Is It Time For ‘President Pence’? New Ad Says Yes | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Is It Time For ‘President Pence’? New Ad Says Yes | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Is It Time For ‘President Pence’? New Ad Says Yes | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Strategically, considering the polls related to #POTUS45 and the underlying reasons, would the Republicans better serve their interests by cutting off the dead weight holding back their chances of victory in the 2020 election? Trump has strong numbers, but Trump has losing numbers. Many who supported Trump (especially right-wing Christians) would probably support Pence. What do the polls say? How would Pence stand against potential Democratic rivals?

  2. Mike Pence is neck deep in pressuring Ukraine. Mike Pence has defended Trump's terrible behavior. Mike Pence is spineless.

  3. President Pence? Are you f´n kidding me?
    Okay, he is not a frequent liar than 45 but he would wouldn´t be any kind of improvement!
    We all know that the Republicans will not remove 45 from Office so i do hope that every single American will come out in November and vote BLUE all the way no matter the Candidate!

  4. Well I hope they arrest Pence along with Trump since Pence was in on it. That way madame speaker Pelosi becomes our first female president.

  5. I wonder why people aren’t talking about Mike Pence . Is he not a moral guru? Just what America stands for. Why are republicans protecting a man whose moral standards are nothing to write home about?

  6. Mr. Pence, a White Nationalist, does have an agenda and it doesn't include the rest of us, he's potentially worse than or Trump and his policies will take us back to the stone age, Gender, Race, and White Supremacy are at the top of the list. Immigration and the police state will be next.

  7. Pence is the man who advocated electric shock "treatment" for homosexual folks. there is no good outcome until we get somebody in office who is not beholden to the extreme right or Trump. plus the group that created the ad do not know how to spell.

  8. At least it’s an improvement! LMAO

    Not much of one but yes! But Bill is correct. Many Trump supporters think if Trump is removed from office Hillary will become president. Obviously none of them paid attention in history class growing up.

  9. Question: if they don't know lev parnas, why is there a video of "mother" pence rubbing his back at a function? Doesn't seem like the sort of thing a good Christian woman would do to a complete stranger. Hmmmm….

  10. Very very small improvement, but an improvement none the less. I have been asking for ages why the GOP can't just vote to get Drump out of office as he's doing them far more harm than they seem to realise. If they got rid of him, they would still be in power, until the outcome of the next election, so what's the issue? Pence has GOT to be better than the dispicable orange cheeto.

  11. So ready to dump Trump but Pence? Of course every person, good or bad, has some kind of support. Pence may be guilty of shady behavior as well. He's a weasel amongst weasels but it would take longer to weed out the rest of the criminal empire before 2020. We may be stuck with a Pence temporarily.

  12. Republicans are trying to undermine the coup d’état with their own coup d’état, Republicans are really that dumb if they have not realized Mike Pence is an operative of the Kremlin just like Donald Trump.
    During Paul Manafort’s deposition to the second district Court of Virginia; he states his involvement with the Trump campaign was tantamount on Mike Pence joining the Trump campaign as VP, knowingly working alongside the Russians to undermine the 2016 election, Manafort explains that Pence agreed to his terms and the silent accomplice was in place.

  13. I like the disclaimer at the end of the ad:
    “At least it’s an improvement ? “
    Sounded like it was definitely a question, didn’t it? Pence is a proven liar, co-conspirator, complicit in Trumps Putinesque takedown of American democracy!! No freakin’ thank you!!

  14. My goodness Biden takes bribe then all of a sudden, it was decision made by Executive branch and international allies but we saw the video , but if it was Trump the skies would fall this is pure bigotry towards President Trump

  15. Mike Pence is part of Trump's Ukraine extortion scheme. Impeach Mike Pence for his crimes.
    It's time for Nancy Pelosi to be President.

  16. Mainstream media would like this….. AMERICA WOULDNT!
    Religion is outdated and inferior to us Progressing


  17. Too bad Ari didn't get to ask the esteemed senator about Trump's children being on the Trump charity board and making millions, or them hauling in millions from Trump's foreign hotels.

