It’s YOUR Fault Your Kid Is Obese | Incident Report 187

It’s YOUR Fault Your Kid Is Obese | Incident Report 187

Hey guys, so, the other night I had a conversation with the SuperPac, they’re the supporters who
subscribe for $4.99 a month and we have these very
private conversations on the supporter page, that you can access if you sign up as well. We were talking about
obesity in a recent article in the Huffington Post,
which was saying that, basically everything we
know about obesity is wrong, doctors need to stop fat shaming and discriminating against obese people and it’s not the obese person’s fault that they’re obese because
of all these reasons. Well we can dig into that another time but I wanna talk more about
a subject that came up during our conversation. Which was, what about children? So childhood obesity
is at epidemic levels, pediatricians and friends of
mine are seeing children now who are so heavy, they’ve never seen anything like it, historically. And they’re suffering from
diseases of adulthood, like high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, diabetes, as children. And they feel like, well, can we even address the parents and say, you know, your child is actually really obese. This is unhealthy, this
is not about fat shaming. And worse than that, the child
is being bullied in school. There are social stigma
that continues with obesity. And so for all these reasons,
this child is in danger. Now the question is, who’s fault is that? Is is the child’s fault
for eating sugary snacks, drinking sugary sodas,
drinking too much milk, having processed food, not exercising, not getting out, not having
too much screen time. No, it’s not, and do you know why? Because who controls the child’s diet? You, parents, you
control the child’s diet. And because you control the child’s diet, the child doesn’t get
up and go to McDonald’s. The child doesn’t get up and
go to the fast food machine and fill up on a sugary beverage. The child doesn’t fill their
bottle with Dr. Pepper, which I have seen parents do,
they’re giving their children sugary beverages in a bottle. They don’t do that, you
do that, you control your child’s diet. Children are statistically
more likely to be heavy if the parents are heavy. And its often a behavioral issue, not a genetic issue,
not a metabolic issue. It’s a behavioral issue. Now for me, this is personal. Because I was ahead of
the curve on every level when I was a kid, I had childhood obesity before
it was cool, in the 70s. My parents came from India, my mother is a very nurturing type, she’s a psychiatrist. They came from poverty in India, where people die on the
streets of starvation, if you haven’t been, go and see it. And they come to a land, with by the way, nothing in their pockets, to do their second training in medicine. They come to a land of abundance where there’s a supermarket, where you can get sugary snacks and processed food easily and
satisfy anything you want, for relatively cheap. And her idea of giving comfort to me, as a child, was to feed me. And so she would put honey in my milk because I loved the sweet taste of it. I had Cocoa Krispies and Cocoa
Pebbles and Captain Crunch. Anything I wanted to eat. We would go to McDonald’s or Burger King almost every other
night and they were busy because they were in residency. So as a result, I was
fat, I was down right fat. I was teased, my earliest memories of are people making fun of me,
unable to do a pull up in PE, all those kinds of things
and that stigma followed me. And it took me until late adolescence to have enough insight
and education to realize, oh, this is how I can lose weight, that it’s probably all these sugary snacks and the fact that I’m overeating. I actually bordered into an eating disorder at one
point to lose that weight. That’s how bad it had gotten. And I got lucky because
I was able to do it. My brother had an even bigger struggle, but he did it too, but it was so hard. And whose fault was that? Was it my fault? No, it was because I was
fed that crap by my mom. And she and I have talked about this. And the thing is, again,
it wasn’t her fault in the sense that, she was doing what she thought was best for me but listen guys, it was
absolutely her fault. And if you’re a parent
and your child is obese, it is your fault. And if you come to the doctor and the doctor kind of tells you and they’re often beating around the bush, kids on the really right
end of the growth curve, and you’re like, “well,
BMI doesn’t measure muscle and he’s big boned and
he’ll grow out of it, and everyone in his family
is healthy and heavy.” No, it is a form of child abuse to give your children sugary
drinks, processed food, and junk food on a regular basis. It is straight child abuse. Whose fault is it? Yours. “No, the food industry
puts fructose in everything and they’re poisoning us and that’s why there’s so much diabetes.” Who’s paying the food industry? You. Why do you think they do it? Because they’re getting paid to do it. Who is making it happen? You. Children of obese parents are
more likely to be obese, why? It’s a behavioral transferrance. And it’s entirely in your control. And the excuse that you’re
not educated about it, that’s not an excuse. We will help to educate you, it’s on us, but it’s also on you, to listen, to break through the denial. Once you make your child obese, and they have diabetes and hypertension and a hyperlipidemia,
good luck reversing that. Good luck reversing the social stigma they’re gonna live with all their lives. Because it has been shown,
it is almost impossible, to get to a normal weight
when you are morbidly obese and sustain it without a lot of help. That insurance doesn’t cover, that takes tremendous discipline and work and that can sap your energy and is this something that
you wanna do to your kids. And then you’re babysitting
them with a screen. You’re letting them watch YouTube videos all day while snacking. And you’re putting Dr.freaking Pepper in their bottle; it is
disgusting what you’re doing. And I get angry about this
because it was done to me and I know how hard it was to undo it. And as a doctor, it’s
sickening to see it happen. And I’m tired of people
trying to normalize obesity, “well it’s okay because he’s healthy fat.” It is not okay for a child to be obese if you’re feeding them crap. If you’re feeding them
crap and your child is fat, you are abusing that child. And we should do better as providers to teach you not to do that and we need to have
the blunt conversation. We need to stop the
screen time, we need to improve how we eat so
that the big food industry stops making that crap because we’re demanding food that is
whole, that is unprocessed, that is not full of sugar, alright. And we stop drinking our calories in the form of sugary beverages. That is it, that’s all you need to know. If you agree with this message, share it with someone you care about. And if you wanna have these discussions to try and mold how we
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100 thoughts on “It’s YOUR Fault Your Kid Is Obese | Incident Report 187

