. -Yeah, no,
I just wanted to say hi, pal, and welcome and, uh… Wass-u-u-up?! -Wow.
Like the beer commercial. -Yeah.
-It’s topical stuff. I’ll see you out there. -You look great, by the way. -I think he gained some weight.
-Uh, you think? He looks like he’s wearing
a mask of his own face. -No freaking way.
-Yeah, freaking way. Freakin’ thing must’ve been
2, 3 inches long. -Oh, we don’t got enough
crap around here? Now we got friggin’ cockroaches
all over the place. -Is that still a thing,
cockroaches? -They’re getting worse.
-They’ve been mating. -Ugh. -Now, folks, you see
that flashing sign up there? That sign that says
“Amaze-balls”? See it?
[ Laughter ] No, I’m kidding.
It actually says “Applause.” Gerard, can you flicker that
for a second? [ Cheers and applause ]
There you go. Now, remember… you are a big part of this show, and the better you are,
the better Jimmy is. And speaking of better, if you want a better rack
of ribs this barbecue season… -Oh, no. No, no, no.
Don’t plug the book. -…the ’80s cookbook, “The Bone Sucker’s Guide
to a Good Ribbing.” -This book’s been out of print
for 30 years. -Wherever limited self-published
cookbooks are sold. So take a tip
from the old bone sucker… -The bone sucker?
Are you joking? -10 seconds.
10 seconds. Now get ready
to have a good time. -10 seconds.
This is fun. [ Cheers and applause ] This is fun.
-Here we go in 5, 4, 3… [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -From Studio 6B
in Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City, it’s “The Tonight Show”
starring Jimmy Fallon. ♪♪ Tonight,
join Jimmy and his guests — Tina Fey,
animal expert Robert Irwin, musical guest
Florida Georgia Line, and featuring
the legendary Roots crew. -10-2-2!
-Do I look puffy? -Not at all.
-No, you look amazing. -You guys look great, too. -Jimmy Fallon!
[ Cheers and applause ] -♪ Hey, hey hey, hey ♪ -♪ Hey, hey hey, hey ♪ -Oh, my goodness! Hello!
-♪ Hey, hey hey, hey ♪ -♪ Hey, hey hey, hey ♪ Hello!
Thank you guys so much! Thank you!
Thank you! ♪♪ Oh, my goodness.
Hey! That’s a good crowd right there!

71 thoughts on “Jimmy Runs Into an Unhappy Ben Stiller and Tina Fey Backstage at The Tonight Show

  1. I like the Gary Shandling image to show viewers the homage to the Larry Sanders/TGS/30 rock that this is portraying.

  2. This is so awesome, the homage for the Larry Sanders Show…the best show ever made…great job Jimmy…you nailed it

  3. 2:47 Love everybody, be nice. Since this video seemed to support the opposite of loving everybody, and gossiping, which is no good, I dislike the video

  4. Anyone else think the water girl was the only thing that made this video worth watching? Asking for a friend…

  5. I wish he would do more stuff like this instead of the same tired 'bits' week after week, like hashtags and thank you notes….

  6. Hi , i have a suggestion…. U can make a tv show like american idol or so you think you can dance but its about stand up comedy competition…

  7. This cheep web series is way more funny than a zillion clones of Jimmy Fallon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGwq4ZbvfVU

  8. Can anyone deny that flooding every White country in the world (and ONLY White countries) with tens of millions of non-Whites and forcing their assimilation into the White community is an act of genocide?
    Black countries will remain Black, and Asian countries will remain Asian.

    White countries are the ONLY countries to be affected by this.

    But, rather than genocide, the word that anti-Whites use to describe this program is "diversity."

    Diversity means chasing down White flight.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  9. Damn I was waiting for Ben Stiller to jump you and start pounding on you saying Something up my ass aye?

  10. Hey Jimmy , its 2019, you think you guys could get on with the program and ditch plastic bottles on the show or at the very least STOP promoting them ??? #comeon !

  11. Hhawow….I didn’t know Jimmy Kimmel is such a dick backstage…you really see a person’s factual hue when everything is unscripted….#hashtag #hsoow/r

  12. Jimmy Fallon, you should put the beegees kid's on your show they're are good come on you won't be sorry.let them talk and sing give it a try 😆😆😆😆😆

  13. I despise Fallon and his version of the tonight show but as a Gary Shandling fanatic they NAILED the tone and feel of "The Larry Sanders show" perfectly. The Larry sanders show is truly the goat and without it non of the faux-reality style comdey we have today would be here

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