IM HAVING A STRAIGHT UP CRISIS- My weight loss Journey 😱😱😱

IM HAVING A STRAIGHT UP CRISIS- My weight loss Journey 😱😱😱

hey guys back with another video today
I’m answering a question from a person who’s having a straight-up crisis okay I
know this lady that’s in my juicing group I have a juicing page I wouldn’t
call the group it’s a page that I turned into a group quite some time ago and she
did attend a juice cleanse good for her and so she gradually she broke her fast
you know correctly she gradually went into eating watermelon a lot of fruits
that had a lot of water content in it she did the prune soak the prunes
overnight drank the juice first ate the prunes and then once she ate the prunes
if she could go to the bathroom after consuming them that she’d be okay
everything worked out fine so then she had her watermelon and her juicy fruits
she broke the fast also with a juice which is the best way to break a fast is
with a fresh cold-pressed juice I don’t need Tropicana from the store but if
you’re gonna break your fast with fresh juice that you squeezed from home with a
citric juicer squeeze there or whatever so to make a long story short she let
four or five days go by and she was still eating the fruits in heaven the
liquids and on that fifth day she had a meal she said she woke up the next
morning she was 10 pounds up so the question that she had for me was how
could she have gained 10 pounds in one day and I’m going to tell you and I’m
gonna back I told her when people are on extended fast or when there are weight
loss journeys and say you finished the journey and now you’re gradually maybe
adding foods that you like too into your own regiment you do not gain
ten pounds in one day you have to reevaluate what you’re
pretty putting in your system because whatever it is that you’re putting in
your system is either process or it has salt and it has sugar in it and that is
what caused this young lady to swell up and that’s the only thing that caused
this lady to swell up and it’s not because she gained ten pounds of what
she lost back it’s water retention and water retention could last from one to
five hours to one to five days that’s if you’re not putting on top of the already
severe water retention in the body more of those foods that foods that caused it
in the first place you have to be mindful when your body is sensitive
because of the fact that you were doing something you know a different way and
which is you know in her case she was cleansing the body then you’re adding
solid foods into the program you have to watch your sodium intake and you also
have to watch your sugar intake especially if it’s processed sugars you
know it’s not like you cut up a pineapple and put it in a bowl and had
that as a snack if you go to the store and buy dul in the can chopped up it’s
going to be a different kind of a sweetener because you know they add
sweetness to make the pineapple sweeter you know because nobody would want to
buy it if it wasn’t sweet so just be really mindful that when doing a fast
when you start to eat Sall foods that’s the nature of the beast there is a small
chance that you will gain some water retention and it can last up to
one two five days then in some cases ten days and also in some cases you can have
water retention from one time to uh all the way up to 20 pounds of water you
know I look at water retention as to me shocking the body because it was doing
good in the sense of the detoxification from the juice cleanse that she had did
and then when she went back to eating she went back to her old way of eating
which of course is processed salt in sugar and this is how she blowed it up
and you have to be drilled from careful how you break your fast because you can
really shock the body in a bad way everyone’s body is different and
everyone gets affected to it differently and you can get yourself sick you know
I’m saying shock in the body like that and I’m talking about going to the
hospital sick so be very mindful of what you put in your system after you break a
fast so I’m gonna follow what with her but I think the way a person breaks the
fast is very crucial to how they’re going to go back eating when they’re
eating solid foods again so you got to keep that in mind what you do when you
break your fast is ultimately how you probably eat after the fast and if you
broke it not so good you probably will eat bad foods again and it’d be like a
recurrent cycle of the ups and the downs of weight loss because you didn’t learn
anything from that detox that you did so with all that being said please
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see you guys in the next video bye for now

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  1. I agree. It can be very hard to change your eating habits. Fasting and juicing alone may not change it that easily. We get so addicted to the processed foods, sugars and even just the convenience of certain foods. It's hard. I am going through a long process of weightloss at the moment and once I'm about where I want to be, I will seriously need to work on changing my habits.

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