I Tried Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes for 24 Hours!

I Tried Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes for 24 Hours!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and today, I am going to be eating only
the recommended serving size for all of my meals, and all of my snacks. I’ve seen this video trend going around a little bit lately. I saw Tiffany Ma do it, her video was, like, super interesting. And so I thought it would
be interesting for me to see how recommended
serving sizes compare to, like, my personal eating habits, and how I feel at the end of the day. Right now, I don’t count Calories at all, I really try to focus on intuitive eating. So not overeating, but also
not restricting myself. Like, I really try to focus
on how foods make me feel. And just thinking about
food as fuel for my body and how it can satisfy my body. So when I’m portioning
my food on a normal day, I just kind of eyeball
it based on two things. First, like, how hungry am I? How much of this food
do I need to satisfy me? And, two, how has this specific food made me feel in the past? So if I’m super hungry and I have a bag of Hot
Cheetos in front of me, probably not the best idea. Because in the past, if I eat
an entire bag of Hot Cheetos, I don’t feel the best. So, instead what I might do
is eat something healthier, like maybe, you know,
peanut butter and celery. Get more full and then, you know, have a little bowl of
Hot Cheetos at the end. ‘Cause we love Hot Cheetos. Some people like to
count Calories and macros and pay a lot of attention to those recommended serving sizes. Personally, I don’t. But, you know, different
strokes for different folks. Whatever you need to do to make your body and your mind feel healthy and happy. So I think is gonna be interesting
for today, I’m excited. So first thing I need to
do is make my breakfast. (upbeat music) So I have, like three
or four breakfast dishes that I kind of cycle through. Today I’m just gonna have
a bagel and cream cheese. Usually I will eat both halves of a bagel, which, I don’t know if it
says, it’s like a whole bagel or half a bagel is a serving. Okay, it says, oh cool! Okay, five servings per
container, serving size one bagel. So I get to eat the whole bagel. For the cream cheese, it says serving size is
two tablespoons, 31 grams. So I got a kitchen scale. So we can measure out 31 grams and see exactly how much that is. (upbeat music) (beeping) Bagel has toasted, I’ll
let that cool for a second before I put on the cream cheese. I was just taking my
vitamins for the morning. I feel like I literally have so many pills that I take in the morning now. ‘Cause I take B12, I take
a fish oil supplement, I take a hair, skin, and nails supplement, and then, now I’m taking
pre-natal vitamins. If you haven’t seen that
video on my vlog channel where I talk about why I am starting them, I will put a card for that right there. Time to get my bagel. All right, 31 grams of cream cheese. (upbeat music) Okay, but that’s literally
like the perfect amount. I guess Philadelphia cream
cheese is very realistic about a serving size. I feel like some companies just make these super, super tiny, unrealistic serving sizes, just so that they can say, like, “Oh one serving’s only 100 calories.” It’s like, “Yeah, well one
serving is one bite.” (laughs) This is a legitimate
serving of cream cheese. This is probably almost exactly what I would have put on my bagel if I was just eyeballing it. I feel like there’s a fine balance with bagel to cream cheese ratio. Like, you don’t want too much where the cream cheese is overpowering. But, it needs to cover, like
the whole front of the bagel. Now on with my day. Oh man, I got cream cheese
everywhere. (laughs) (upbeat music) I am out and about, filming another video. And, I’m gettin’ pretty hungry. My stomach is startin’
to get the grumblies. But, I’m not gonna be home for about another hour, hour and a half. So, I’m thinking I will stop at like a gas station
or something real quick and just grab a quick little snack, like a bag of chips or something. And that’ll be interesting, too. Because I feel like those kind of, like convenience store snacks, are notorious for coming up with the most ridiculous serving sizes. Ooh, maybe I will get Hot Cheetos. I talked about Hot Cheetos in the intro and ever since then I’ve
been, like mm, Hot Cheetos. (laughs) It says in this bag that a
serving size is 21 Cheetos. So three and a half servings in this bag. I feel like I usually, if
I get one of these bags, I like eat half of it and
then have the other half the next day or a couple days later. So I would say there’s like
more than one serving size in my mind, but not three and a half. I wanna see what the
other ones say though. Like what does Doritos say? Doritos says about three, 11
chips, 11 Doritos is a serving. (laughs) Ooh, what about my favorite chips, outside of like Hot Cheetos, are like the sea salt and vinegar chips. Here they are. These ones, let’s see. It says one serving is one bag. That is, to me, a normal serving. I would probably eat this
whole bag as a snack, maybe give a few chips to
Stephen if he was here. That, to me, seems realistic. This, not as much. I also really like these,
like peanut Perfect Bars, as an on-the-go thing. This actually might sound better right now than just having 21 Cheetos. ‘Cause like I said, I’m pretty hungry. Okay, one bar is one