  1. Which is fine for those of us who can afford it, however when processed is all you have access to or can afford, it's a struggle. If you have never lived in these areas or experienced these families with limited access and nowhere safe to play outside, you can't point fingers.

  2. The truth is healthy food is quite a bit more expensive usually and I suspect that many people couldn't afford it on a regular basis. Also it tends to be inconvenient if you live on a tight schedule. Fast food is exactly that FAST. Eating a healthy home cooked meal with fresh ingredients takes time to prepare that not everyone has. I should mention that while behavior is not directly heritable it is heavily influenced by genes.

  3. I agree, but I think the bigger issue is that Type 2 Diabetes is going to bankrupt the country. This disease is for the most part preventable. In a century, we’ve gone from consuming local, natural, seasonal foods to processed human silage. The recommendations from the medical community to eat low-fat (=high-carb) have only exacerbated the situation.

  4. ZDogg, you are 100% correct here. The childhood obesity epidemic is truly that. I see kids in the ER now who are getting fatter and fatter as each year passes. 20 years ago, obese pre-teens were an exception. Now it seems every other child is overweight. The problem is clearly complex and multifactorial, but the social excuse that it's OK to be unhealthy overweight is a trend that has to stop. I tell people to shop around the perimeter of their supermarket, where food tends to be refrigerated and fresh. Of course there are foods in the seafood, meat and produce sections that are expensive. But there are also foods that are cheap and nutritious. Find the seafood that is on sale. Find the chicken, pork and beef products that are on sale. Find the fruits and vegetables that are on sale. Cut them up and cook them together and season them with sea salt or fresh herbs grown on your windowsill and you will have a nutrient dense meal that costs less than that can of spaghetti-Os which have been carefully crafted with fat, sugar and sodium to make your children crave for more.

  5. The truth is that not all children are the same. Genetically 50%(?) of the population has insulin resistance. If those children eat sugar, cereals, chips then they will be very high risk for obesity. And diabetes as adults. That is genetic but easily corrected with knowledge and parenting enforcing proper diet. The other 50% of the population will not be obese and can almost eat what they want.

  6. This has been such a tough issue. I myself struggled with
    weight and work hard to manage it. I approach my patients and/or parents with sensitivity, compassion, etc.

    They are not receptive, but also the jump all over me as if i am bullying them.

    I offer them help and resources, I tell them about my personal struggles…they do not care…..they immediately get so emotional.

    I see the HTN and DM and the parents just accept it. So so sad.

