Intermittent Fasting Journey | 7 Hour Eating Window What I Ate  | Weight Loss Journey 2020

Intermittent Fasting Journey | 7 Hour Eating Window What I Ate | Weight Loss Journey 2020

it’s Mieka Fasting Weight loss and
today I’m going to share what I ate yesterday on my intermittent fasting
journey I’m doing omad one meal a day snake diet is how this started and I
need to do some snake diet I’m fasting again because it’s the best to me I
really believe that with everything in me for someone with the food addiction
someone that is very obese today’s Wednesday I wanted to do a weigh-in put
I am not doing it because I did step on the scale and it is horrendous and I
just don’t want to so Sunday is going to be the weigh-in okay now because I’m
choosing to do my weigh-in Sunday and I’m choosing to do my weight loss
journey my way this is why I’m so excited to share this quote by Gary
Vaynerchuk Gary Vee here on YouTube and on every platform he’s on every platform
because my my passion is being you because you are unique you don’t have to
listen to what everyone tells you to do I’m applying this quote in what I’m
saying to your weight loss journey and the way you live your life okay people
want you to do what they think is best and they know it all and they know
what’s better for you even though you’ve studied and you’ve learned your body and
you know what you like and what you don’t like only you know you the best
and you were made unique special and it’s ok ok you don’t have to conform
what other people want to do I don’t care what kind of diet you want to do
most likely you could be successful unless it’s something crazy like eating
10,000 calories a day and sitting on the couch of course you know common sense
would say that’s not gonna work but guess what if you did that when I
channel and that’s what you want to do that’s still your business because it’s
your life and it’s your choices okay so here’s the quote you have to understand
your own personal DNA don’t do things because
I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it you need to know your personal
brand and stay true to it Gary Vaynerchuk okay I’m gonna have to put
these words on the screen because I love it you guys that’s everything I’m about
right there is you are special back to your brand like how do you want to be
known okay you don’t want to be known I’m not Kido I don’t want to be Kido I
do think it’s optimal for your health longevity for weight loss but I don’t
want to and I don’t have to just because people tell me to I don’t have to be
vegan I don’t have to stay away from fast food even though I know it’s better
my brand is I’m going to be happy and I want to believe in myself in you and
that’s what I’m about I don’t have to do editing I don’t have to do anything
fancy um I put emojis and words on the screen and that’s editing to me I would
like to get better but I’m not into jump cuts
I’m not into different scenes that’s just not me but I will still go my
channel by being me if you’re into that stuff that’s great because that’s how
you’re gonna grow yourself in your brand because that’s what you’re about we’re
different and we need to embrace it and I hate on other people because they’re
doing what they want to do okay I love this quote I also love Gary Vee because
he wants to give out the most free value possible to inspire and motivate people
to win that’s me too like he doesn’t even care about the money he cares about
peace and happiness and his family I wouldn’t be a millionaire
I’m not putting in the work which is where I love him too because he tells
you what to do and he says the same exact thing in every single video and
every Instagram post every where he’s at he says the same things and none of us
listen that’s all be still listening to him because we’re not out there doing
action um yeah he wants to be the best in his field and all he has is his wine
company now I don’t do wine alcohol period
don’t do it and I’m not saying I don’t do everything a Muslim should do of
course but that’s one thing that’s easy for me I do not touch alcohol I don’t
like to be around alcohol but I need to find a way to support him because when
someone gives you so much value that’s my opinion you just want to support them
so yeah he’s about being you I know I talked a lot about that now I did
intermittent fasting I’m gonna I’m gonna say 16/8 But really it was
17 7 with the intentions of warrior diet 20 hours fasting and 4 hours eating but
that didn’t happen I ate at 12 and I’m gonna have pictures
well I didn’t take the full picture I had two chicken breasts in two bags of
those peanuts honey roasted peanuts at 12 noon then at about 6:30
I had a beaut sell it I’m on a salad kick right now and I feel funny eating
the same stuff for you guys every single day and it’s so weird because I’m not
being me if I wanted to eat the same exact meal every single day I should
include so I need to man up and be more hardcore because successful the people
at the big pinnacle of success for me would be like Gary Vee he does not care
what people think I have to embed that in my mind that I don’t care if I’m
gonna have haters cuz I’m always gonna have it so anyway for dinner I had the
huge that I ate so much food yesterday that is unacceptable to me I don’t like
it but I need more of like intermittent
fasting maintenance meal day full day of eating that’s what I did so 12 o’clock
was the two pieces of chicken breast the two peanuts
dinner was two salads one was a huge salad with a lot of spinach and
different stuff blue cheese crispy fried onions a tiny
shred of the baked chicken a little bit there was three pieces and I
splitted amongst the five of us on our salad I did put part after I took the
pictures I put a little barbecue sauce and half an avocado that’s because I
followed Thomas deLauer and he recommends an avocado a day I’m gonna
keep saying that because he has good information on his channel and dr. Berg
suggests seven cups of vegetables a day and I think that’s smart especially for
us that are overweight you want to eat a lot fill your plates with vegetables I
think it’s brilliant because there’s nutrients but I also like protein okay
so the other plate had closed flaw mix not with the mayonnaise just the the
vegetables and then it had ground beef it was basically like a taco salad with
the base a little bit of salad with sour cream salsa onions I love onions okay
workout was just three hours in the pool area don’t get excited because I am only
gonna write down sixty minutes of cardio because I walked in the lazy river
against the current for forty minutes I did 20 minutes of probably 15 minutes of
back-and-forth swimming then I did the steam room the sauna the hot tub and the
count that is five minutes just because I was in that whole area for three hours
and not much of it was sitting on a bench so yeah not optimal I that’s still
not hardcore because I should have did way more but I am very happy with
yesterday except all and I have some yummy my desserts turned out good all of
my desserts were phenomenal of my kids I made them their own special one I
shoulda took the picture of what I made them dang it
but food was great yesterday I just ate way too much so today I’m gonna try to
scale it down a little bit I hope to make I don’t know at least I don’t know
I’m gonna do um but my aim is omad my aim every day is omad even though I’ve
not been doing it the last few days okay thank you for watching here’s pictures
and I will see you later or tomorrow God willing please share how you’re doing so
I offered Aaron 25 cents per lap to run the track at the jump
there’s a track over there how many were you going 400 which would be how much
money $25 and I stopped how many of you done 37 I want you to start because you
start Trek – yeah so I’ll let you earn money a different way and I’ll pay you
for that money how many are you gonna do don’t do more than 15 here’s the chicken
breast I had two chicken not breast – chicken thighs in two bags of peanuts I
didn’t take a picture of the penis here’s my yummy salad with lots of
nutrients it was really good and here’s my taco salad and avocado and here are
the yummy yummy treats I made they finally taste good it had all kinds of
stuff including macadamia pecans and a lots of chia seeds that’s what that one
is – the second to the right chia seeds
then I had white chocolate pudding because I was not going to be
disappointed yesterday and then here’s just a before and after picture of a
client thank you for watching please subscribe bye

12 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Journey | 7 Hour Eating Window What I Ate | Weight Loss Journey 2020

  1. Be you! Be unbothered! Not easy but a goal of mine and hopefully you too if you aren't already there. “You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.”

    – Gary Vaynerchuk

  2. I think it’s awesome that no matter what you’re struggling with, you still show up to make videos! So inspiring ✨

  3. Loved loved loved the video. You are consistent so u will be fine. Your son wanted that money bad, lol he was like we jogging not running or something like that. I am going to try that method myself. I love onions too, eat them with most of my meals. Girl, do u like the red onions? They do much more flavorful.

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