IVL: What Causes Obesity?

IVL: What Causes Obesity?

Hi, I’m Dr. Christine Horner, and today we’re
going to talk about obesity. Do you know that obesity has increased at an expediential rate
in the united states? 66% of adults are overweight, and about a third of our children are. So
why is this happening? Well the obvious thing that we look at is that we’re eating too many
things, too many of the wrong things and not getting enough exercise, which is absolutely
try. But some things that you might not think about that are contributing to the obesity
epidemic are not getting enough sleep and going to bed too late. So what researchers
have found is that if we stay up to midnight our risk of obesity is twice as high as it
is if we go to bed by 10 o’clock. Well why is that? We have what’s called circadian rhythm
that have to do with the day and the night and at night time our cells actually shut
down so they can rest and they can purify. If you eat around midnight or even after 10
o’clock or so our cells are in a resting state and so instead of taking the nutrients in
everything just goes to fat. So you could say gee I’m exercising I’m not eating excessively
but if you find that your staying up way too late and eating meals to late that can be
one of the culprits. another source which we don’t think about very often is from toxins.
So there was a very interesting study that was done a number of years ago that found
that all the different kinds of environmental toxins that we have, certain pesticides, and
herbicides that it can cause weight gain. They did studies with rats, where they took
rats and exposed them to these pesticides, they had another group of rats that did not
get exposed to it. The ones that were exposed to the pesticides they cut their calories
in half and they were still fatter than the rats who are not exposed to the pesticides.
Since then there have actually been a number of human studies that show that these toxins
are something that definitely can contribute to the obesity epidemic. So one of the most
important things that you can do is detoxification which I’m going to be talking about in another
video. And finally, keeping your stress levels down are extraordinarily important because
with stress our cortisol levels go up. Cortisol makes our cells more insulin resistant and
there’s a whole lot of complicated reactions that actually have us hold on to our fat.
Belly fat of all the different kinds of fat that we have is the most dangerous type of
fat because it’s considered hormonally active, so what that means is producing hormones,
and it’s producing proteins that create inflammation. So by definition if you’re over weight and
have belly fat you’ve got your body in a pro inflammatory state. Inflammation is something
that contributes to every single chronic disease which is why we see all these different diseases
that are elevating people that are obese. If you have any questions about obesity maybe
how you can help to lose some weight or any other health question just click on the link
below I’d love to answer your questions.

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  1. Okay. So I have belly fat. Love handles plus that have been on the increase for ten years. Before that I was thin all my life. What would you recommend?

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