  7. As someone who is overweight and has been all my life and who struggles every day and who will continue to fight until I win or die, I agree 100%. It wasn’t my parents, though, it was grandparents and a well-meaning great aunt who stuffed me full of food to compensate for a difficult situation with my sister… anyway, I swore I would never have fat children. I cook from scratch most every morning, noon, and night and they never have soda, etc. I will say, it’s a battle because at school their activities include using Skittles and M and M’s for math activities, they get a piece of candy for behaving at choir, etc. My kids get no screens except for a little TV. It’s a hard battle but their health is so worth it. ❤️ My heart breaks when I see so many of their friends overweight and their parents feeding them such crap nutritionally void of anything healthy at all. Keep up the fight, ZDogg!!

  8. People are going to lose their minds and revolt because you didn't coddle to their feelings but good on you for making such a strong and deliberate stand. This isn't a topic for discussion when its literally an epidemic ruining the health and futures of our children and adults.

  9. this is so true, I have also seen babies with bottles filled up with Coca-Cola and it drives me crazy!! they have stupid people rising them!!

  10. 😊😊😊WOW!! I love you your awesome!! Really I wish my sister had some one like you when it would had counted!…. keep up the awesomeness,,…..!!,,,😊😊😊

  11. Totally agree. We live in a culture where blaming is avoided because it “hurts feelings.” Basically you can’t blame the person in front of you, but feel free to point fingers at someone else not there. This will get no result in any discussions because you can only change yourself. So many times I just wanted to tell my patients to stop and look at themselves in the mirror.

  12. Hey ZDogg, speaking of transferrence…. You are conflating your personal emotional response with good public health policy. Your words are hurting your cause. Psychology/Psychiatry has shown that Shame/Guilt almost ALWAYS backfires. Please stop using such rhetorical tactics if you ever want anything better than Medicine 2.799999. That is not how to convince anyone to change things. (i'm a PhD neuroscientist in med school whose wife is a DPsy, so please don't casually disregard this).

  13. Our Food Industry is not a Capitalist endeavor, ZDogg. Profit doesn't come from our choices, it comes from subsidies of the basic ingredients that our Congress subsidizes. Corn Syrup Corn and Beef would not be sustainable economically if it weren't for that. So the choices are constrained BEFORE the consumer. The affordable-to-people-on-food-stamps-for-the-last-40-years choices have all been chosen by political choices which satisfied constituent political, not nutritional needs (beyond starvation prevention).

  14. I just came off of a year of rotations in rural WV where every patient seemed like they were obese or opiate-addicted. There are clearly cases of neglect in their behaviors, but shopping with them in the best grocery store in the county, their food choices are clear. Starch, bread, cured meats, beef, turkey, fried-precooked chicken, fish etc. are what comprise the majority of choices. The "fresh" vegetables and fruit are unbelievably expensive. If I didn't have a working wife, I wouldn't have been able to afford them for just me! Also half the time they were either too unripe to ever shelf-ripen, already rotten/wilted, or just plain tasteless. You can't just blanket-blame poor people for the conditions of their poverty. These people still have to save gas to get to work. Do you think they can reasonably look at a $3 bag of fried nuggets that will feed 3 people for 3 meals and choose that over $3/pound chicken? (if it's even available that cheap).

  15. Finally, medicine needs to be a compassionate profession. Compassion does not include you EVER shouting and pointing a finger at your or any other doctor's patients(which all of your viewers are). Your catharsis is not of any value to other doctor's patients. Plus by putting yourself in a rhetorical corner, you now can't see the wider picture of so many of the patients and their reality (which counts) verses how their reality makes you feel (which is, ethically and realistically, irrelevant).

  16. This is EXACTLY what I've been saying. Thank you. I've taught in schools for 25 years and this creeping behaviour and denial is sickening to all of us. I'm disgusted that anyone would defend the behaviour and subsequent size as 'normal'.
    You are destroying your child and our collective future.
    Your legacy should be health, not early death and disease

  17. The only difference between giving your kids fruit juice and a can of soft drink is that the soft drink will rot their teeth faster.

  18. Big serving sizes does it, too. My mom gave us big servings as compared to my grandmother’s servings and I was, and am, fat. I suffered for it then and now.