serving, 330 Calories. That’s, again, realistic. I’m pretty sure Cheetos only says that a serving is 21 Cheetos so that they can put the big
170 right there for Calories. So that people who are
concerned with counting Calories will just pick up the bag
and maybe not pay attention to how much is actually in a serving and just think that these are healthier or lower Calorie than they actually are. I would rather just have it say how much a realistic serving is. Maybe like say there’s
two servings in this bag. And that each serving is
whatever 170 times, like 1.75 is. (laughs) You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get the
Cheetos, have one serving, and I’m also gonna get
the peanut Perfect Bar. Because that will actually,
like satisfy my hunger. All right, so let’s count
out my serving of Cheetos. I have my plate from
eating my bagel in the car. It has some leftover sesame seeds on it, but, you know, good enough. Okay, let’s do this. One, two, three. (speeding video squeaking) 21, behold my very satisfying
serving of Hot Cheetos. I would probably eat about
double this as a snack. I maybe took out, I think I took out less
than a third of the bag, there’s quite a bit left. So, I’m gonna eat this. I’ll eat my bar, drink some water. This combined with the bar
will definitely be enough to hold me over until lunch. But it is kinda funny. Like what you think is a serving size, actual recommended serving size. (gentle upbeat music) (upbeat music) So, for lunch today, I am
going to have a Beyond patty. Just the, like burger patty, not actually like make a burger out of it. And some carrots and hummus. This is like a very normal lunch for me because I work from home. But, also I don’t have,
like a ton of time to cook. Because I usually just take like a 45 minute-ish lunch break. The Beyond Burger, I just have one patty. I’m assuming that’s what a serving is. Yes, it says servings per container, two, and there’s two patties. Serving size is one patty, 250 Calories. Like I said, I don’t really
look at Calories, like ever. But, I guess that’s probably
lower than I would’ve guessed. And then carrots and
hummus is something I, like my serving size and my
portions vary so much with this. Sometimes, if I just want a little snack, I’ll make a little, tiny
plate of carrots and hummus with, like maybe five or six carrots and a little dollop of hummus. But carrots and hummus is also something that, like I could literally
eat for the entire day and feel great, and feel
energetic and fueled. So I will eat, like an entire
meal of carrots and hummus and then I will just make,
like a monster plate. But since I’m having
the Beyond Burger, too, I don’t need that much. So, let’s see, a serving size, there’s 11 servings per
container of carrots. Serving size is 85 gram or three ounces. I’m really glad I thought
to buy the kitchen scale. I didn’t know how much I
would actually be using it. But thank goodness. And then the hummus, let’s see, is, there’s 10 servings per container. One serving is two
tablespoons or 28 grams. (upbeat music) Got it! I had to break this carrot in
half to get exactly 85 grams. But this is I guess what a
serving of carrots looks like. (upbeat music) Oh, that is already too much, okay. It’s a lot less than I would’ve
thought with the hummus. 22 grams, 31 grams, 28 grams. So that is one serving of hummus. It also said two tablespoons. In my mind that is a lot
less than two tablespoons, that’s like maybe a tablespoon
and a half, one tablespoon. So I definitely would’ve
given myself more hummus on a normal day. But I’ll just have to ration
it amongst the carrots. All right, I’m going to munch on this while I make my Beyond Burger. On a normal day, I probably
would’ve given myself a couple more carrots and
quite a bit more hummus. But, since I’m also having
the Beyond Burger for lunch, this is, like (crunching) perfectly fine. My burger is almost done and I just came to a very sad revelation. I have to do the suggested
serving size of ketchup, too. I am a condiment queen, I love ketchup. I probably use, I’m gonna guess three or
four times the serving size of ketchup when I eat a Beyond Burger. I just love ketchup. What can I say, your
girl digs a dipping pile. Comment down below if you’re also someone
who needs a dipping pile. It says a serving size is
one tablespoon or 17 grams, which is gonna be half
of what I had in hummus. Hopefully, ketchup is lighter than hummus and it’s actually more, let’s see. Burger is good to go. Now let’s get 17 grams of ketchup. (squirting) (upbeat music) 10, 18, there’s my dipping pile. So here is my recommended
serving size of ketchup. It’s honestly more than
I would’ve thought. But, honestly, I probably
would’ve put double that on the plate. Well, I’ve got a couple carrots left, a little bit of hummus, and my Beyond Burger, and
small dipping pile of ketchup. – [Announcer] A few moments later. – All right, I’m like
halfway through my burger and already done with all my ketchup. I guess I didn’t do a very good job of rationing out my ketchup I did a good job with the hummus. The ketchup, not so much. (upbeat music) Stephen is on his way home from work. I was just gonna make us, like simple pasta with red sauce tonight and a little kale salad on the side. And this is gonna be interesting because pasta is one of those things that I feel like I
probably, just guessing, I probably eat, like two servings of. I love pasta, it’s delicious. And it’s one of those things
