Is Lemon tea Good For Weight Loss?

Is Lemon tea Good For Weight Loss?

My name’s Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back to my channel. I always appreciate people watching these
videos I make. There’s a few on the YouTube now and plenty
to look at. I’m wearing white today. Why am I wearing white today? Well, I keep getting these comments saying,
“You’re an N.D., not a doctor.” So I thought I felt a bit more doctor-y by
wearing a white T-shirt, so there you go. Anyway, I like wearing white. But I keep getting these crazy comments from
people. Who cares what I am? The main thing is, if you’re getting information
that’s helping you improve your health, that’s the cool thing, and that’s what the channel’s
all about. All right? So don’t worry about the “not a doctor” part. Now, question is, is lemon tea good for weight
loss? That’s a great question. I often get these kind of questions about
teas. “Is this tea good? Is that tea good?” So, let me tell you, lemon tea is good, but
it’s not really that flash for weight loss, all right? If you want a weight loss tea that’s sort
of proven or shown through studies to actually have an effect on your metabolism and fat
burning, and that’s green tea, good quality green tea. Lemon tea may stimulate digestion a little
bit, it may help with… especially improving your stomach and small intestine function. Reason why I like lemon, and lemon juice,
and lemon tea particularly also is it inhibits bacteria. We know that through research. I also like it because it has a nice cleansing
effect on the small intestine. It is a really good cleaning drink. You can see how lemon is so effective when
you use it around the kitchen and the bathroom. I’ve got lots of lemon trees and lime trees
and you just kind of squeeze the juice in the basin, of your wash basin in your bathroom,
you can squeeze it in your toilet, you can use it anywhere and it smells great and it
inhibits bacteria, okay? And it smells really fresh and clean. But weight loss? Not sure about that. I don’t really think I’ve seen much research
showing that. Maybe some of the constituents found in lemon
may help, but then you’re looking more at a specific kind of a supplement, so if you
really want a kind of tea that’s going to assist with burning the fat, there was a study
published in 2010 in an American nutritional journal. They got a bunch of big people. Now mind you, this was obese people. These were very large people. This isn’t people who are overweight, but
obese. And they put them on four cups of tea per
day for eight weeks, and they found the difference between that group and the group that were
drinking four cups of water per day, in addition to their diet for eight weeks, didn’t lose
the five pound, but the people drinking the green tea did lose the five pound. So, the green tea has shown some activity
there, probably through the caffeine content and the polyphenol content which is not really
in the lemon. Lemon hasn’t got caffeine, so I’m not adverse
to caffeine in people’s diets providing they use their head and they don’t drink 25 cups
of coffee a day. I had one patient drink 30 cups of instant
coffee per day. Now that’s starting to become a bit of a problem,
don’t you think? But one good cup of espresso in the morning
is a delight. I find nothing wrong with a small amount of
caffeine in a healthy person’s diet. I think it’s a really nice thing to have. But lemon? Add lemon to your diet, particularly… We’ve got summertime coming up now in New
Zealand, so I’ve frozen most of my limes. I’ve cut them in half, frozen the juice in
cubes, so the lime’s delectable. It’s a little bit more tart, more bitter,
and a bit stronger than the lemon, so you use less of it, but very, very nice to have
in your digestive system. The other thing I like about lemon and lime
is it improves gall bladder function. So for people who can’t poop properly, who
have hard stools and things like that, add lemon or lime to your diet. It really makes a difference, all right? Also nice to put on your skin. I like to sometimes get a lemon or a lime,
cut it in half and just rub it over the skin, because I get a bit of oily skin, so I find
it quite good for that. So, there’s a hundred and one uses for lemon,
but lemon tea? Enjoy it, because it does taste nice, especially
cold lemon tea on a hot summer’s day. So that’s my take on lemon tea. If you’re looking at it for weight loss angle,
I’d probably say you’re better off switching to green tea to be honest. Thanks for the question. Don’t forget to click on the link below in
the description box if you want my free report. Thanks for tuning in.

5 thoughts on “Is Lemon tea Good For Weight Loss?

  1. People are so brainwashed. I'll bet if you put on a white lab coat people would say, ooooohh, I should listen to him. Hahaha. Good video. I, too, like an espresso in the morning.

  2. If you want help on weight management check out my new report down below!

  3. Society is sadly made up of zombie repeater drones who are obsessed with authority figures with labels. They actually look up to these people in white coats in the medical mafia as if they are demigods. Even though they get piss poor (damaging) results from these demigods.

    Yet someone who doesn't have a "dr" label is demonised or ridiculed, despite them giving sound advice and getting positive results. Society on the whole is mad. 2+2=5 keep believing it, every else does.

  4. Eric you are hilarious! Love your videos! Keep up the good work. I actually consider you and only you as my doctor!!! 😅 so plz dont leave us!!

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