  19. So, I was a fat kid (since age 6) and I am a fat adult. Did it suddenly become my fault that I'm fat on my 18th birthday or what? How does this work? For serious. But really, it doesn't matter, cuz I'm trying to get healthy now and it's all up to me, at this point. 😉

  20. I didn't watch it all but I agree 100% that it's the parents fault. But let me throw my 2¢ in this.

    I don't want to write a book but I can tell you unequivocally that this nations weight problem is NOT from over eating. It is from WHAT we're eating and the problem is partially out of our control. THAT should make EVERYONE angry.

    Years ago processed foods were expensive and something very few people ate. It was cheaper to make from scratch anything that was pre-made prepackaged and it was obviously healthier for you. The whole scenerio has flipped. Healthy "normal" foods like FRESH fruits & vegetables, meats are all priced OUT of a huge part of our populations range while a cheeseburger from McDonald's is 99¢.
    No mother or father is ever going to let their family starve. If all you can afford to feed your kids is processed foods – that's what you buy. That's why we're fat. Just so everyone knows that too your body most processed foods are sugar. It's all junk.
    What these Corp have done to this country in terms of its food production should be illegal. There's NO EXCUSE for ANYONE in this country with our soil in nearly all states to go hungry – and they didn't USED to. The same can be said about the weight problems. There's no excuse for the food prices – NONE.

  21. As a former fat kid, this resonates strongly with me. My parents allowed me to eat whatever I wanted, and Diet Coke was my water. Fortunately, once I had more independence, I began to eat less and move more, losing 100 pounds in 5 months. I've kept the weight off for 2 years now, and I expect to remain at my healthy weight as long as I am in control of my behavior. Great video, lots of hard truths!

  22. I’m morbidly fat. So is my husband. I have 4 kids. 3 are a healthy weight and very active. Our other child has Autism. For the first 8 years of his life he was dramatically underweight. He had many sensory issues with food. Most foods out there he just didn’t like the feel of and would spit it out. When he did find something that felt right, he would over stuff his mouth, gag, throw up, and refuse to touch that food again. It was so bad that he was willing eating less than 5 different foods. He developed PICA in what I would only guess was a way to cope with hunger pains. My child was eating his mattress at night because he couldn’t stand to eat food. Then the doctor put him on a medication that had the “added bonus” of increasing his appetite while helping with his sensory issues. When the first few foods he incorporated into his diet were crunchy things like chips and crackers, I grew concerned. I was told to be glad he was even eating, as he was so thin that it didn’t matter where the calories came from. He seemed to favor processed versions of food over the homemade counterparts. When teaching him life skills, learning how to use a microwave furthered his preferences in that direction. I tried to play hard ball and stopped buying them, but he refused to budge and started to loose weight. He didn’t have any extra to lose at the time and his school threatening to call CPS on me over it. (His school nurse would weigh him three times a week and if his average weight dropped, they threatened to call CSP, and actually did so twice). Then, when my husband lost his job and we couldn’t afford the healthier options, I caved. Soon foods like frozen spaghetti, pizza and nuggets soon followed, but it pretty much where it stuck. While I still work to this day on getting baked chicken, salads and less processed foods incorporated, it’s slow going.
    It started to spiral out of control at around 11 years old. The side effect of an induced increase of appetite was now a curse. I’d wake up to him asleep on the kitchen floor surrounded by the wrappers and boxes of about 2 weeks worth of his favorite foods. I had to resort to locking food up. It took forever to find a way to secure it. He’d pop hinges, remove screws or just rip off handles. He had become ravenous. Some of his biggest melt downs to this day are about not being allowed to have additional helpings.
    And let’s not get into the spiral of him needing adaptive technology to communicate when younger turning into an unshakable preference for screen time.
    Now he is 14 with a BMI of 30. I’m not proud of it. I’ve done my best to do right by him, but this is where we are. And I struggle to not feel like a shitty mom.
    I know many would say, “Well, obviously he means the kids without issues like those your son has,” but that’s the risk one makes with blanket statements like this.
    Even though I can’t see my son’s story turning out any other way, having someone echoing “It’s your fault!” doesn’t help.
    I agree that docs beating around a bush is ineffective, and parent’s excuses are causing more harm than good. You’re obviously passionate about this issue. So now that we all know it’s our fault, where do we go from here?