that you don’t realize how filling it is until,
like 20 or 30 minutes after you finish eating. So I do think it’s
something that I kind of, like over-portion sometimes. So it’ll be good to see how much the recommended serving size is. Okay, so pasta, red sauce, kale salad. So let’s start with the pasta. Actually I should put on the water first. So pasta, it says dry is
three quarters of a cup or 56 grams, eight servings per container. So since it’s both Stephen and
I, I need to do double that, which is 112, math! (laughs) So this right here is 56 grams
of pasta, so one serving dry. And then we’ll bring it up to
112 for both of us, perfect. Yeah, this does not look
like that much pasta for two servings. I mean, maybe it’ll look
significantly bigger once it’s cooked. But I would probably make
double this for Stephen and I for a normal dinner. This pasta sauce, though, looks like a lot in a recommended serving. It says five servings per container and a serving is a half cup. I feel like that, for me
I just don’t really like that much sauce on my pasta. So that sounds like a lot of sauce for the amount of pasta
going along with this in the serving. But maybe I’m wrong. I’ll measure it out, we’ll cook it, we’ll put it all together. And we have the kale salad. This is the Sweet Kale,
chopped salad from Sprouts. This is my personal favorite of, like the pre-packaged
salads that they have. Stephen and I will usually split this, either as, like a full dinner
if we’re not that hungry, or alongside something else, like pasta, like a cauliflower pizza. This says that there is
three and a half servings in the bag. So that means Stephen
and I are usually eating about 1.75 servings each. So with two of us, two servings, we will be eating just
over half of this bag. So we’ll have to save the rest. I’ll probably have the rest for, like lunch tomorrow or something. But again with my intuitive eating, this salad is something that
makes me feel really good. I have literally eaten,
like this entire package for lunch one time. Because, like I was really hungry. And this is something
that makes me feel good. So instead of just, like
making something else to go along with it, I literally
just ate this entire salad. Which, apparently, is three
and a half servings. (laughs) (upbeat music) All right, I’m feelin’ a little bamboozled by the salad company so
we’re gonna do an experiment. So there’s supposed to be
three and a half servings in that container. And it says that each serving
is one cup or 100 grams. So on the scale, I measured out. This one ended up being 99 grams. And this one ended up being 102 grams. But the amount of salad
left in the big bowl, ’cause I mixed it all, does not look like a serving and a half. Like am I wrong? That does not look like it
would be a serving and a half. So let’s measure it out. I’ve got another bowl. I’m gonna put the remainder
of the salad in this bowl. And we will measure on the kitchen scale to see how many servings
actually came in this bag. I’m scooping the last bits into this bowl. And it should equal 150. All right, so they did short us, but not as badly as I thought. What’s left is 120 grams,
which is 1.2 servings left. We’re supposed to have
1.5, which is, like fine, like that’s an acceptable margin of error. They’re not gonna be able to
package the exact same amount in every single salad package. But that also brings
up another good point, which is you don’t know
exactly how much is in your container. This pasta thing says
it has eight servings. But maybe it actually has
more like eight and a half, maybe it has more like seven. It’s hard to actually know. Because even if you just,
you know, eyeball it and say, “Okay, there’s three and a half servings “of salad in this container.” So you portion it out, like
about three and a half times, you might end up short,
you might have extra, you don’t know exactly
how much you’re getting. I just thought that was interesting. But I will say, the amount of salad in a portion seems totally
normal for a side salad. And look who it is, hello, hello. – What up? – You ready for dinner? – Yep, me and my hat hair
are ready for dinner. (laughing) – [Sierra] Exactly one
serving size of pasta and one serving size of red sauce. Nice hat, where can we get it? – Click and buy in the thing below. – [Sierra] (laughing) Sure,
good enough, thecurvycrew.com – And thecurvycrew.com. – [Sierra] But, yes, one
serving size of pasta with one serving size of red sauce. I think the amount of sauce
in a serving is way too much for the amount of pasta. Gotta bring mine. And one serving size of
that kale salad we like. – Oh, it’s actually pretty generous. – [Sierra] At first I thought
it wasn’t gonna be that much because it said there were
three and a half servings in that bag and we usually split it. But we usually eat that
as like our full dinner. – Yeah.
(dog barking) – [Sierra] So that with pasta,
it’s a perfectly fine amount for a side salad, I think. Bruiser is very jealous. You’re so jealous of the pasta, huh?. – [Stephen] She’s saying, “Mommy, give me three
servings of dog food.” – [Sierra] (laughing) Yeah,
should I give her one serving of her dog food? – [Stephen] Bon appetit, girls. – Stay in your lane, Bella,
stay with your serving. So far throughout the day,
I’ve felt pretty satisfied. But I will say I ate a little
bit more frequently today than I usually do. I think because of the
