Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss *How To*

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss *How To*

today I’m going to share with you how
did you intermittent fasting for weight loss hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s
a lifestyle channel for women over 50 and if you’re along in over 50 click
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video and now all relate to you have you been thinking about going down the path
of intermittent fasting if you like me you’re confused by all of the
information out there it can be kind of too confusing to even get started but I
did and I’ve been doing it for most of this year and I’ve got some really
really good results and I wanted to share them with you what I’ve noticed is
a reduction in weight but in my belly fat so that was a huge bonus I’ve
noticed I’m sleeping really really soundly very well clarity mental clarity
has increased and my energy levels are really high so these are the things that
have happened while I’ve been intermittent fasting and I pretty much
think that this is for me and I’ll continue doing it the great thing about
intermittent fasting is you don’t have to be on a diet that’s what I love and
it doesn’t have to be obsessive and strict so if you can restrict the times
that you eat during the day you can be a lot more free with what you eat I
started experimenting with intermittent fasting for longevity but I lost my
belly fat so I was super happy with that the people that I was following in their
longevity fields were using intermittent fasting as a tool for longevity and
professor David Sinclair said something that really resonated with me he said
there’s no exact science for humans with intermittent fasting but what he did say
is that the tests done on mice and on yeast showed that a 30% decrease in
caloric intake equaled a 30% increase in lifespan for the tests so I jumped on
board and do it the way that felt good for me for my body
and I took all of the information that I could find out there and applied it to
myself and I think I found the answer so I’m going to show you what I did how I
did it and some little tips and tricks that I found that help you get through
the hard part which is hunger clearly there’s four ways plus that you can do
intermittent fasting the first way is 12 hours fasting and 12 hours eating window
the second one is eight hours eating window and sixteen hours fasting the
third one is 20 hours of fasting four hours of eating and then you can go on
to 24 hours of fasting or 48 hours or 36 if you are new to intermittent fasting
I’d absolutely recommend you start with a 12 hour fast because you’ve got to get
your mindset right for doing this kind of thing and 12 hours is really easy you
stop eating at 8 p.m. for example and you don’t eat again until 8 o’clock the
next morning and that’s given your body 12 hours without food and when you don’t
have food in your tummy and your body doesn’t have to digest food that’s when
all the work can start happening and if you’re just starting I do that 12 hour
fast for one week prepare your body get it used to not eating and the hardest
thing for me for sure was not eating and snacking at nighttime because it was
really hard not to but once I set my mind to it that was the hard part for me
and then I overcame that obstacle and then the next part
waking up wasn’t so hard not to eat so give that a try first when your body’s
used to that try and go for another four hours so instead of eating at 8 a.m. try
waiting till 12 noon if you can do that it’s going to give you a lot more
benefits because your body is fasting for a longer period of time and when
your body doesn’t have to do any work at all to process the food that you’re
putting into it that’s when it can work on healing you making you feel good and
giving you energy and then when your body is completely
prepared and you feel right you can try only eating for four hours
in the day so that would be waiting till like 2:00
p.m. to start eating and finish eating at 6:00 p.m. so I wouldn’t recommend you
go out and try that until you’re ready but it’s certainly a goal to set because
the benefits are huge yes some side notes you don’t have to
intimate it fast every day you can do this at your own pace you can design a
program to suit your self depending on what you can handle so I would set a
blanket rule around Aidan 8 do that forever because it’s really good for you
but to go the next step you can do that every other day so every second day or
you can include a 4-hour eating window once a week but because that sounds
really big when you’re just getting started I wouldn’t worry about that I
would just say to you to get started 12 and then aim for 16 happy days
intermittent fasting puts our body into a very good healthy stress and when we
stress our bodies in this way we go into fight flight mode and that produces
cortisol and we think cortisol is a bad thing but when you release cortisol in a
fasted state you burn fat and that’s how we lose weight but if you release
cortisol when you’re eating and your stomach’s full that’s when you gain fat
so that’s the difference and the goal is to stress our body in a very safe way to
burn fat feel very very good and reverse the aging process if you can make it
through till noon from 8 p.m. to noon that means that you’ve eliminated one
meal for the day which equals 30% of your food intake technically if you’re
not snacking all day and weight loss comes from 80% eating less and 20%
exercise and here’s what I love the animal tests showed that them I still