  23. As a medicine resident, working 100 work weeks, I breastfed my daughter. Sure, my pump was a constant accessory for 1 year. My daughter is thin. My son is, too. That being said, I have cared for 350 lb 17 year olds who use a CPAP machine. I have cared for a 350 lb 14 year old that the mom insisted I not talk about her weight, I did, BTW. I have pointed out to parents that their children do not shop for snacks at the grocery store, they do. And, you don't have to buy fancy foods to eat right. Fruit is just as good as a snack. French fries are not necessary staples of existence. My kids are 21 and 19 now, still thin.

  24. I blame society. And genetics. Parents, maybe third… Because…I have five children and four of them are thin, one is very overweight. My ex husband has ALWAYS been thin, and so are his children, except for the one who takes after me. I have never been thin. I was 9 pounds 3 ounces when I was born. It's not just the PHYSICAL aspect, there is a mental/emotional aspect and THAT is what is embedded in my subconscious that keeps me fat. I think we need to heal THAT, before we can heal the physical problem of obesity, AND we need to admit that some people are born with great metabolisms and others are not. But first, let's heal from the inside out. My opinion. I feel that about my obese child, also. Something is making him obese, that is a book's worth of writing…about divorce and depression and whatnot. Anyhoo, good talk, buddy. Stay humble and kind.

  25. It’s called parenting people .If people would just get back to basics and try to cook well balanced meals and pay attention to what your children are putting in your mouth.
    I made sure when my babies started to eat whole food it was all about feeding natural foods .
    Never let my babies have anything but spring water at bed time. BUT………………….When they got older and I was working full time and just juggling all this stuff I started to let My kids eat what they wanted it was easy to go to McDonalds and my son gained a lot of weight. 😟 I looked at a photo one day and it was like what the hell did I let happen……IT WAS MY FAULT I TOOK THE LAZY WAY OUT? My son hit puberty and the pounds melted away with the right foods and exercise he is a lean mean fighting machine……lol had to say it.
    Now all my adult children are very careful with what they put In their mouths. They care where their food comes from how it’s handled.
    So there’s help for theses people that are just letting there kids be unhealthy because their lazy parents.
    What happened to eat your Lima beans or your not getting up from the table ????

  26. Yep. It’s totally child abuse and it’s sick. Our kid resents the heck out the limits we set in our home because she sees her fat friends getting outrageous amounts of soda and junk available at their home. The only unlimited snack in our house is the fruit bowl. I’ve had to get a plastic storage locker to lock up the Costco stuff to keep her from stealing and binge eating which has been normalized around here.
    We’re not letting the sugar tsunami into our house, and there will be some damn limits, but it’s definitely a BIG fight because all the kids feel very entitled to the junk food and WiFi now and puberty level defiant anger is no joking matter. Fighting against access to internet porn and junk food is exhausting and ours is only 11. 👀
    Whatever. Ours will be fit and ready to qualify for any opportunity she wants to take advantage of when she reaches 18 vs some of her friends who will probably need disability assistance.

  27. I love Zdogg, but he's WAAAAAAY oversimplified this issue.
    There's a pretty clear correlation between income, education levels and obesity rates. I realise correlation is not causation, nevertheless it's suggestive of more complex, underlying issues at play. Furthermore, it's well documented that the food industry in this country has done extensive research on how to make food addictive, and how to target children. I'm not suggesting that individuals aren't responsible for their own health and eating habits but Z's mom is a psychiatrist. He should recognise the mental health and addiction issues in which obesity is often rooted. I'm not saying doctors and nurses shouldn't educate their patients about healthy eating habits and obesity. Absolutely we should. But we can do that in way that doesn't shame them. We can take it a step further, by advocating for the societal changes that give them access to healthy food choices, safe places to play, and regular healthcare, including mental health, and also which prevent corporations from preying on our most vulnerable.

  28. …and less recess time in elementary schools. When I was in elementary school in the 80s, we got a recess in the morning, a half hour recess after lunch, and another recess in the afternoon. My kid's school get one recess break in the morning, and that's it.

