Intermittent Fasting And Walking Weight Loss Live Q&A August 8, 2018

Intermittent Fasting And Walking Weight Loss Live Q&A August 8, 2018

all right I think we’re live now I know
it’s a couple minutes early I just want to make sure we’ve got all of our
streaming stuff in order and hopefully my husband will be able to moderate
comments this time okay but I already got some comments on here so I’ll go ahead
and read them Aloha from Hawaii such an inspiration well thanks Julie you
started in let’s see OMAD in June 9th so mid June and you’ve lost 16 pounds
that is awesome oh my gosh like that’s that’s like two months and you’ve lost
16 pounds that that is that is really cool
I’ve heard you say you lost 2 pounds a month
the heavier you are the faster you lose so Julie that is amazing first of all I
lost from when I went from 207-205 down to like 157 I lost about a pound a
little over a pound a week like 1.16 pounds I think I maybe
lose weight slowly yeah I don’t know cuz I mean at that point I had a good bit to
lose still and then nowadays I think since I started this YouTube channel
it’s about a third a pound a week so you know yeah about two pounds a month it’s
kind of my goal I don’t always hit it but sometimes I hit it and I exceed it
so let’s see and so cool that you’re from Hawaii I would love to visit Hawaii
one day okay sherry oh you’re thank you guys you’re so sweet with your kind
comments did you work your way up to OMAD
you’re trying to do keto but don’t know if you’ll be able to continue very
restrictive and time consuming so yeah sherry thank you so much for your kind
words um so yes I worked my way up very slowly to OMAD I mean probably much
more slowly than most people do like I was so paranoid about being able to like
I was afraid that fasting was gonna like screw up my metabolism or it’s gonna
mess up my hormones so I was always like ooh you know maybe I could squeeze it
out look you know this make the fasting window a little bit
a little bit longer and so yeah it took me a long time and actually the getting
to the one meal a day thing was kind of accidental we had the stomach bug go
through our house and even though I didn’t get sick it was like all day long
that I just didn’t eat and by that time I was probably already at like an 18
hour fast maybe even a little bit longing that maybe like more like 20
hour fast and then that just made it so that I just went to one meal a day and I
did that for a couple days I was like wow you know I’m okay with this and I
was feeling good and and my weight dropped better that week and so then I
just kept at it cuz then I didn’t even have to worry about windows it was just
I had to deal with one meal a day so I was very gradual I always wanted to feel
very easy too like I didn’t want it to feel hard and keto uh I don’t do keto
but I think I mean a lot of people have really good success and I think you know
if it’s working for you great but you know I’m all about being sustainable and
that’s why I don’t do keto cuz I know that I won’t stick with it let’s see
Cristina big shout out from Utah Cristina Morgan thank you Cristina oh
thank you I’m glad you find it encouraging I I get a lot of
encouragement from you guys on this channel so thank you
mutual encouragement beating obesity says hey and you guys check out beating
obesity he’s got an amazing story I’m on a long car ride so this is my first
chance to catch one of your live Q&A s no question I’d just like to say hey and
keep up the great work okay well thank you beating obesity I
don’t know your real name so but that’s awesome that you get to catch one of
these lives I hope this is a good time for people like to like I don’t know
three o’clock on Wednesday was very arbitrary there’s no like it’s not
necessarily the best time for me or anything is my schedule is pretty
flexible so let me know if you would prefer these to be a different time all
of you out there and you know and then we’ll see but maybe maybe through a
clocks on Wednesday or a good time oh yeah so I’m here live from my
sister’s winery it’s Sweet Acre Farms Winery it’s in Alto Georgia which is in Northeast Georgia some people ask me like what’s on my
shirt it says country wine for the country kind and it’s their shirts
that they have they make their own fruit wines here so it’s amazing if you’re
ever in alto georgia come by and check them out let’s see
albert you say hi dropping off your preschool grandson be back soon love your videos
well thanks Albert have fun with the grandkid and I look forward to hearing
back from you let’s see Katherine hi from England hi
from America I’m new to OMAD one week in your channel is the main way I would
want to integrate this new lifestyle in mine and I am tired though to do the six
miles did you get tired also so Katherine when I started doing six miles
I mean I had I got my Fitbit in like the end of the end of 2014 it was for
Christmas and so then you know all of 2015 was just kind of like I was trying
a million different things and you know I wasn’t really being consistent and
then with anything and it that kind of still trying to like work in intermittent
fasting and everything so you know there were there would be times where I would
get like 12,000 steps and then I would you know and then but I wasn’t
consistent all there be days I get you know a thousand steps and then you know
when I finally said in 2016 here’s my plan here’s what I’m gonna do I just
said I’m gonna do six miles I’m gonna do intermittent fasting six days a week
cheat day on Sunday at that point there were still days where it was hard to get
my six miles and I would say like um it’s one of those unfair things you know
it’s just harder when you have more weight that you’re carrying around it’s
just harder to get six miles in and then the more success you have the easier it
gets so now you know six miles really isn’t
anything I mean you know it’s still I mean I feel like it’s an accomplishment
but it takes time it takes effort but I don’t feel tired after I do my six miles
I feel really good so but in the beginning it was harder I was more tired
I had to especially in the beginning I had to like just sit down and rest a lot
like I would just say okay I’m gonna get up and walk for like 15 minutes I’m
gonna sit down or I’m gonna walk for 30 and sit down and I just rested whenever
I was tired I tried being it very easy on myself so I hope that helps Catherine
mr. bb you’re watching a baseball game in New York
I wonder Yankees or Mets maybe you’ll let me know
hi lovely Sandra gay said I just started two days
ago intermittent fasting and keto wow you’re down 4.6 already well that’s
awesome I never lose weight that fast I usually lose about a pound or when I was
losing as the fastest I lost is about 1.1 6 pounds a week on average and I
mean that’s week after week after week on average so you know there would be
times where I’d lose more but that’s that’s fantastic I hope you have
continued success Sandra that’s great let’s see green know how to pronounce
that last part Coqui did you work your way up to 6 miles a day it seems a
bit daunting getting six miles from being a couch potato yeah so again like
I was saying it was gradual for me and and I found like looking back it was
really more of a mental game like physically I think I could have just