had an increased lifespan of 30% even though they over ate for the times that
they weren’t fasting so what does that mean
that means that it’s not so much important what you eat but when you eat
and if we can reduce the amount of time that we’re spending
each day eating and processing and digesting our food that’s the key to
living longer living more healthy and having more vitality keep in mind though
that what you eat today is going to determine your health
tomorrow so clean eating yes processed food no because your health is the most
valuable asset that you will ever own when you’re intermittent fasting your
body’s not producing these insulin spikes all day because you’re not eating
for a period of time and insulin Telles yourself that fuel is coming so they
don’t open up to receive glucose so the sugar stays in the bloodstream and if
that sugars not used it’s stored as fat cells so you end up gaining weight
because there’s not a long enough period of not eating and bottom line if you
want to lose weight you got to reduce your calories so this is a really good
controlled way to do that we’ve got to eat less and exercise more I know it’s
hard to do but doing intermittent fasting kind of sets up some guidelines
for you one of the things that is so beneficial and unexpected for me was the
quality of sleep going back to the issue and spikes when you go to sleep on an
empty stomach so that means four hours of no food before you hit the pillow
your body is actually able to do the work it was meant to do when it’s asleep
rather than actually digest all of that food that you’ve eaten so that job has
been taken care of now your body’s job is to really produce
human growth hormone and human growth hormone is produced when our insulin
levels are low and we produce insulin when we eat so we haven’t eaten for four
hours we’re asleep a lot of women in menopause can’t get to sleep well they
get to sleep and then they can’t stay asleep so if that’s a problem for you
and you’re have insomnia and just a really hard time sleeping try this even
if you’re not going too fast just try it not eating for four hours before you go
to sleep makes a huge difference but back to the growth hormone it’s a way
for you to regulate your metabolism and your muscle repair and higher growth
hormone while we’re sleeping equals more fat loss all of this will really help
your body adjust hormone levels to make stored body fat more accessible and
easier to burn really if you haven’t tried in a minute fasting and you’re
having trouble sleeping give it a go it doesn’t hurt that much
it really doesn’t one thing I’m going to say that you may not like is that wine
and alcohol is going to give you a spike and that will affect your sleep and your
production of growth hormones so when you intermitted fasting you have to have
your wine and your alcohol with dinner and when you stop eating you stop
drinking as well as weight loss and mental clarity we have the anti aging
and longevity benefits of intermittent fasting and one of the really cool
things that your body does when it’s fasting as it goes into a Topher G and
our Topher G is when the body starts eating itself so when the cells start
eating the cells this is triggered by calorie reduction and this helps clean
the body of old broken cell membranes which may be impending our optimal
performance it’s essentially a recycling process so we’re getting rid of the old
and rejuvenating with the new now I’m going to share some things with you that
I did to keep me on track first thing you’ve got to do is decide that you’re
going to commit to this for a period of time to see how your body feels and my
first challenge was to practice not eating at night but I kept in my mind
what David Sinclair said is that feeling hungry is a good thing it’s a good
stress for your body and then I thought to myself I want to feel good and I want
to have lots of energy and I want to be bursting out of my skin actually so I
used that hunger as my little reward to myself I thought if I’m hungry I I can
eat shortly and be I’m doing something really good for my body and it’s gonna
pass the hunger passes and speaking of hunger a trick that I learned that
actually works is taking Himalayan rock salt and putting it under your tongue
and just letting it dissolve a kind of tricks your body into thinking
it’s being fed and another thing that’s really important is when you break your
fast so the first thing that you eat particularly if you’re on a longer
faster 16 or 20 hour fast is to eat some protein first then wait a little bit and
then you can incorporate carbohydrates and fat after that but you don’t just go
in after you’re fast and eat a whole ton of food you gently is your body into
having food and then eat within your eating period and enjoy your food and
have beautiful delicious food and try not to overeat and gorge yourself
because this is a lifestyle it’s something you can actually do forever if
you start feeling better you’ll know it’s working for you if you start losing
some weight you’ll know it’s working for you and if you start sleeping better at
night you’ll know it’s working for you I think we’re at the perfect age to
experiment with our bodies we’re at the perfect age to experiment with
everything because we’re doing life differently than our mother’s did and
our grandmothers did so don’t you love knowing that make your own rules enjoy
your life enjoy your food and enjoy creating a body that feels good please
give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with your friends
thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day