  29. A little extra fat as a pubescent teen or preteen is one thing, and it's common to gain a bit of weight before a growth spurt, but obesity is an entirely different issue. The problem with the body positivity movement is that society worries about fatness because of looks and social stigma, not the HEALTH problems such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, NAFLD, etc.

  30. ZDoggMD…LOVE your stuff and typically agree TOTALLY w/your cogent & salient points. HOWEVER, it sounds as if you've FORGOTTEN that the poverty faced by YOUR parents still exists in the USA for Parents of young children. TRY paying for an all-organic, or all-healthy diet on the limited income and outrageous expenses facing parents today in America. Many of these brave Parents have to work MORE THAN a single job to provide for their children, putting a roof over their heads often puts a serious dent in the disposable income left with which to purchase healthy basics. While we agree with the call-to-action on sugary drinks, we respectfully request that you consider the ROOTcause of WHY a "whole foods" diet is beyond the reach of MANY Parents. Let's REDRESS that! t

  31. Amen. Every American parent should read Bringing Up Bebe. French parents aren't shoving snacks in their kids mouths in the car, at stores, between meals to keep them distracted so that the PARENT doesn't have to deal with whatever the issue is at hand. I was a heavy kid, heavy teenager, poor and raised on processed junk food. It has been a life time of vigilance to maintain a normal weight, but I have for over 30 years, eating vegetables, fruits, lean protein, healthy plant fats etc. My daughter is now 27, and she was raised eating healthy meals, ONLY three per day, and is a normal weight. I worked full time and we ate dinner as a family at a table not a drive through window. It is okay to tell your kid NO. No is a complete sentence. Keep spreading the message, ZDogg. I'm in!

  32. It's not necessarily the information that you're sharing that caused me to 'thumbs-down' your video (although…a lot of the dialogue that you share is just the typical masculine-driven perspective of weight and diets). The issue that I take with your video is that you are implying that blaming and shaming parents is going to solve the problem.

    You can't fix a blame and shame problem…by blaming and shaming. You will only piss parents off, and they will avoid you and your suggestions. My children are not overweight, but I was an obese child. I can relate to your story of childhood obesity, and I sympathize. However, my parents did the best that they could do with the tools that they had. It is not as simple as telling someone to stop engaging in a behavior. There's an unraveling process that has to happen in order for change to take effect.

    We are not fixing a weight or calories or sugar problem…we are fixing a mindset and belief problem. As soon as the medical community acknowledges this and begins to work alongside other practitioners in this vein, change will happen.

  33. Okay The only thing that I would like to say is that stating it’s abuse to feed your kids unhealthy food. I cannot afford to buy organic and fresh fruit all the time. And unfortunately this is true for many many parents. I went without eating so my kids could eat and yes it was hamburger helper. What alternative do you have for parents like me

  34. How about doctors promoting/prescribing high sugar formulas to gtube fed children and pushing back on giving blenderized food diets?

  35. Ok. Been binging Doctor Mike and came across your interview with him. So I cruise to your channel, subscribe based on the quality of that initial interview, and spot this video on obesity being the parents’ fault.
    FullDisclosure I have not yet actually watched this video but had an OMG moment because I have been saying this (to much angry response) for years!!!
    Kids can’t shop for themselves and would never know to exercise if they’re not taught and encouraged to…
    ok. Pressing play now.

  36. If we were to ignore genetics and focused our attention to purely environmental factors and their role on childhood obesity. I believe that children are not the reason for childhood obesity, I believe it is not just the parents but us (people who have higher education in fields such as nutrition, exercise science, and life science). I do believe childhood obesity at a young age let’s say 0-9 years is based upon parents. Either the mothers diet while she was pregnant with the child or after birth factors such as screen time, diet, and overall health of the parents. I believe we could do more not to just help but to also prevent childhood obesity; as healthcare providers. When need to educate children in school about the importance of diet and the amount of their caloric intake. Also we need to educate them on how to properly read nutrition labels and what they mean so children can start to begin a healthier diet at a younger age. In conclusion, I believe early childhood obesity is due to parental factors on the child. Also, I believe that later on childhood/ adolescents obesity is due to more than just parental factors, and is where we can start to do more to help these children who don’t know why they are obese or what to do.