  18. No Pence in in the group that are tring to screw the constitution and the amercian people. More lies. I dont know…that guy.. pence my be worse because hes not as stupid as trump.

  19. What we can focus on: voting all Republicans out of office and reversing all twisted, inhumane, corrupt, and ignorant legislation. Come election day 2020 the lights will go out on the twisted empty Republicans. PERMANENTLY. It will all be over well before dinner time. Republicans have done little more than smear their excrement on the walls for a generation. We've had it. We're tired of cleaning up their messes, tired of turning the other cheek. Tired of their dead weight and fetid odor. END THE REPULSIVE AND UNNECESSARY UNAMERICAN REPUBLICAN TRAITORS.

  20. Pence is another just as ignorant as Trump. But unlike Trump, who doesn't believe the garbage he sells to evangelicals, Pence is ill and really believes some superman lives in the sky. His wife is even worse and tries to cover for that superman and why he never had a girlfriend.

  21. Bill Kristol is such a fluke! Pence's propensity toward hypocrisy and corruption is well known to everybody. People like Bill Kristol foster the current rotten culture and the belief in alternate law.

  22. Republicans are at that Jonestown, Guyana, Jim Jones moment , they all can drink that Kool Aid the leadership is handing out or escape for their lives on the last airplane out of this jungle quagmire.

  23. Pence went along with Trump's crimes, so if anything he should go to prison too. Though the ad is correct, he's still an improvement to Trump, though honestly everyone is an improvement to Trump.

  24. Wow! I'm laughing my butt off! The ad is saying and should be telling Trump: "If push comes to shove, we won't hesitate to throw you under the bus" I'm surprised Trump hasn't tweeted about this Ad? Keep showing it!

  25. This will actually sow doubt in trump, that’s a fantastic idea. He will act more deranged if he thinks he has no allies:)

  26. That ad was laughable if not so sad and scary. Pence is as bad as Trump as he knows better, yet still Chooses to be lock-step behind Trump in Policy and actions.

  27. Mike pence is crupt to, he was in on the smear campaign, he was bad governor and even worse as vp, no Indiana does not want him back in our state.

  28. Pence is a disgrace he knew what trump did and did nothing sorry but he needs to go he might pardon trump and his family from new York court

  29. Bill. So you think, hoping, Trumpy 🐻 will be removed or resign. The Democrats won't make the resign deal. Besides Pence is a religious ideaolog. Religious beliefs can play no role, other than personal, In a democracy. Our Constitution gives no credence to religion; while samultainiously insuring religious freedom to all citizens. Pence will reignite cilvil war in America. He is 666 mobster and should be impeached and removed from office along with Trumpy 🐻 and his entire adminstration…

  30. From a Corrupt President to a Corrupt VP stepping up to run the country?
    😱Jesus, #ComplicitPence should be impeached as well!

  31. He stood by and let it all happen.

    He smiles like a boy in love at Trump.

    Worse than that, he is a truly dangerous man. We already have many of his policies in place: anti choice, anti woman, anti LGBTQ, foreign AIDS research, attacks on science. This is a man who watches The Handmaid's Tale and thinks it's a series about the brave nation of Gilead's struggle against an uprising of terrorist whores.

    He is a Christian Taliban Dominionist, and should be genuinely feared.

  32. Pence is just another evangelical boot licker traitor who has betrated america bt his double standards and fruitcake teligious crap. Pence needs to go home and orat that god gives him courage to ask. God for betrating our democract. Trump will hvjang around for as long as he can to graft evert cent out of america. We ve had enough of these evangelical. Nazi s who preachn one thing and then snuggle up. To. The biggest grifter in our histort. A low life putin b. H.

  33. "It's a improvement" is definitely the best slogan for this campaign.
    But with that, I'd have expected this to be made by the Trevor Noah's or Colbert's people.

  34. They came in together. They can go out together. Now or Nov. 03 2020. Take your pick. It's going to happen..

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