smaller portion sizes. Like having the Hot Cheetos
and the protein bar, those were kind of, like extra things that I wouldn’t normally
eat during the day. But my breakfast was super normal, my lunch was a little bit less with the carrots and hummus than usual, and my dinner, overall I would say is probably gonna fill me up
a little bit less than usual. On a normal day I would’ve
either just eaten, like half of this salad
as my entire dinner or that with, like a slice
of cauliflower pizza. Or a lot more pasta. And that would’ve just been my whole meal. But I think I’m gonna be satisfied enough with both the salad and the pasta. (upbeat music) All right, last thing
before I wrap up my day, wrap up this video. Survivor is on tonight,
which is my favorite show. And I love to chill out on the
couch, on a Wednesday night, with either, like a beer or a White Claw, or some sort of snack, sometimes both if I’m
feelin’ a little crazy. But my favorite snack for
watching any sort of TV, but Survivor specifically, is popcorn. We have a popcorn popper, ta-da, where I will just get,
like the raw kernels and then I will do the little turny-turny, melt some butter, put some salt and some
nutritional yeast on it, and, ooh girl, it is so freaking good. But it’s hard to portion just, like loose kernels of popcorn. So, when I went to the store yesterday, I bought just pre-popped, bagged popcorn. This one is Skinny Pop, which
I thought was kind of ironic. Since the whole video is
about recommended serving size and this one is literally
called Skinny Pop and advertising being, like
a lower Calorie option. We’ll see if the serving sizes
are just ridiculously small, like the Cheetos ones. And that’s how they
get you by saying that, “Oh, this is, like healthier popcorn.” So it says in this whole bag, there is four and a half
servings, one serving is 28 grams. And that serving would be 150 Calories. Also, I was just about to
start putting it in the bowl, and I just noticed it says right here, “39 Calories per cup.” A cup is not a serving. A serving is 150 Calories,
which is three and a half cups. It’s not really false advertising, but it is misleading, I would say. If you were just glancing at this on, like the supermarket shelves, and you were someone who
was counting Calories and was really paying
attention to serving sizes, this would be a little
disappointing when you got it home and you realize that 39 Calories per cup does not mean 39 Calories per serving. All right, popcorn is pretty light so I think 28 grams is actually, like gonna be a decent amount. ‘Cause that’s only seven grams. (laughs) Oh, perfect. I’m also gonna put some of
the nutritional yeast on it. It says that one serving is
nine grams or one tablespoon. So we’ve gotta reset this. And let’s see how much I
can get for my nine grams. That’s a lot of nutritional yeast. That’s way more than I would use. ‘Kay, eight grams, oh,
nope, I’m a little bit over. One gram over. All right, I’m gonna
make Stephen a bowl, too. He’s not a nutritional yeast fan. It’s like my staple. As a vegetarian, I love it, it makes everything so, like
cheesy and just delicious. And Stephen makes fun of me for putting way too much nutritional yeast in literally everything. But I would say this, one serving, is actually way more
than I would normally use on a bowl of popcorn this size. My husband. – Thank you. – You’re welcome, it’s one serving. Bella, get outta here. I would say that this is the
perfect way to end this video. With some popcorn, some nutritional yeast, my husband, and my dog. And, oh my gosh, Survivor’s
starting, turn it on. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It was really interesting for me to see how the recommended serving
size actually differs from my daily eating habits. I’m someone who, in the past,
has gotten really wrapped up in counting Calories
and exact serving sizes. And I think those can be
good tools in learning how to fuel your body and learning, kind of how food and Calories work. But I think what’s really
important at the end of the day is that you are making
the right choices for you to fuel your body and keep your mind and your body healthy and happy. And that might be counting
Calories for some people and that might not be for others. I think what today
really cemented for me is that it’s less about how much
the serving size says it is, it’s less about Calories, it’s more about what foods you’re eating. You know 100 Calories of Hot Cheetos and 100 Calories of carrots are not going to make
me feel the same way. But also there can be room
for both of those things in my diet and in my lifestyle. I think I’ve gotten to the
point for the first time in my life, like ever, where food isn’t ruling my
life and ruling my headspace. I’m able to enjoy foods that
I like without feeling guilty while still keeping the
idea of food as fuel at the forefront of my mind. Which has really changed the
way that I interact with food. And I think about dieting and Calories. So just make sure that
you’re doing whatever is best for you to keep your body and
your mind healthy and happy. Because at that end of the
day, that is what matters. And with that, I’m gonna end the video. Be confident, be kind to your body. And I will see you guys on
Tuesday with another video. It’s actually a Halloween costumes video that I am way too excited about. So, I’ll see you then, bye. (upbeat music)