said you know in that first day that I got my Fitbit I could have said I’m
walking six miles every day and if I had been really committed to it and known
that like you can do this I would have done it and I probably would’ve been
fine but it did take me mentally a long time to work up to it and one thing that
helped me with that too was to continually every month I would say I’m
gonna beat my personal best for the month I did that in 2016 actually I
think so I was already committed to walk into six miles but it just made it seem
easier and easier because there would be days where I would get like you know I
can’t remember my my best day ever was like I think 40,000 steps but regardless
you know it was it was just a mental thing more than anything but that’s
valid still you know it’s like you still have to come over the mental hurdles too
so yeah I like the idea of just gradually getting there but that’s just
me let’s see
let’s see mr. BBI thought you started 3 p.m. on Wednesdays
isn’t that what time it is I don’t know I think it is yeah 3 o’clock on
Wednesdays I think I think we’re right maybe maybe you’re and we’re in the same
time zone Eastern Daylight Time so hopefully hopefully I didn’t get mixed
up Linda says hi Kayla thank you for the chat and encouragement to keep walking
well you’re welcome Linda I love that people find it encouraging lovely says
I’ve been doing OMAD and my weight is fluctuating a lot I feel like I’m going
more flabby for some reason at first I was losing weight okay so um lovely like
what I do and I don’t know how you track your weight but what has always worked
for me since I started doing it this way and I will never do it any other way now
is to do my seven-day average so I weigh every single day and I put that into my
spreadsheet and my spreadsheet calculates my 7-day average so it’s a
seven-day running average it just takes the previous numbers for the past seven
days and it averages them for me and so that helps me understand you know the
daily fluctuations if I tried to keep up with all those I would never really know
if I’m making progress because my weight fluctuates a lot and especially like
with salty foods or if I happen to have a lot of sugar on one day it really does
mess with the actual weight numbers so but it’s not what I would call a true
gain or or you know even true loss like I like to just say the average is how
are the averages trending so so to your question about you know like your I
think you said you’re feeling flabby or I don’t know I haven’t really
experienced that like um I’m trying to think of how like I don’t know I what
I’ve noticed is you know as my weight goes down you know my stomach’s getting
smaller my clothes fit better you know like the idea of like just feeling
flabby that’s kind of hard for me to quantify so I always like to try to say
okay like let’s measure it you know like you know measuring my waist I don’t
really like to do that because it’s so hard for me to be
really consistent and accurate and like you know only suck it in as much as I
sucked it in last time and all that stuff I just found this too easy like be
too loosey-goosey with that so hopefully that helps let’s see hey Cheryl I’m glad
you made it let’s see can you explain how you
started your walking program Jackie is asking can you explain how you started
your walking program and how far you walk how fast and etc okay for weight
loss okay so first of all I don’t know how much it helps me lose weight all I
know is because you know I think the argument is well you know if you’re
walking if you’re doing physical activity then that’s gonna you know
increase your appetite so then it might just be that because I’m walking six
miles a day I’m eating more at my one meal than I would otherwise so but I
really really like to walk six miles a day because it keeps my head in the
right place it keeps me I mean in the beginning it was like this reinforcing
thing it was like because I was walking then I didn’t want to eat during my
fasting window and then you know during my fasting window it said well I can go
get steps and so it just kind of reinforced the other habit but I will
tell you about you know like I’ve already talked about how i just–can
gradually increased my steps until I get to six miles a day um as far as pace I’m
a slow Walker I mean I probably walk three miles an hour in the beginning I
walked probably even slower than that I was I just wanted it to be easy and it’s
like no matter how tired I am even if I’m really really tired I can
get up you know and walk you know even if it’s really really slow and it just
kind of excuse proofed my workout in that way so I hope that answers your
question let’s see how fast and how far so I walk six miles for me that’s 14,000
steps on my Fitbit and as long and I counted it as long as my Fitbit said
14,000 steps by midnight so there were times of it’s like walking around right
before midnight and getting my last steps and and and I didn’t care how much
I had to break it up during the day just as long as it had it at by the end of
the day okay let’s see Cheryl just came back a bit ago from lunch with my sister
she treated to an early birthday lunch today that
was nice oh well a happy birthday on Sunday to you Cheryl and isn’t that nice
you she gave you lunch that’s awesome I hope you really enjoyed it
let’s see how gray and white says I love your videos well thanks Angie I
appreciate that oh and beating obesity your name is Jim
well I will try to remember that Jim I’m really bad with names but I’m trying
really hard to be better about it so but thanks for telling me your name let’s
see um Mets mr. bb awesome better than the Yankees I think I’m
Braves fan because I’m from Georgia so okay white and gray boutique says
did you count calories okay I don’t count calories I did count calories in
2015 so in 2015 that was the year that was really trying to figure out how to
lose weight because I wanted it to be sustainable I was trying to figure out
like what’s gonna work for me and you know counting calories that was
something my mom had had success with in the past and so I thought okay well
that’s the key I just gotta count calories but I drove myself crazy I I
felt so deprived it was like you know like you having to count those little
sauce packs from from like chick-fil-a or something it just killed me like it
made me just it just made me crazy basically I even started like because I
would take my Fitbit like the the calories that said I was burning which I
figured would be really really accurate because I had my weight in there and it
was tracking all of my activity so I thought okay I’m gonna go by what it
says and then I’m gonna have like a big deficit so I tried really hard to have a
really big deficit I think I was trying for like a 500 I think at least 500
calorie deficit because I thought okay I really want to get this weight off and
the weight just wouldn’t come off and as quick as I thought it should
based on those numbers and it was just driving me crazy I started like like
getting more and more obsessive about like weighing and measuring and and yeah
it just drove me nuts I said no more counting calories so when I when I
finished doing that I said well one thing I did in 2015 I said okay I’m just gonna
from now on instead counting calories I’m just gonna go on
