Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 (Day 322)

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 (Day 322)

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today is day 322 intermittent fasting weight loss journey 2019 I am doing
different forms of fasting lately I’ve been doing a lot of Omad intermittent
fasting for weight loss and I’m aiming for a 90 pound loss
I started at 273.2 and I’m going to 183.2 and let’s
see first I’m gonna say two quotes let’s see if you are not willing to risk the
usual you will have to settle for the ordinary gym room okay the second one is
from him to successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to
do don’t wish it were easier wish you were better gym rung yes you guys
everyone has a potential to do what you see everyone else doing especially as
far oh my gosh especially as far as weight loss cuz weight loss is mostly
what you’re eating okay and my channel is about fasting which is free
convenient and every single person watching this can incorporate fasting
into their life okay at least intermittent fasting um let me see what
did I eat yesterday I’m gonna show the pictures at the end and it’s not gonna
look great but that’s what I ate I had two pieces of fried chicken that I did
not make the grocery store made it it was not appetizing but it was on sale
for $2.99 for eight pieces and they put it right
when I walked in that’s why I got it and I do eat fried things I don’t care
because I’m a low carb person and fried is okay it’s just it was not it was just
on sale for a reason it was probably from the day before um it was not
appetizing at all then I had a full salt zucchini with onions and seasonings with
a little butter and coconut oil saute it was good
way better than the chicken I also did not include in the picture I had a
barbecue sauce I had the sugar-free barbecue sauce and
I had a little bit of the regular barbecue sauce and dessert man I did
good yesterday on food period I had my nut cluster thing that is my go-to for
every day it has chia seeds pecans almonds and most of them had butter with
the brown sugar swerve and one of them two of them you see some white on it I
added that yummy vanilla plant-based protein powder from Walmart oh it tastes
so good and it has protein and I don’t know I didn’t look at the carbs or any
of that but besides the breading on the chicken um I did pretty excellent whoa I
don’t even care about that I’m just saying as far as carbs because I’m
trying to get the carbs as low as possible but at least under a hundred
preferably under between 50 and 75 when I don’t do a good workout now that’s all
I ate that’s a win you guys okay if I did not binge or go nuts and even on my
dessert I usually have a lot of my dessert I’d always show it in the
picture but yesterday I have five and they’re not full um and it’s just really
good I’m proud of myself for the food exercise I’m not proud of I didn’t even
get 10,000 steps I did not go to the gym when I came home from work I had some
issues in my house when I kiss him home from school and it stressed me out to
the max and I was I was not even gonna cook dinner and I was just gonna go to
bed I was not happy but things got better we got it together in the
household if you don’t know I’m a single mom of four boys ages 11 13 15 and 20
yes so we got it together and I decided to make my food they made their own food
in their choice their only choice cuz I was upset cuz I went to the grocery
store and I came back home and I was gonna make us a beautiful nice meal but
yeah my Good Vibrations left and everyone was on their own so they had
tuna and egg salad which they each made the three little ones and they made some
kind of dessert too um let’s see yeah so I didn’t go to the gym but that was my
intentions come on cook but I was not hungry I think we were gonna go to the
gym and then come home and cook and then go to bed but that’s not what happening
so I didn’t work out horrible but I still lost sleep and I’m happy that’s
why I’m telling you guys it’s all about your food it’s really much of food okay
that’s it woo intermittent fasting weight loss journey 2019 day 322 results
to 224.8 oh wow I okay I lost one point two again interesting
let’s see what exercise does today um thank you for watching please like
comment subscribe and here are some pictures bye you

24 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 (Day 322)

  1. Must get to the gym today. Yikes it's been so long. Let's push harder than what we just feel like doing. We don't want to be ordinary it unsuccessful 👊♥️

  2. I feel ya Meika. I'm a single mom of a 13 yr old girl. It gets ROUGH ALOT. Most days I just want to go to bed and not even deal w the evenings.

  3. Food looks good, 4 boys???? How do U do it? We keep being at the same weight. I need to really to have a big breakthrough.

  4. Inspirational, those meals look very keto-ish, 2 more days and its go time for me, back into it for Big Jim, Just wish i can get the other boys back, I'll send them a DM so we can finish the year strong, any Male keto blokes you can recommend for me Mieka?

  5. Mieka you are working so hard. Your food sounds on point….yay sugar free bbq sauce.
    I usually make chicken salad out of Grocery store chicken. Take care . Try to not stress…take a long soaking bath and do for you….

  6. You are right – it’s more about the diet than exercise so don’t beat yourself up my dear over missing a gym day.

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