“I’m Running Out of Time” | My 600-lb Life

“I’m Running Out of Time” | My 600-lb Life

I hope that my mom
can lose the weight and become healthy and
become a human again. And I told her I will
do anything for her to stay on track. If that means I have
to lock every cabinet when I leave the house, I will
do it because I need my mom. I don’t think I can keep
going if I lose my mom, but I also don’t think I would
know what to do with my life because my life revolves
around taking care of my mom. I love my mom. My mom is my best friend, but
I can’t handle it anymore. I would love my mom
to feel happy again. I just want her to have all
the things that she had before like standing for a long time. She loved cooking, but
now she can’t really cook. So I would love her to
have that freedom again. I know I’m
running out of time, and I can’t keep
going like this, but knowing that still
doesn’t stop me because when the cravings come and I
have to have what I want, it’s all I can think about. I don’t think about
how I’m going to die and how I’m going to leave
my girls without a mother if I don’t stop. But I can’t let that happen,
so I know and believe there has to be a way
for me to get help.

100 thoughts on ““I’m Running Out of Time” | My 600-lb Life

  1. The daughters are do strong. It must be hard on them having to worry about their mum. I hope she turns it around for them and herself.

  2. If you look at pictures of Americans in the 1800's they are all thin. The difference was there was no welfare back then. If you didn't get off your butt and work, you starved to death. There were no cars so most had to walk a dozen miles a day or saddle a horse which takes a lot of effort.

  3. First not should judge this women! She by what she said had a inner problem which she is filling with food. Something happened in her life to cause this. First she needs counseling, and so do her daughters. Until she gets to the root of the deep seed issue of why she eats, and craves like that. She will continue to be out of control. She also my have a medical problem so she needs to see a doctor and a mental health professional. I am sharing this because I have been in her shoes. I weighted 700 pounds and I now have lose a lot I weigh in now 320. She needs help. I pray she gets it as well as her beautiful daughter's who should not be caring for her. This touches my heart because I have been where she is and it's a lonely, sad, depressive place. Please get help!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry to Say but That is SOOO F…… Selfisf🤬Think About the kids. I Feel so so sad for Those Kids💔😢 and now Because of her they need Help themself🤬 in Many ways💔😢 If She dont Change it now the kids Will be in the same situation in a few years and With out a Mother💔💔💔

  5. I think the saddest thing is that the daughters are also obese because all they have known is unhealthy eating habits

  6. I love how there's so many judgemental people in the comments. Until you've been you can't understand although you may think you do. The daughters will see a very big difference when they stop catering to their mom and when she is going overboard everytime saying something about it in a loving respectful way. She will get angry,she will get frustrated,but she will also have to frnd for herself which she won't want to do in return will cut the intake dow significantly and she will also get tired of hearing her kids reminding her of hhow bad all this is and she will trust me she will cut back just because she doesn't want to listen to it anymore. After awhile she will see a change especially moving around to get her own things. It might take some time,some tears and some yelling but it's how you help her live. Speaking from experience. My daughter saved my life doing this.

  7. Then why are you still giving her food?? You can give him vegetables with a sauce… She will get diabetes😕😕

  8. Why is this a show? Mother of God…..look what she's eating!! Does this woman receive money for playing this part? Morbid!

  9. I'm 75 pounds overweight I have never eaten a box of brownies in my life. If I don't watch what I eat i can weigh 300 pounds

  10. I don't see no man or father figure around the house.. maybe that's why the mom is eating herself to death….. depressed

  11. Her motivation should be her daughter's and figure out what works best for her. This show I see a lot of myself. I finally had to say enough is enough and figure it out on my own. I'll never go back where I started from.

  12. “I will do anything to keep her on track”
    Hands her a huge box of brownies 😂😂😂 TLC WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE???

  13. Bro is she literally eating a whole box of brownies??? Then it’s so sad to see the daughter watching her looking like she wants to cry

  14. Sitting there eating a tray of brownies! Yeah, mom doesn’t care about herself or kids. They all need an intervention. 😞

  15. Running out of time!! Running out of a giant brownie tray.. omg… close your mouth please and the nicotine patch is probably not helpful at all

  16. Well maybe they should both lose the weight and show they can do it. If you want her to lose weight, you should stop giving it to her. Also stop doing the same thing to yourself

  17. The daughters are also seriously overweight. If they really want to help their mother, they have to start with themselves. I don't see this cycle breaking easily especially when the kids are also reaching morbid obesity.

  18. no she didn’t just eat a whole box of brownies 🙄.. i ain’t gone lie they looked good I’d probably eat them too😂im not that big so I’ll be fine.

  19. If she enable to get her own food ,why doesn't she bring her a salad or put her food in another room and make her walk to get it ,,live with me you'll be thin in no time

  20. The red head daughter is very pretty. But you can tell she's getting heavy as well. I know myself losing weight is hard mentally.

  21. She really eating from a pan of brownies 🤦🏽‍♂️ I'm a fatass and I ain't never do no shit like that but then again I never weighed more then 350 in my life back in the day lml

  22. I don't understand why people enable them. They have a choice to not give them a box of brownies. You know? If they get mad if someone hands a carrot? What are they going to do? Run after them? 😐

  23. When are they going to show how aggressive and violent these obese people get when the food is not handed over?

  24. Her youngest daughter looks like an adorable pumpkin 😂 THE eldest gave HER MOM A BOX OF BROWNIES FROM PIZZA HUT HELLO?

  25. Those daughters are so sweet, and the Mum is so selfish. ▪▪ right after she stopped eating, you can see the pain and shame on her face. 💔

  26. This not just an individuals problem this a family problem. The daughter's are obese as well. How can you let children be responsible and care for their mother. Mum maybe needs to step up and be a Hero to your children. Not letting do kids things is robbing them of a childhood and a life of their own besacus she wants to live like this and have now passed on unhealthy habits. Selfish really.

  27. I’ve watched all these episodes and the enablers piss me off just as much as the gluttons. Most if not all of them are on disability and eating off of my tax dollars! I would like that to stop because I do not want to enable this insane decadent behavior. Some of them I have sympathy for but most of them I don’t because their attitudes are like giant babies screaming to be fed and wiped and washed. I love the stories where it is a success and the person fights their demons and wins but I hate the ones where they just keep stuffing and stuffing and blaming everyone else but themselves. The enablers especially the adult ones are always afraid of getting into an argument with said glutton so in order to avoid the confrontation they just give in and give the glutton what they demand. I’d be like, “what you gonna do about it? Get out of that bed and chase me? Nice. I’d like to see you try.” And then I’d slam the door in their face and bring them a healthy meal and if they didn’t eat it they could do what they say they’re always doing, starving.

  28. Bethany: "I will do anything for her to stay on track"
    Also Bethany: Hands container of Brownies

    Edit: Who the hell cries about their 600-lb Mother dying when they are also feeding her a fricking Texas-sized tray of Brownies

  29. Really!!! A box of brownies. You have such a young child too! Sadly both of her girls are following in her foot steps.

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