really trying to focus on stopping when I’m full and that helped I mean like my
results actually we’re pretty similar like I compared in my spreadsheet
because I track everything like how much weight did I lose tracking my calories
versus not tracking my calories and it ended up being about the same and I
thought hey I’m driving myself crazy the other way so I just never went back to
counting calories let’s see hello from Alabama oh hi Brady
glad to hear you from Alabama good afternoon good afternoon Sonya okay
Phillip said or Phyllis sorry did you ever have problems with sleeping when
you first started intermittent fasting some nights I don’t sleep at all or I
wake up in a few hours of sleep so after a few hours of sleep okay so that’s a
great question and it’s an interesting topic with intermittent fasting and
sleep requirements because there are times now it’s not it’s a weird thing
because I pretty much don’t I mean I really don’t vary how much I’m eating
I’m pretty consistent I mean I would say I’m eating about the same amount but I
go through times where I just don’t require that much sleep like I will wake
up at 3 o’clock in the morning or I’ll wake up at four with no alarm and I’ll be
awake and and not tired and I will just and and what I do is I just wake up and
I start my day and I just get a whole lot accomplished that day now that
doesn’t happen all the time but I was curious about it because I
thought you know that’s kind of odd am I the only one and I went on to I think
reddit and I looked and a lot of people have this experience like it’s just
almost like your body doesn’t need as much I don’t know as much sleep
sometimes now but there’s there’s another thing that can happen which is I can’t
go to sleep and that was only usually in the beginning that’s when I was first
trying to figure out how much to actually eat in that eating window
because if I don’t eat enough then I will have trouble sleeping which to me
is different than not requiring as much sleep because on those days like where
I’m talking about like I didn’t eat enough at those times like I couldn’t
really fall asleep or I would wake up a lot during the night and I would just
feel exhausted the next day two different kind of ends of the
spectrum there so I always took it as a sign like that if I was not sleeping
well I need to increase the food intake I don’t worry about it if I just wake up
early and I’m ready to start my day so I hope that answers your question Phyllis
thank you for asking James I just had the goal of 10,000
steps and now try to get a twelve thousand a day that’s awesome yeah so
that’s really good to kind of you know push your goal out a little bit as long
as it feels comfortable for you like you know 14,000 steps you know six miles
that is so arbitrary you know for me it was just something I picked and once I
got to six miles is like alright that’s that’s plenty any more than that and I
would feel like okay I mean I’m sure I could do it but I just you know that’s
where I feel good so but that’s great James it seems like you started a little
before 3:00 I I did start a couple minutes before 3:00 I just want to make
sure the streaming and everything was set up and then there were already some
comments so how would ahead start answering comments so sorry about that Albert you asked are you experimenting
yet let’s see not right yet I’m pretty much just sticking with what I’m what
I’m doing cuz I’m really curious to see how far will this plan take me like
how low I mean and my weight loss at this point is pretty slow like I’m at I don’t
know it I mean my seven-day average I’m not sure exactly where it’s at right now
I don’t have that number right in front of me but in the low one 40s I would say
like 143 or so um and so I’m not yet experimenting I have a lot of
experiments that I want to do um but I really want to kind of wait to really
experiment with stuff until I’m actually in a place where I’m kind of
done with this experiment cuz I look at this as one big experiment I want to be
able to say this is how far it took me before I really go on to do other things
I’m very interested for example in extended fasting for like cancer
prevention purposes and stuff like that or you know wine and and how that might
affect I mean I have like some my own experience of things but I’m not
really experimented experimented or like you know every other day intermittent
fasting and then just going with more of a regular kind of eating schedule I
don’t know we’ll see there’s all sorts of stuff and then I’m sure other people
are you guys could give me good good ideas for how to experiment graceful
sky you say have you ever experienced metallic taste in your mouth I fasted
one day for 29 hours not intentionally and noticed a metallic taste hmm no I’ve
never noticed a metallic taste um seems like um I’ve read about that for like
keto so your body basically is my understanding I’m not a doctor so this
is not medical advice but I think what happens a lot of times is you’re going
into ketosis and different people experience different symptoms my
understanding is ketosis is perfectly fine it’s not the same thing as what
diabetics have to worry about with ketoacidosis that’s a totally separate
thing but anyway sometimes people get like a bad taste in their mouth so I
think it’s just ketosis that you’re experiencing that again
ask your doctor just to be safe let’s see here Beverly says I’m gonna try one
meal a day but I’m starting off slowly I’m taking a shake around 1:15 then
every week I’m going to add another 15 minutes until you get it to 5 o’clock I
think that’s a fantastic plan um I always want it to feel easy so I would
say yeah just you know gradual slow and steady wins the race I think every time
I mean I really do um let’s see here sorry I think it’s scrolled down yeah
it’s a graceful sky agrees sounds like a great plan let’s see walking
produces endorphins so I’m not surprised
it helped with the eating healthy part of the plan yeah yeah I think it really is
a big thing that keeps me feeling really good like I think the the intermittent
fasting does and just you know the the walking is just it’s a mood booster for
me uh ok Beverly says when you get to the point of not counting calories it’s
scary how do you get there so so here’s what I said to myself Beverly I said
okay what’s the worst that could happen so
I’m just gonna do this experiment I think I said six weeks six weeks not
counting any calories I’m just gonna go on just how I feel and like just
stopping to you know when I’m full and you know and and I agreed with myself or
I made this agreement my head like okay if I blow up like a balloon like it if I
gain like let’s say 10 pounds 10 pounds is the moment where I say okay we’re
stopping this experiment um and you know what it didn’t happen I continue to lose
weight and I had a better overall kind of feeling about it so that’s what
worked for me so let’s see so hopefully that helps you let’s see because ultimately to me
counting calories I just can’t see myself doing that for forever you know
like I will eventually stop counting calories let’s see and you’ll go like
Cheryl you’re gonna go light at dinnertime
yeah good for you I never go light at dinnertime
very rarely okay Beverley I mean I don’t I don’t try to make myself miserable but
okay Beverley do I need a dessert every night no this is such a funny topic to