82 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss *How To*

  1. I’m 61, and I’ve lost 30 pounds over the last 5 months doing a combination of IF and keto. I started doing this because I’m pre-diabetic and I’ll do whatever I have to to avoid getting diabetes! I’ve never been a good “dieter”, so if this works or me it can work for anyone. The best thing about doing keto with the IF is that the healthy fats and protein I’m eating is so satiating and makes IF a breeze!

  2. Lovely Lady 🌺 you have explained this wonderfully !
    I am very interested in this .
    I am having difficult time .. with transforming my mind over , from the time in years passed , when they pushed and encourage to eat something every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism in a state of burning fuel . So confusing !
    You shared something wonderful ! And it made SO much sense !
    Thank Y🌺U 💛

  3. This sounds great and you did a wonderful job explaining it! Can you drink coffee while fasting without milk or with soy milk?

  4. Well said! My favorite routine in the winter is eating at 10am and again at 4 pm. Summer 10am, small meal at 2pm and six or 8pm depending how hot it is outside. (I'm not hungry if I am hot:)) Fasting totally 3 days 2-3 times a year is a great way to detox and increase longevity. I have studied 2 years of fasting (letting the body heal itself) and 5 years of naturopathic medical school. Your info is spot on:)

  5. I am doing OMAD. I am in best shape in 17 years. After 35 years old, I continue gaining weight and hard to lose weight until July this year. I started 8/16. 4/20 in July, then OMAD.

  6. I was never a breakfast person so this was pretty easy for me. The only time I regretted it was when I was in a car accident in the morning, I couldn't eat till 2, I started asking people walking by if they had food. But no breakfast and eat around 11:00, unless I get lethargic. Then I eat a hand full of walnuts and cashews untill it's time to eat. If I'm going to put food in my body it has to be worth it, but I do have a candy bar once in awhile when I want one. Got enjoy life.

  7. I love your videos….I have been doing IF for about six months…..I am on a medical trial (metistatic breast cancer) for which the treatment includes an estrogen blocker, therefore putting me into Menopause for the duration of my life (it's working great btw) so I am constantly battling my weight for the last 12 years….since the first diagnosis. Intermittent Fasting is really the best thing I have ever tried, and together with exercising – which I love, and good clean food….I actually feel better than I have for years….am going to try the broccoli sprouts too….thanks for doing all the work (research, lol)

  8. Thank u for the video!!! What is the protein rich foods that you suggest to break the fast? Please give us some suggestions

  9. Hi.beAutiful.sister⚘

  10. I’m certain I could do 12 hours, and most likely 16, but my biggest problem would be my morning caffeine. Short of weaning myself off coffee do you have any suggestions?

  11. Hi gorgeous!!! I am going to try this !!! I eat before bed too lol So that will be the hardest !!! I will try the 8 to 8 and than the 16 hour !!! I have trouble getting to sleep too TFS and you look amazing!!! Great video on this !!! ❤️xoxo

  12. Thanks for making this simple and easy to follow. BTW, you look stunning, happy and healthy looking so it is really a good testimony of this method working for you. I like the background with lovely candles as well.

  13. I've been a faster almost all my life. I've gone a week on nothing but water ~ but, only once because it was hell. I've gone on dozens of juice fasts, some as long as 3 weeks. So, I know the wonderful tool fasting can be. But, I've never done intermittent fasting, although I have thought about it, often. I think I am going to start doing this, slowly, working up to more. Thanks. Schellea!

  14. This is all very interesting I have a lot of thoughts and questions but the first question I wanted to ask you is it has always been said that eating every few hours keep your metabolism running so that you are not ever starving yourself because if you go into starvation mode it was said that your metabolism would shut down so this is the part that's confusing me. Any thoughts on this.? Thanks in advance I love everything that you're doing on your Channel

  15. Sometimes in the beginning it’s easier to push back your fasting time slowly, not everyone can jump from 12 hours to 16. That’s not a criticism or judgment, we’re all different and need to do what works for our own body. So if you’re struggling to fast longer, try going an extra 5 or 15 or 30 minutes and work your way there. A clean fast is also important, that means only plain unflavored water, plain black coffee or plain tea. No cream, sweeteners or flavorings of any kind. This keeps your insulin from spiking.

  16. The whole calories in, calories out, way of losing weight is archaic. It's what you eat, not how many calories.I have been eating a ketogenic style for the past six months, ignoring calories, and have lost 45 pounds. I don't go to the gym, just normal activity. I have almost starved myself in the past, on the calorie in, calorie out, way of eating, and it did no good whatsoever. But you must realize that it's not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

  17. Thank you for your tips on this!   I've been IF for about a month and I appreciate your breakdown of how it works and the different effects from it.   Love your channel!   The 50's are the best!