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  20. Great vid, thank you for sharing your experiment. I need to do this, I never do. I have a scale. I have no excuse.

  21. Prenatal vitamins PLUS a hair skin and nails vitamin is really setting you up for vitamin toxicity. There is such thing as taking too much. And loading vitamins to make up for lack of nutritional foods is not a good idea either. If you added healthy foods to evey meal, such as fresh veggies and fruits you would naturally increase your intake in a way that your body can naturally process. It is not normal for the body to take in all dosages of vitamins in 1 tiny pill (or 2) so most of the vitamins youre taking gets excreted. If you span out the vitamin intake throughout the day your body will process and absorb more and excrete less.

  22. I’m not a fan of this video idea and didn’t watch it but I’m giving it a thumbs up in support anyway! It’s a bit triggering for some of us recovering from eating disorders. Portion control, serving sizes, and calories quickly become an obsession for many of us with eating disorders and it’s one thing to be aware of them and it’s another to eat by them. Essentially this is just disordered eating for a video and it’s frustrating since I look up to Sierra so much as a curvy girl. A mental illness and it’s symptoms aren’t video ideas imo. But I still thumbed it up in support of my girl! No hate just education!

  23. I can assure you that people who count calories (me) look at the serving size and do the math to see how much is really being consumed. You can't ever trust just the calorie count.

  24. Just realized her fans are "Curvy Crew", that's absolutely precious. This is such a wholesome channel. Brings a smile to my face.

  25. You know how they have fitbits to track your steps and calorie burning? It would be great if, in the future, there was something like that which could portion out food for your particular body, based on your nutritional needs.

  26. Interesting. Some serving sizes are actually the other way around for me/us – we eat about half the serving size of rice, for example. If I make it according to package, we have to throw half away. And we have lemonade concentrate here – I think it's like liquid kool-aid? You pour a little in a glass and fill it up with water – that recommends adding one part syrup to seven parts water!! I measured it once – I do about 1:32, maybe 1:25 if I want extra sweet lemonade.

    Serving sizes make no sense.

  27. Omg! I need a dipping pile too! I thought I was the only one 😂😂 I put ketchup on my burger and on the side too

  28. I used to love ketchup until I realized how much sugar was in there. Once I stopped eating it now I can’t stand it…so weird.