me when I tell or what you know my fear around I always had a lot of fear around
food I think like I thought you know if I just to let myself eat whatever I want
then I’m just gonna you know eat dessert all the time eat nothing but junk food
or whatever what I found it took all the fun out of it like it like junk food now
it’s just like I mean I will eat you know a Twinkie if offered you know but
like we’ll you know walk around the grocery store because we do date night
every week and sometimes what we’ll do is just grab food from the grocery store
and we usually do a dessert and I’ll walk around the store thinking none of this sounds
good now not to say that I don’t enjoy sweets cuz you know I do still enjoy
them but it really changed my relationship with food having no
forbidden foods it was a process too like that’s another thing it wasn’t just like
overnight it was like okay well I just don’t crave stuff it’s just think
over time it’s like they’re not a big deal it’s kind of like the way I think
most people who maybe don’t struggle with weight interact with desserts and
things like that you know I don’t know it’s just one of those I’ve learned how
to trust myself too around food because of that because I feel like oh I can do
this you know and it’s because you know it’s that whole thing when it’s not
forbidden it’s just not as enticing I think let’s see Cheryl actually try to
stop myself before I feel full because otherwise it could be a non stop
eating machine most days I can do that but sometimes I still eat till I
feel stuffed yeah Cheryl you know that’s something that up until I would say very
recently I would I mean I and I would say there are still times where like
I’ll just have a day I’m like oh man you know I ate too much of that meal but I’m
pretty good about stopping now like I I’m you know it took a long time to get
there but it just happens less and less and less often now which is fantastic I
love that just rarely happens anymore but because I can eat with the best of
them people make comments about it so okay Julie says you’ve been waking up
feeling a bit nauseous even though you eat a big meal for your OMAD
it goes away after water and coffee yeah um
nausea was something and certainly I felt like after after I had my kids uh I
never experienced nausea ever but after I had kids but like when I would when I
would not eat soon enough and I certainly started noticing that like
when when I was breastfeeding like if I didn’t eat right when I you know started
to feel hungry I would feel nauseous and then it just continued even after even
after that but I always took nausea as a sign I needed to eat more at my meal or I
need to eat more during my window but again I went so gradually with OMAD I
didn’t notice it specifically OMAD by that time I had been doing fasting so
much that I really didn’t notice it I mean it’ll it’ll occasionally happen
I did notice the other day and like I said like I’ve said on one of the videos
you know I don’t do sugary drinks like I cut sugar drinks out just because
my fasting window to be easier I don’t do it just to cut carbs or anything um
but the other day for date night we got Sonic and my husband brought me a cherry
limeade which I used to love okay it used to be my favorite absolute drink I
loved it and he brought it and it was so sweet and I really didn’t enjoy it and
it kind of made me sad that I didn’t enjoy it but um but the next day oh man
I had some nausea so but I I had noticed that previously even before we started
intermittent fasting and stuff um like coke if I had a coke one day and I
didn’t the next oh man I’d feel so nauseous but so hopefully the nausea goes
away especially like yeah and I’m glad to hear that it goes away after water
and coffee hey Darlene I hope I’m saying your name right
I hope it’s Darlene but tell me if I’m saying it wrong
let’s see mr. BB I know you hit a milestone last week eighty pounds are
you even lower now no I’m hanging out right around that mark what I’ve noticed
is that generally and I’m always playing this game with myself like it’s a little
you know like personal best thing okay I hit that now let’s see you know when
that weights gonna show up again and to me I mean my weight fluctuates a lot
okay so I’ve learned to just accept it and I used to not even tell people when
I would earn like a badge cuz I would think oh but the weights gonna go up
tomorrow I’m just like I’m lying if I say you know that I lost 80 pounds cuz
now I’m at you know whatever you know one pound heavier or whatever cuz it
fluctuates um but let’s see I think I had a day or two where it was a little
bit below that and I’ve had a few days where he’s been a little above that I
had I mean I’ve had in the past this we’ve been here in Georgia people keep
treating us out to eat and stuff and we’ve eaten like Chinese food and
Mexican food all the things that make my weight like go but it really hasn’t been
that bad so I’m interested to see once we are away from family again and we’re
just eating like more of a normal kind of thing like where does my weight go
like it will it drop will it be about the same I don’t know it’s always
interesting to see okay let’s see Carlene hey Carlene
I’m glad that you find these chats helpful uh back I wonder let’s see back
I wonder if I missed my comment Oh lovely I can’t remember but I will have
this on replay so and my husband’s making notes and we try to like on the
last video we were able to do the time stamps with the topics and everything
I’m gonna try to do that for every video and including the ones back before I
didn’t realize that I could do that where it actually linked automatically
into the video so you can just you know skip around really easily but based on
the topic and the question but hopefully you’ll be able to find it it’ll take me
a few days there probably to get it and get it done okay Beverly I would like to
not count calories so how do you keep from being so scared to stop counting
okay I think I answered this but what I would do if I were you
Beverly and what worked for me was just to say this is an experiment this is
just an experiment there’s no pressure on me I’m just gonna see how I actually
do if I really just say I’m not gonna count calories for the next six weeks
I’m not gonna count calories I’m gonna weigh myself every day and if my weight
goes above you know a ten pound gain because ten pounds is like you know okay you need to stop the experiment probably um then you know and
then just see what your results are and see if see if it’s really as horrible
because you know I got like I said I found that it was just the same and it
really helped me I think that really helped me psychologically to realize
like I can do this you know even though at that point I wasn’t losing a whole
lot of weight and it wasn’t being really consistent with intermittent fasting at
all at that point um it gave me like this like okay you know just just
listening to my body and just eating you know at that point you know just pretty
much eating what I wanted and just listening to okay am i full am I not it
worked and so and I know it takes it you got to not be afraid of it and that
that’s so so key to not be afraid let’s see let’s see white and gray boutique I