  37. We know that parents won’t listen to healthcare providers about their children because they think we are insulting their child and their parenting. I think it is about time we change our approach. We should target schools and most importantly food industries. In other countries food manufacturers are required to put a big red logo on their products warning the consumer of the high calorie density, high sugar levels, or any other negative attributes of a product leading that can increase the chance of you developing a health competition. I believe this should come to America and would have a huge impact on the rates of obesity in both children and adults.

  38. I wish my mother had seen this when we were growing up. She was a very intelligent lady and I respect her struggle but I am the only person left alive in a family of 6 and their deaths were preventable. I struggle every day with my learned behavior even though I know which foods are bad . Trying to undo these habits and live to see 50 would be an accomplishment in my family. I can only blame my parents to a point , I take responsibility for my bad choices and understand more than most the consequinces. Thank you for your honesty.

  39. Sugar cane is a semi-wetlands plant that is used to detoxify polluted pieces of real estate, so what's in the sugar when consumed?

    Also, mercury contaminated HFCS?

    And then there's data regarding injected organic mercury to investigate:

  40. Zdogg is from mumbai, India. Look at the poverty he talk about in mumbai.
    Zdogg, your parents were doctors in India; how poor can they be ?

  41. My mother purchased Lucky Charms—once. We broke the deal by eating all the charms and leaving the luckies. Back to corn flakes, raisin bran, and oatmeal.

  42. Question ZDogg: What are your opinions on patients who have been obese their entire life, and a different diagnosis is missed because the conversation is focused entirely on their losing weight? I have heard from many patients that they're aware of what is going on and are terrified of seeing their physician about other problems.

  43. I'm overweight, I'm 41 y.o., 5' 2" and 240. Parents need to take responsibility and quit getting butt hurt. This shit is difficult to reverse. I did this to myself, but I know friends who do this to their kids and don't see it as a problem. Plus kids don't play outside anymore and sit on their phones, video games, and watching TV.

  44. I was never an actual obese child but I was a little overweight and it ruined my confidence. I hated going shopping with friends bc I didn't want them to see what size I was. My dad did by fatty and sugary foods quite often and it just made it harder. For a long time it was so hard for me to lose weight and I was about 160 pounds at the age of 13. I want to lose at least 30-40 pounds so I can at least be a little more confident with myself but it's so much harder to do this when you go to school bc you are surrounded by food and I sometimes stress eat. My parents didn't even let me go outside by myself unless I was walking home from my bus stop or I was walking to a friend's house close by but I couldn't go out just to take a walk. They did this because they were worried about people trying to take me or hurt me which I understand but I was always stuck home when I wanted to go outside.

  45. I’m an RN. When I worked in the OR we were very, very scared to remove a 5the grader’s tonsils because of how morbidly obese he was. And I mean it was stomach-turning to see. Then I was a school nurse – my goodness do parents justify their children’s obesity! Great video on such an important topic!

  46. My cousins leave free access bags of candies,chips,etc. out in their houses for anyone who wants them 24/7…I find it appalling. The kids are forever meandering over to said snack bar and helping themselves. They also have unlimited access to sugary sodas…The adults consume all this processed,sugary stuff as well,and more.To say I find this disturbing,is an understatement..To stop this sort of thing,parents will need to be educated and many of them don't want to change..My kin don't. They love their sweets.

  47. I don't agree that it's all about diet. Stress can cause it or major life events. I loose weight automatically and go back to normal BMIs naturally when it isn't right around the time of loosing a parent to cancer. Happened twice. I think doctor need to judge less and assume less and ask questions about major life events. But I do agree with you about diet being important no sugar or any sweetner needed. If you want something sweet eat a fruit or 70% chocolate. And half the plate with veggies. Water is the only drink or herbal tea no sweetener.

  48. I truly appreciate the TRUTH you tell! In this videos and all of your other videos. A lot of people take offense to these types of conversations-and-don’t want to talk about things like this because they’re afraid they will be perceived as being offensive. But this is exactly what people need to HEAR, LISTEN TO, AND UNDERSTAND! A lot of people don’t know any better and it’s our jobs as health care providers/workers (I am a Nurse) to inform and educate them! We can’t coddle our patients- and I see this happening all the time. THANK YOU for your fearless honesty and truth! 💗

  49. I’m obese and my young baby is lower percentile so I am terrified of my problems going over to her. Having her has been such an eye-opener, we eat healthier now and she eats what we eat so now we eat WHOLE FOODS 90% of the time.