  18. I can't fall asleep at night if I'm hungry. I will just lay there and lay there and listen to my stomach moan which reminds me that I'm hungry. I eventually get up and eat something then I fall asleep. How can intermittent fasting help me when I have this issue?

  19. Awesome info in a nutshell. I have read so many intermittent fasting articles and listened to many many videos and it can be overwhelming, however there is a lot of information out there that is good and what you’ve done here Schellea is said it in a nutshell. This is what we needed! Thanks for the Himalayan salt under the tongue tongue trick! I’ll see if it works! 🙋👍💛🙏

  20. I believe in intermittent fasting it really works my stomach is completely flat I also learned to sweat a little more as well….I never had a weight problem but did gain 8 pounds of belly fat and water 💦 retention due to menopause I’m feeling great and so much better 👍🙏💕

  21. Enjoy your informative videos so much. I have intermittent fasted and it does work trying to get back on track. This video will help jump start.

  22. Hello all! Isn't Schellea Fowler the epitome of fabulous 50s? I just adore her. She is like the Audrey Hepburn of Australia! I've read over all the comments and it's so nice to see a group of ladies that are so kind and complimentary.
    I am not an expert on IF but I hope to be celebrating some lbs lost soon. Some of you asked about what to drink. While you're not fasting, pretty much anything with a meal, and water at any time. The main thing she mentioned is not to break your fast with anything that will cause a spike in your metabolism….and why she recommended not having alcohol unless it's with a meal. Alcohol turns to sugar in your body. My chiropractor was also a nutritionist and she said to think of what you drink as bathing your kidneys in whatever you drink. My guess is coffee and tea may be okey but water would be preferable during the time you are fasting. I used to drink a lot of tea with stevia. I didn't gain weight, but I didn't lose it either. When I only changed the tea w/ stevia, the lbs started falling off. It's something to think about, but I'm anxious to see what Schellea says.

    PS….does anyone remember back in college days when there was a rumor going around about diet Dr Pepper preventing weight loss? As it happens, it's true due to the chemical make up of DDrP.and the low cal sweetener they were using…..and probably the amount consumed. I found the same to be true of specifically the use of Stevia. Keep in mind, I thought I was being healthy to give up diet sodas and drink a LOT of cold green tea with Stevia. I ran out one day and didn't get any until about a week later. I noticed I suddenly dropped 3lbs in 8 days. From there it was a consistent gradual weight loss….losing about 60lbs. I actually prefer water now. It's like my body gets out of whack when I drink a soda or too many sweets. My Chiro said pure water also cleanses your kidneys and eliminates the fat cells that are breaking apart. The visual helped. Right now I've gained back some of my weight, so I'll be increasing my fasting time. It's about balancing our lifestyle. Great topic.

  23. I began eating a lot less carbs and sugar and felt better. Then I eliminated processed foods and felt even better. But when I added intermittent fasting it kicked everything into high gear! In two months I've lost a lot of weight (mostly in my post-menopausal tummy), I sleep better, my mood is better, my energy is up, and I'm off 4 prescription medicines! Joint pain, skin issues, and other inflammatory like plantar faciitis disappeared and my hair is growing and my skin is glowing. Why the heck didn't I do this years ago!? Anyone considering fasting…go for it! Just do what this beautiful lady recommends and slowly close your eating window. I eat just one meal a day and I'm never hungry until it's time for me to eat anyway. It's called OMAD (for one meal a day) and it's changed my life. I will eat this way forever!

  24. I love your style! In our religion it's mandatory to fast for one month which is in Ramadan, all Muslims suppose to fast but we didn't think it that way, I am a big follower of keto diet , and I am enjoying the benefits and it's a part of that diet. Thank you for sharing your experience with us . You're looking gorgeous.

  25. Loved this video, Schellea! I am 60 and started intermittent fasting in June of this year. I have been consistent with it and love how I feel. Oh…and I've also lost 16 pounds! 🙂 I really do believe IF is the "fountain of youth". Thank you for this video. 🙂

  26. Schellea,
    Please share with us what you eat on your personal program. Can you give us a couple of days examples? We would love 💗 to hear about it. Thanks 🙏🏻

  27. Thank you so much for the information on IF. It is on my commitment list …so far I’ve switched from sugar to monk fruit sweetener….and I don’t miss the sugar. Also buying almost all organic food and trying to stop eating at 6pm. You are looking so gorgeous ..have a wonderful weekend. Love from Sherry in Oregon.