have been eating whatever I want and so far I’ve been losing awesome I love it when when people add like what they’re doing you know results that you’re
having that’s great I’m glad to hear that you’re eating whatever you want
you’re still losing okay and 2 weeks and six pounds
Wow you’re killing it that’s great three pounds a week let’s see what weight did
you start and how long have you been working at this love how you’re doing
this gradually okay so Jackie okay I did not weigh my like so the Facebook
photo that started all that happened in like March of 2014 I did not weigh
myself until February of 2015 so I really don’t know if I lost
anything I don’t really think I did because my clothes didn’t really fit any
different but when I stepped on the scales February I think 20th 2015
that was 222 pounds and now I’m at about 142 143 I I did earn my 80 pound weight
loss badge but I got to get my seven-day average down there okay let’s see so
yeah so so 2014 was kind of my year to just I was saying I’ve got to figure
this out but it didn’t really do a whole I was kind of trying but not really got
on the scales in 2015 then 2016 this and I said alright here’s what I’m doing and
that formed my like simplified and really formed my plan by that time I was at
205 207 205 and then I got down to 157 by November of 2016 and then I
maintained until September of 2017 that’s when I started this channel and I
said you know what it bugged me that I was like just have like three or four pounds
in the overweight BMI zone so I said I at least want to get into the normal
zone and and like I said I’m down like 143 ish right now uh and and so that’s
how long it’s taken me so it’s been a journey basically taken a while uh
thanks okay let’s see good to hear that so eventually I’ll be able to do that
yeah Cheryl you will hi from Alaska so jealous that you’re in Alaska I I’m
gonna visit there at some point I just don’t know when probably next year I
really enjoy your enthusiasm so motivating oh thanks really wish you’d consider making a Facebook group for your followers to interact with you and
each other in that fun forum yeah so Diana I I know it’s
a couple of people asked me about a Facebook page and then a few people
chimed in said well I don’t use Facebook so I wouldn’t really like that so I did
create some forums over on my website I think it’s um and so I’m still thinking about a Facebook page not
a lot of people have requested it and the you know the forums was something I
could install pretty quickly it takes time and I have to kind of be mindful of
you know the time but you know but I’ll still consider it but the the forums are
a good place for people people have been interacting over there you know talking
about you know maybe victories they’ve had certainly which I always love to see
and you know questions and and people are discussing over there so maybe
that’ll hold you over until maybe if I decided to do a Facebook page
let’s see but thanks for that Diana let’s see dawn yeah you keep me motivated Thanks let’s see oh my husband hopefully okay yeah good I’m glad that
he was able to get the timestamp on there penny hello Kayla my
mother-in-law always tells me and my husband to come eat yeah come eat yeah I
don’t know if you’re from the south but that that it is certainly a thing it is
like that’s how I mean and that was something that I think somebody had a
comment I think I can’t remember now who who’s comment it was but they were
talking about the social aspect of it and kind of like they were doing keto
but they’ve realized you know with keto it kind of messes with their social life
but and and I heard about that on a podcast too where its like some people
because they’re trying really hard and they’re being really really strict with
themselves they’re cutting their social life out which can then actually make it
harder to lose weight because then you’re not feeling good cuz you’re not
around your friends and stuff so trying to find that balance of what works for
you what’s giving you results you know what’s healthy for you it’s you
know it’s a balancing act but I think it’s certainly important to enjoy life
I’m all about enjoying life uh let’s see hello from California
oh hi I started you started Yolanda you
started 16 20 intermittent fasting thank you let’s see 16 – wait I think probably
you’re saying like sometimes you fast 16 hours and sometimes it’s 20 and that’s
great yeah I think most people that’s where they have results when they get to
like at least a 16 hour fast yeah I think you can have results before that
I mean I did because it’s all about boundaries time to time boundaries with
food but that’s great I’m glad you’re having success and I’m glad you find it
inspiring okay oh let’s see Jackie you said you’re
starting the exact same point as you did with the goal of 140 well I’m almost there
to 140 like I I what I really would like to like at least see a 130s number pop
up this month I don’t know if it’ll happen but I do like to play those kind
of like little it’s like a fun little game to make me you know look forward to
to weighing every morning it’s like will this be the day okay so far not yet
let’s see uh sterling you asked how tall am I five six so according to
the BMI charts I know not everybody says that those are you know the most
accurate things to look at but it says I should be like from 115 to 154 I think so a pretty big spread as far as like what’s my normal weight
range I feel really good where I’m at right now which is around 143 but yeah
so let’s see plain-jane day could you give me some advice to stay motivated to
not slip back into old habits so sure I’ll tell you what works for me first of
all motivation so I don’t know like it depends on the habits too that you’re
talking about you don’t want to slip back in so as far as eating the things
that help me were I think to keep reminding myself you know how good I
feel and and how it felt when I wasn’t where I wanted
you know that’s a good little reminder like I would you know I I think of
things sometimes like you know it used to feel really taxing to walk across the
Walmart parking lot I used to get in a bad mood when we had to walk around the
store because I was tired like I was lugging around 80 additional pounds
so and then also keeping my life really full too replacing bad habits with good
like so whereas I used to eat I replace that with walking in a lot of places but
then I also took up new hobbies or learned new things like learn sign language I I
took I allowed myself to sit there and just do some reading
you know let’s see what else just just a you know drawing just doing a lot of
different things adding more into my life because a lot of my stuff I think
had to do with stress and boredom and then learning how to deal with stress so
that it wasn’t stress eating so and then you know like other things
that motivate me the badges on fitbit really motivate me you know
breaking a personal best that motivates me let’s see and then you know streaks
too like like I’ve at this point maintained my weight loss for you know a
couple years not quite two years down but still those kinds of things motivate
me too so hopefully that helps I have a video called like how to stay motivated
and that might help too let’s see Kim says can you address thank you for your
kind comments uh can you address energy levels and motivation okay so I just