  50. I have the same story (fat kid, late adoloscense self fix, borderline eating disorder, now I'm good with it and eat). I'm not making the same mistake with my kids. Thank you for helping reduce the number of parents that will.

  51. Although you may feel good about posting this self-congratulating video, it does nothing for the kids and parents dealing with this issue. Solutions beyond "don't feed your children crap" are useful. This, is not.

  52. Me personally, I fluctuated in weight up and down. I was kind of chubby and skinny. We went to McDonald's and ate hospital food alot because we didn't have enough time to have home cooked meals partly because my siblings and I were apart of many clubs and my older sister was in the hospital. Now that I'm older, I still eat junk food, but now I eat less of it more healthier foods partly because I'm sensitive to sugar still (bounce of the walls literally) and stomach issues. For my height, I was and still kind of am overweight by abit. It's mostly muscle now though. I would sometimes starve myself, over exercise, and stuff like that and other times eat to much, not exercise enough, and stuff like that. It was pretty chaotic and affected my mental state. Now I'm healthier, still have junk food sometimes, but I eat mostly healthy and exercise almost every day. At least walk a mile a day, all over campus.

  53. This video made me cry but because it's really true. I still battle my weight but it is really a behavioral issue. Thank you for making this hard truth video.

  54. Finally, someone who is speaking about this. We take children away if they are malnourished why not do the same if they are obese. I know it sounds harsh but it has come to that stage where parents aren't listening to Drs or anyone else. The child is danger and that is more important than anything else (Please don't hate me)

  55. feeding meatdairy, ei a rich diet is the FUNDAMENTAL cause of obesity, not sugar consumption. 9g fat to 4 g carbs, simple math bro. cut the cheese and the bacon like wtf. pasta marinara is not the problem here, nor are potatoes or keto idiots just mant to keep eating your rich fatty diets at all costs. fat makes you fat and your fat because you love fat. the rise in the consumtion of meat and dairy ; cheese. is the root cause of the obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke etc etc epidemic since the 80s. dont kid yourself, 97% of fat stored come from fat NOT CARBS. you stay thin on keto just because you calorie restrict, all the while compromising your health with a rich diet high on meat and dairy. pure industry funded bs, zdog. give me a ffen break

  56. Have you seen what they feed the kids in schools? It isn't even food. Also, many teachers give out sweets as rewards in class to kids!! First abolish the USDA that subsidizes the garbage we call food then end the school lunch program unless they only supply real food, but they won't because it will be too expensive!

  57. Thanks. I needed the motivation to clean my apartment. This did it. (BTW, I've worked for more than one school district. The rural kids are much less likely to be overweight due to their chores and farms' needs)

  58. We can not just blame parents. This is a overworked exhausted society issue. Yes, the parents need to eat & feed their children better & exercise more. But what about the overly worked single parent who is struggling to simply survive? Let’s not just blame the parents (who Yes need to do their part) But lets also look at a world that demands single parents give Everything just to survive & kids r placed second to work. My parents help me & try as I might I can not convince my parents to feed my daughter less sugar.

  59. Ok, Dutch mom here. I am raised very simple regarding food because it was simply not done to give your child unhealthy food, I ate huge plates with boiled vegetables as a child, with one boiled potato and a small piece of meat, or cheese soufle, or boiled egg. That is the Dutch dinner way, always potato but every day another huge amount of boiled vegetables on your plate. Snacks are for special days only,we got one small hand with crisps on saturday evening and a glass of 7up. The rest of the week tea and water and milk with the meal. Everybody did it that way. I remember there was a shame culture and a mother was concidered lousy if the children didn't get a home cooked meal. Unfortunetely things are changing here too. My children are kind of skinny, they just move a lot but I think I ate much more healthy in my childhood with these boring dutch style dinners. Now we eat also pasta, pizza, rice burito, and it is delicious but much less healthy I think.

  60. Now, they promote obesity is a normal thing, embrace all shape and size. That’s how crazy it is. It’s another way to encourage people to eat more. More fat means more health problems, which means more money for doctor visits.

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