  28. If you eat healthy fats it will help you to fast longer. Low carbs, no sugar, lots of veggies, small amount of protein with each meal, healthy fats. It’s not to do with cutting back calories just eat nutritionally dense food and the weight will fall off. It’s called Keto.

  29. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗😘🌸even do I’m a little confusing ☺️Thank you!

  30. You look very nice and am happy you mention fast.but please do it for the spirit also not only the flesh.The resuld is tremendous.because you start to feel the real peace of Jesus.beleive me even swelling cat leave you under a mentality of peace.thanks very much for your kindness giving all this look so nice person.Holy spirit can change a persons life that you will be amazed.thank you.peace

  31. I’m a guy and I love your videos. You’re lovely and your voice is so relaxing.
    I started IM last year and you are right about the loss of belly fat.
    I eat all my meals between 9 am and 5pm during the work week. I tried the shortening my eating window but my job is physically demanding so it was too difficult.
    I’ve found a good way to overcome hunger pangs at night is a cup of decaf coffee.

  32. I’ve recently begun this method as well and pounds are dropping! I’ve noticed your slimmer figure Schellea, always gorgeous!! ❤️

  33. I just started IF last week in an attempt to overcome the turning 50 belly fat issue, as well as metabolic issues from thyroid and autoimmune issues. I dove in to the 20 hour 2x a week (as approved by doctor for hormonal change). The first day, first few hours was strange – I instinctively reached for food (as I would normally do) and saw that I reach for food more often than I realized. The last few hours were difficult, and I worried that when I broke fast I might eat way too much. Instead I had bone broth and a few crackers and surprisingly felt quite satiated. I ate a sensible dinner an hour or so later and again, felt good (no hunger or urges for more food). Friday was my third fasting day, and I'm already seeing the pattern as Schellea explained – more energy, better sleep, and increased focus and clarity. Looking forward to the benefits and am grateful for this video – its very motivating and reminding me what I have to look forward to! <3

  34. Could you please me me know if having a morning cup of coffee (with 1 scoop of collagen peptides) would break the fast if trying to go for the 16 hr fasting window 6pm -noon the following day?

  35. Another awesome video! I have been doing the Keto low carb way of eating for a year and the IF for the past 3 months. I started out with the 12 since was the easiest for me and I am up to the 16 hours now. I will try a couple 20 hr days and maybe work that into a week at a time. I have lost 20 lbs, and this way of eating has helped with all the things you have mentioned. Longevity increase, I did not know about, and this is just an added bonus. Thanks again for sharing what you did and what it all means!!

  36. I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting for the past two years and it definitely helps with sleep weight loss and having more energy…the key is to be consistent. Really good video that explains IF in an easy to understand way xx
    I also for ‘intermittent fasting for today’s ageing women’ which is really good too

  37. If you're starting an exercise regime at the same time you start IF, when is the best timeframe to do your exercise workout?

  38. I lost the 25lbs menopause put on. Following the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol for 6 months. Following the same healthy diet i had prior. Dr Jason Fung is the person to research for practical advice. Intermittent fasting REALLY works!!!

  39. What perfect timing!
    I just found out after doing 18 months of Keto & intermittent fasting that I have gallstones. My gallbladder has to be removed. I will not be able to eat high fat anymore ( keto) only in limited healthy fat increments.
    Intermittent fasting is now going to be my weight loss/ more energy lifestyle. Some have told me Keto caused my gallstones. I do not know. But what I do know is I’m already used to fasting the 16:8 method and will continue. Different diet now as far as adding healthy carbs back in and lowering my fat intake.

  40. Thank you so much Schellea! 🌞 Loved this video on fasting to feel great! Your hair updo, makeup and dress look fabulous! 💕 Keep up the excellent work in getting this important info to us! 🌞♥️

  41. I am so glad you posted this video because just this week I started back with IF! I had done it last year with some success but fell off the wagon. I'm starting again and will try hard to stick with it and add in an exercise component.🤞

  42. Can I have Chamomile Herbal Tea With Honey in It. I always Drink one cup of tea in the morning and water and usually have Smoothies. Are Smoothie Good to Drink Too

  43. I am able to fast for 16-24 hours and rather enjoy it but I do like to have my coffee in the morning. If I use cream does that mean I am breaking my fast?

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