address motivation hopefully that answered it if I didn’t quite answer
your question then please let me know um but energy levels I feel fantastic I
don’t know like maybe not everybody okay here’s the thing though if your body
weight I mean your body fat percentage is low then you probably will not feel
that great on when you’re intermittent fasting but I still have body fat to
burn basically so I feel really good um I in a I’m always really diligent
about eating a good big meal for my OMAD so and then the walking I think
helps with my energy levels too so I just feel great I mean most every day
I’m like firing on all cylinders all day long and then you know when it’s time
for bed I’m I’m tired I’m ready to go to bed but I can just I don’t know I I stay
I have I think that’s the thing that has made intermittent fasting easy for me
why I’ve been able to stick with it cuz I feel so good
while I’m doing it do it you know walking the six miles a day and then
eating the once a day I just feel really good have really good energy levels so
but not everybody might feel like that like you know it might be that you need
your window to be longer you know some some people don’t do great on carbs some
people don’t do great on high-protein I don’t know I mean I just say do what
feels best for you and then oh and then energy levels also I think one thing
that really did help was to try to fill up my life with things I enjoyed and and
and also trying to think of like what would sound fun like what are some
things that I do want to do like one thing which I still have not done and I
really need to do this was ziplining that was actually it’s funny because it was a
big motivator for me at first but um I wanted to go ziplining and I read the
requirements because at that point I don’t I think I think I had weighed I had weighed
and I was at 222 but I looked at the requirements on the thing cuz I thought
maybe I’m too heavy and they said well your your leg circumference your
thigh circumference has to be this certain circumference and mine was too
big and I was like wow so now I’m knocking myself out of experiences and
so that was pretty big motivation and yet I have still not gone ziplining so okay so hopefully that helps so but you
know getting you know getting interested in stuff if you’re if you’re just
finding you’re just kind of blah all day try to figure out why that is like are
you just bored I mean you know or you know who knows like and of course if
you’re actually depressed seek help let’s see penny hit send by accident how you avoid to eat if somebody oh I don’t want to be rude or
make her sad you have any advice okay right okay right cuz you were saying
yeah okay I see now so basically oh how to handle in laws that are telling you to
eat and you don’t want to hurt your feelings okay so it depends if something
is coming up in my life less than 10 percent of the time so in other words
like that’s less than once a week if it’s happening once a week then I would
need to change something but in my life I say I’ll eat so so like you know if
it’s a family lunch and they’re like come over and have lunch then I’m gonna
go have that family lunch cuz it doesn’t happen that often that way I don’t have to
have the conversation if it’s something where you’re seeing them a lot though
and it’s like you know you know maybe maybe it’s like daily or maybe it’s
several times a week you know you could just try and it’s hard I know having a
very open and honest conversation saying you know look you know here here are my
goals and here’s what I’m doing and so I can’t I are you can’t say can’t or you
shouldn’t say you should say so I don’t eat during this time you know
and try to put up some boundaries there if it’s something where you feel like
okay this is gonna be happening so much that it’s gonna really derail me but
like I said less than ten percent of the time I say no family comes first
and I’m not gonna you know I choose my battles basically um also try and be
strategic with the times like if it’s a thing where you’re going to see this
person pretty often maybe then try to see them during supper
time you know maybe I don’t know how often is happening so maybe you can give
me some more details and maybe I can try to try to help if it is that’s to me
that’s still the hardest part we’ve been this time it’s worked out really well
because we’ve just been eating supper with people so I haven’t really had to
go off plan much here but yeah but but the thing is though
eating food isn’t just about eating of the food it’s also about socializing
so some people have found that if they’ll just have coffee with the person
it’s like they stop saying oh you know eat eat eat they’ll they’ll they’ll accept that
coffee is almost like a meal but I don’t know
oh hi Helga from Germany thanks for joining us let’s see orange chicken I
can’t stay on because work but on first full day fast is 3 p.m. brain fog go away
ok so I have noticed now your results might be different but I have found that
overall I am much more focused throughout the day I
I mean I think usually I’m ready for coffee about 2 o’clock
sometimes sometimes starts that general like ok I’ve been working a lot you know
on different things and I just need that break and I’m trying to be better
because I tend to be the type that once I sit down to work I will just work all
day on stuff but yeah I think it has helped with that because I used to feel
like exhausted by 3 o’clock I was just beat down and exhausted but intermittent
fasting I feel like I have more energy but again it could be the weight loss too –
so Melissa you said the last five or so stubborn yeah I can see that I certainly
the lower you get the slower it gets and you know I was telling somebody that the
other day like the seven-day average keeping track of that has been really
helpful because if I had just tried to figure out you know where’s my weight
going because now it’s so slow I think I would have thought a long time ago well I’ve lost as much as I can lose but I think going down by like a third of a pound a
week and so you know over time that does add up you know I’ve lost probably what
would that be like mmm 10 let’s see 10 15 pounds since I started the YouTube
channel so I think that’s right around in there and and which is still a
considerable to me a considerable considerable amount of weight so let’s
see here did you find you had to eat all the foods
at first when Sunday would come around Steph
Steph says yes yeah there were times especially in the beginning where it was
just like I just I was so craving all the food I was like you know and it and
it would be weird stuff too like sandwiches and just things that would
kind of miss through the week and and just more like ooh you know you know I
get to just eat whatever I want all day long so in the beginning cheat days were
a lot different than what they are now like now it’s just like I mean I do it and
I do it I do it right you know but I yeah in the beginning there were a lot
more of my ooh now I can have you know chocolate chips and I just you know eat
chocolate chips and you know whatever you know like I would if there was like
a chocolate bar or something that was maybe we had there was part of it
leftover from something you know I would save it for cheat day because usually