  29. The thing is though, most serving sizes are based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet. I personally am trying to lose weight and usually I don’t count calories. However, a friend of mine challenged me to use the Fitness Pal app to count my calories to see how many calories I’m actually eating. For weight loss I need 1,200 calories a day. Typically I am very strict when dieting so I eat a meal replacement shake in the morning (Idea Lean Caramel Mocha protein powder), 1/2 cup Unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 of frozen sliced banana, 2-4 cups spinach (smashed down), lunch I’ll do salad with 6 Oz of chicken breast with a homemade vinaigrette dressing, dinner is veggies and some kind of protein and then for snack I’ll do a Granny Smith Apple and PB2 powder.

    When I counted my calories I wasn’t meeting 1,200, it was always around 700-900. Which would explain why I was still very hungry in the late evening, which would then cause cravings and most likely I’ll end up cheating and grabbing a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

    Anyway, my point is- if you’re trying to lose weight don’t just go by the serving sizes on processed food labels. Look up proper serving sizes for your current weight and weight loss goal, your sex, age, height and so forth. You won’t have to count calories forever, but just until you can eye ball it properly yourself and get in the necessary amounts. ❤️

  30. i'm diabetic, i don't count calories, i have to count carbs and go by serving sizes, it's not that bad, i have actually lost 20 lbs in a few months, so these serving sizes seem right to me,

  31. I noticed the kale thing with spinach. It's because of the us metric system. We assume a cup means 8 oz. Or whatever that is in grams, but they mean like a dry cup of that item not packed, so they round.

  32. I always add up the calories in the bag and say this is 1-4 servings…and decide if I want that to be in my life for the week…it’s important to plan out your food and know what you are getting involved with even an extra handful of healthy nuts can be 10 pounds at the end of a year. So that being said eat what you like…it’s just what I do, I lost half my weight. And now maintaining.

  33. serving sizes aren't meant to actually be a recommendation amount but rather a amount to use for reference to understand the amount of calories in the food. Stephanie Buttermore found that out when she researched for her video

  34. Late to the party here, but, just wanted to say (if you're able) take your vitamins at night. You'll notice a BIG difference when you wake up in the morning.

  35. Everyone has a different “diet.” My younger brother eats twice as much as me, he’s thinner than me and also a bit taller than me. I’m 5 feet 2 inches and 175 lbs (so I’m curvy 🙃) but I eat half as much as my brother. I think we just have to be mindful of what we eat and make sure we are happy and healthy ☺️

  36. Companies themselves do not decide serving sizes it is the FDA. There are common/specific servings for different types of foods and is usually based on the weight of the food (i.e. 28 grams), and then for food like chips they have to estimate roughly how many chips will weight that much. Condiments are generally 2 tbsp, yogurt is usually 170 grams, butter is 1 tbsp. Food like breakfast bars will be one serving because you will typically consume it in one sitting. As of changes in 2016 some foods have increased serving sizes because they realized that people will eat more than what was originally proposed, like the serving size for ice cream has increased from 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup.

  37. It would have been fun to see her prepare her plate before she knew the recommended serving size and then compare that to what it actually should be. Then we could really see if there was a difference to her normal portioning.

  38. i have a cousin who used to eat ketchup with EVERYTHING from cereal and ice cream to the normal stuff like meat. He finally quite when his girlfriend gave him an altimatume. Either he gives up his obsession and they can marry, or she'd leave him. He gave it up and they've been happily married 15 years.

  39. you will find that weighing stuff is more accurate. for example i bet if you had weighed out the hot cheetos it would have been less than counting them. Thats why people who track macros/calories seriously weigh almost everything. pretty interesting.

  40. I'm sorry but the popcorn bit made no sense considering a cup is less than a serving… so it would be better. How is that even misleading when the serving size is 3 1/4 cups. Thats actually great for calorie counters that it says the per cup amount. Calorie counting is not about serving size, it's about counting calories.

  41. So glad to see you using the food scale. I lost 130lbs doing nothing but weighing portions and counting calories. Have kept it off 11yrs!!

  42. You’ve just illustrated why so many people are overweight. THEY EAT TOO MUCH!! It’s all about portion control. It’s not rocket science!

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