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  1. Yes Jacque we believe you, that new body is going to be just for you, you keep telling yourself that honey, we’ll just forget the part you cheated on your husband then left him because you have a secret relationship with your lover who you don’t show because you want to portrait that you’re a good christian girl who’s not with her lover but we all know that in a couple of months your going to make the relationship public, but anyways go on with your story bubu

  2. Dont do the serguery. You can get cancer. I just lost a very good friend from breast cancer. She did her breast bigger and then she got cancer. Surgeries are no good

  3. En mi humilde opinion Ella no nesecita tanta sirugia todo eso que quiere tener o mas bien quitarse con ejercicio lo puede lograr y una Buena alimentacion pues es jovena todavia Pero se Mira que es flojita y quiere resolver todo de la mannera mas facil Pero que mire a un futuro las consecuencias

  4. Go for it and do what makes you happy! Best wishes to you. You're still an inspiration because you've accepted what's happened and you continue to move forward and not look back when it gets hard. That's admirable to have such strength.

  5. Mommy makeover because now you are in the market again,so sad how your husband wanted to workout things with you after you cheated but you didn’t wanted to.

  6. I like jackie but to be honest im tired oh her and her fucken diet and loosing weight shut up already.

  7. It is ok to get cosmetic surgery if that's what will help you feel better. God will not love you any less, I promise 🙂

  8. She only talks about how she got her self back up, but what about GOD? Where is HE right now in her life?

  9. Evette yes it does. I just lost a very close friend of mine. That did sergery on her breast to make it bigger. After a couple of hers she died these year after mother's day 2018. So told me .

  10. She can do it by her own,she did it once she can do it again,she needs to find her motivation Stay healthy 🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗

  11. You should ask God for a new heart…you are so moved by the devils lies…so sad…you inspired me…thats why we should keep our eyes on God…

  12. Rosy you have used all of Jenny Rivera’s money 💰 on plastic surgery!!! Look at your damm face Rosy and now you Jackie using all your moms money

  13. Ay mija trabaja no solo gaste lo de su mamá mija porq eso se pierde con egercisio bueno Osea come on huevona hechele ganas q ya con dinero 💴 q no es tuyo ni lo sudo ya con eso está bien q ridiculous neta

  14. Mi vagina es grande 😭😭y no estoy gorda y quiciera quitarme un pedazo mi problema q no uso jeans porque se me marca toda solo leggi uso 😥😥😭😭y ay jeans lindo y no los puedo usar

  15. La que es gorda aunque adelgase tarde o temprano vuelve hacer gorda asi como la que es puuuuu*** a , auque se case las mañas no se le quitan😸 y de cristiana no tiene nada pura ipocresia.. porq no lo hiso antes cuando estaba con su esposo??? Porq aora?? En fin, muy su vida✌🏼

  16. The enemy attack’s Christians the hardest and people need to stop thinking us Christians are perfect because we’re not, yes maybe we want to be more like Jesus but we could never be perfect

  17. The reason why Jaqcie's vagina is chunky because she can't take care of her vagina it's full of shit! LMAOOO!

  18. She needs to loose weight first and then do everything that’s my advice. She need to keep up taking care of her self first

  19. Oh goodness! Dr. Worldwide removes fat pockets from pubic area. I've seen it done. Look him up on Snapchat. You will love to see procedure. I have several doctors on Snapchat and I have only seen Dr. Worldwide do it. I always send him a comment about that.

  20. Jacque te cambio la cara cuando el doctor te menciono atún marido “ te vieras portado bien con el ‘ y el biera estado hay a tu lado apollandote. 🙁

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