by at the one meal I just wasn’t I would be like stuffed from the regular
food so but yeah it just kind of evened out over time let’s see Karen at the
pace you walk how long does it take to get in your steps if you did it at one
time about two hours um yeah about two hours because it’s about three miles an hour six miles two hours let’s see Sharon brown just found your
videos this morning oh cool thank you so much oh I think oh well thank you Sharon
you think I was sent by God well I look I just I started the channel cuz I
thought you know I just want other people to know this is what worked for
me I found it to be you know something that finally worked for me that felt
easy and I wanted to share it and and gosh you know if if it is that then I’m I feel
very honored and and also I wanted to document you know this is how I did it
so that I could remember too plain-jane thanks thank you for the advice well I’m
glad it helped let’s see design extremely knowledgeable and inspire
thank you a month and a half and a fasting and weightlifting and now you’ve
plateaued you’re upping your water in take how much water do you drink daily uh-hmm
it depends on the day I drink to thirst I don’t I don’t walk around with a
water bottle and try to like measure it I just if I’m thirsty I drink and and
you know it depends on how much I’m outside where I’m at like we’re when we
were down in Florida it was a lot hotter up here it’s a bit cooler I just drank
to thirst I just figure you know there’s instinct there if I’m thirsty I’ll drink
I know oh and I also not not for this to be TMI but you know if the urine looks
too dark I say okay you need to be drinking more water but it never gets
way out of bounds as far as that goes but design girl plateaus they happen to
everybody I think I say just keep pressing on just be stubborn with it
just feel like it’ll go away and it will like so the way I deal with with the
plateau is first I check myself I say okay are you sticking to your plan are
you being like super duper consistent or have you had a lot of off days nine
times out of ten I’ve had a lot of off days you know I’ve just been a little
bit too loosey-goosey or there or there’s just been life happening you know
like birthday parties and you know all this stuff and then I say okay well we
just need to get back on plan if if the answer is you’ve not been consistent if
I’ve been really really consistent though I just say I’m gonna give it like
six weeks and I know that’s a long time for people to hang on that’s what works
for me every time I’ve done that it eventually comes off it just hey I mean
just weight is weird it’ll just like sometimes it’ll just
hang on and be stubborn and then it’s just like it’ll drop and then it’s like
okay and then you know I’ll do this so it’ll be gradual for a while and then
it’ll drop you know it just you got to be stubborn with it and be patient with
it maybe patience is a better way to say it
Susanna thanks for your inspiring videos on thanks you’re at a 12 to 16 hour
fasting for a few weeks you’ve lost 1.5 kilograms so far that’s
great you’re feeling good try not to be obsessive but aware when I’m eating
being social yeah because I’m an introvert I tend to
really like because I feel you know in big groups I tend to feel you know
uncomfortable so what do I do I like sit there and just you know stuff
my face cuz if you’re if you’re you know if you’re eating then you don’t have to
like talk I guess it’s just part of the pressure of like you know the social
pressure so yeah so that’s but that congratulations on your weight loss 1.5
kilograms I think that’s like three pounds maybe a little bit more I think
it’s like 2.2 you multiply by two point two or something like that Julie oh
great your energy is good too you your your house has never been so clean and
organized yeah that can happen isn’t that great um
nat mnat yeah you caught me live awesome your has husband lost 25 pounds doing that
that is great I love your videos and was thinking about blogging your progress is
it worth it is it worth blogging your progress I think that’s your
question I think it is um it can get time-consuming but to me it’s worth it
um and it has been super rewarding well okay let me say this it’s been super
rewarding to do what I’ve done which is you know I waited until I was like
successful at it first because I think like looking back I think I would have
been in too much of a hurry I would have never given myself the time that I
needed if I had that public spotlight but that’s just my personality um I’m
the type that’s like I don’t want people to know like I don’t want people
watching me I mean I know that’s weird thing to say because now I’m on Facebook or YouTube live
but at that time I wasn’t confident enough in my plan I had no idea it was
just kind of like I don’t know if this is gonna work and so it was just it
wouldn’t have been good for me to start a blog let me say it that way like
looking back because I’ve changed too like now I’m more confident now I know
that it works for me now I I have the benefit of hindsight to see like oh yeah
that works and I can you know so I hope that makes sense like
I I think if you if you can look at yourself and say yeah I’m gonna be able
to sit there and you know not rush myself because you know that’s always
the temptation I think is to rush yourself or just you know compare
yourself like well they’re losing three pounds a week and they’re doing this and
then you know going off and doing that other thing yeah so I think if you do
decide to do it I wish you the best of success and a lot of people I think find
that to be like it motivates themselves to stick to the plan you know if they’re
having to check in but I can tell you like from my own experience there are
times because I have this channel and because I do the monthly progress
reports where there is a temptation there that I see to be like well maybe I
should you know up my protein intake for the next few days and not eat as many
carbs that way the weight will go down by the end of the month because it’s
that arbitrary like the weight at the you know the last day of the month so uh
so yeah I hope that helps you that those are just kind of my thoughts but good
luck did you find weight oh my gosh we we’ve been live for almost an hour
I’m sorry you guys I didn’t realize how long we’ve been on here did you find
weight loss slow at first I started OMAD June 18th
I’ve only lost about 6 pounds only six pounds I think that’s fantastic um did
it get faster longer you did OMAD ok so no when I went from so in
January 2016 so I started about 205 there that first year I lost about 15
pounds just doing various and sundry things mostly it was from intermittent
fasting but I wasn’t consistent but in 2016
that’s when I got very consistent I started doing OMAD at about April of that
year but it really didn’t affect my rate of loss too much my rate of loss in that
year was about 1.18 pounds per week which you know it a lot of people to be oh
that’s way too slow you know but it’s like well the time passes anyway so so
yeah so I think I’m probably just the type of person that loses weight more
slowly but I think you know there are others of us out there
who don’t lose weight that fast but you know it’s not that bad
I mean even if you’re only losing a pound a week if you do that if you’re
averaging a pound a week in a year you’ll dropped 50 pounds 52 pounds can
you have beer at all on this diet um blaze and beats I don’t drink beer that
often I mean maybe like a Mike’s Hard Lemonade which i think is technically
kind of like beer I’ll have occasionally wine though I’ve had whenever I want it
I mean I don’t really I don’t overdo it on wine Although I have a very low tolerance for wine as
well so like I can only you know especially I will say when you’re
fasting eat something first because if you like have wine before your meal it’s
gonna affect you a lot harder so just yeah blazin beats for me
everything’s on the menu all the time I don’t restrict anything so all right
Helga how do you handle one meal with your family did your kids eat
nothing at lunch no they do um they eat a regular like whatever call
a regular diet like they’ll eat you know breakfast lunch dinner
I just eat supper with them we homeschool and our schedules are all
kind of different like we’re not all sitting down to breakfast we’re not all
sitting down for lunch so they don’t like miss that you know like we never
just all sat down for breakfast and all sat down for lunch now we do all sit
down for supper all at the same time no device is on no TV on we sit down we eat
supper together so yeah so that’s what we do okay let’s see uh white and gray
how long is your eating window so I sit down and I eat supper and then when I
stand up from the table I’m done and I start fasting again so
that’s probably like a 23 hour fast one hour eating or maybe even like 23 and a
half hour fast 30 minutes of eating I don’t time my dinners wth my family
we just sit there and we talk and we eat and it’s relaxed so I don’t stress about
it it’s just I eat supper and then I’m done let’s see when the open your eating
window okay so since we’re almost an hour we’ll start wrapping up let’s see
when I opened my eating window I’m very cold for approximately
minutes well or immediately after I finished eating is this normal
I’ve never had that happen Judy um very cold huh I don’t know I think I have
always experienced kind of opposite I don’t know if you’re concerned about it
or you know I always say if you ever have weird symptoms talk to your doctor
about it but I’ve never experienced that so uh let’s see MNAT NAT love all your
videos thank you for taking the time out for doing this oh well thank you for telling
your friends I appreciate that did you see you Natalie did you say
you’ve started with intermittent fasting six days a week okay so that’s what I do
Natalie like my plan is i intermittent fast or I do OMAD rather which is a
specific type of intermittent fasting so I just eat one meal a day and that’s
Monday through Saturday that’s how I’m eating Sunday I take the day off from
fasting I just eat breakfast lunch dinner whatever I want however much I want
snacks everything and so and that’s how I’ve been doing it when I’ve been losing
weight so January 2016 to November 2016 that’s when I lost down from like 205
down to like 155 157 or so and then and then I started again doing Oh mad in
September of 2017 up until this point so all right hi from France oh hi from
America you’ve been on a low-carb diet since January first
OMAD since May all all in all have you lost 50 pounds wow that’s awesome
you’re loving OMAD you know some I’ve noticed some up and down scheme lately
and any advice I think you mean your weight is kind of like going up and down
and yeah that that happens to me all the time like my weight fluctuates and I
always do the seven day average so I take my I’ve got it in a spreadsheet
that calculates it automatically and you can like I have that on my website and you just all you have to do is put
in your weights and so that calculates my seven-day average and that keeps me
on a more even keel it really shows me am i trending down or you know am I
really plateauing or am i trending up and to me that tells me more so let’s
see funny normally at 3 I’m ravenous watching your vids I’m glad it helps distract
you anything anything to keep yourself busy right yeah
stuffing yourself Susanna when it’s social situations I’m so glad I’m not
the only one uh do you get hungry in your fasting window when you’re
exercising I don’t crafty crafter um I tend to not
feel hungry all I mean there are times where I will feel hungry and that’s
actually the video recorded today all about hunger and intermittent fasting
kind of my experiences with it but um yeah I I don’t feel hunger on a
day-to-day basis as far as like oh I’m so hungry right now usually I’m pretty
hot and sweaty so I’m not I’m not that hungry afterwards uh oh hi let’s see all
right Albert gosh man we had so many questions okay
Albert I think you’ll be the last one since your weight loss is so slow right
now do you think if you were to go back to eating three meals a day healthy of
course would you start to gain weight again
that’s a good question something I’ve wondered about too like at this point if
I just went back to eating three meals a day because my relationships with food
are better now and because I’m not a stress eater anymore but see that’s the
thing would I return to being a stress eater that does kind of question for me
it’s always so easy for me to justify my head you know like oh well you know one
Apple that won’t hurt you know that one little bite that won’t hurt uh so I
don’t know I mean it’s one of those things I’ll probably experiment with it
just to kind of see but I don’t know okay Oh Jackie a real quick typical meal
and portion sizes oh gosh I eat everything
um portion sizes I do try to keep it on a I think it’s called it like it’s a
nine inch plate I think that’s right anyway it’s a smaller plate I do you do
that just because I noticed when I had a huge plate I would tend to just eat
until I felt stuffed and and uncomfortable so oh and congratulations
on being down 25 pounds crafty crafter
okay all right I wish I had time to answer all these questions but you know
what an hour I think we should probably stop it here because you guys have been
great and we actually have dinner plans with some people so anyway thank you for
joining me I’m sorry if I didn’t get to your question I’ll try to either answer
in the next video or respond in the comments I think I’ll be able to see
them in the little backend of YouTube so anyway thank you for watching you can

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  2. Thanks for this live session! I'm learning more for every video I watch with you! A question – could you add the live comments to the video (after the live) so that if you miss the end I can catch up later? Other channels I follow do that and it's very helpful. Take care and continue the good work, Susanna

  3. You’ve probably answered this some where on your channel or website, but do you drink a lot of water? I’m from Ga too!! Eastman-but live and work in Dublin now. 😁

  4. It's sooooo easy doing Keto ESPECIALLY since you do OMAD. lol. You're 98% there! Wow just don't eat carbs besides veggies, add some healthy fat and moderate protein. Simple as 123

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  6. KETO is easy – people over think it. OMAD is easy – people over think it. Enjoy your videos. Change is easy – don’t over think it.

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