I tried drinking CELERY JUICE for 10 days and THIS is what happened…

I tried drinking CELERY JUICE for 10 days and THIS is what happened…

– Hey guys, it’s Candice, the Edgy Veg. And today, I’m going to
do something differently. Something differently,
something different. I’m gonna do something different. I’m going to try drinking
celery juice for five days. So don’t freak out. I’m not going to just drink
celery juice for five days. I’m going to live my life
like a normal human being. I’m just going to add
a glass of celery juice to my diet every single morning and see what all the damn hype is about. (loud crunching) So if you’ve been around
the Internet at all, you know that drinking celery juice or doing celery juice cleanses
is like huge trend right now. I don’t really subscribe
to that type of eating, I just kind eat whatever I
want, I feel no guilt about it. I find that these fads,
like first it was kale, then it was cauliflower,
and now it’s celery juice, or it was juice cleanses for a while. They just kinda come and go. But I wanted to see
what the hype was about. But it has so many
fantastic health properties, I wanted to see if it actually
makes a difference in my life if I consumed a glass of
celery juice every single day. So, stick with me for the next five days while I juice mountains
of celery and consume it and watch my life change for the better. Before we get into that
though, let’s look into what some of these supposed
health benefits are for drinking celery
juice every single day. So, apparently, the research,
just says the research, doesn’t say who is researching
it or where this came from, says that there are proven
health benefits such as powerful antiinflammatory
effects due to phytosterol, phytosterol, and unidentified
polar substances. What? I don’t even know what that means. Antiinflammatory activity
against two animal models. Okay, so they tested this on animals, not very vegan of them. The antiinflammatory properties
can help with acid reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation, acne, eczema, and other inflammation issues in the body. So I have noticed lately that I think I might have
an intolerance to something. Because I get super bloated when I eat, like I just like kinda look pregnant. If it’s bread we’re gonna
have an issue, you and I. But let’s see if I have
less bloating after a week. I also suffer from acne, so
let’s see if that changes. IBS, well, I don’t
suffer from constipation. I have two great poops every single day. What else? Celery juice is high in vitamin K which promotes general
bone and heart health. I don’t really know how
I’m going to test that. So I’m going to more, maybe I’ll take a photo of
myself every day for five days and see if like my skin
changes or if, I don’t know. You know when people do
juice cleanses they’re like, “My eyes, the brights, “or the whites of my
eyes got brighter,” blah. Because of celery’s diuretic
properties, high water content, and the fact it contains
magnesium, potassium, celery may actually help those
with high blood pressure. I have very low blood pressure. Also, they do say that it’s a diuretic, so I’m going to have to drink more water to make up for the fact
that it is a diuretic. So a diuretic means that it
makes you go to the bathroom. So, I will have to drink
more water on these five days since it is a diuretic. It’s high in vitamin C which is critical for your immune system. If I get sick in the next
five days this is bullshit. So, how do we make celery juice? Do I just throw it into my juicer? I think that’s it. I think I’m going to do just
pure celery juice to start. And then maybe throughout
the week if I get bored maybe I’ll add like, I don’t know, some apples or lemon or something. I’m going to juice about
three days at a time because I just don’t
wanna take out my juicer every single morning and do it. And juice keeps for
about two to three days. So I’m going to juice two
to three days at a time, keep it in my fridge, and
then just open up my fridge and consume juice every day. It’s really the only way
that I can make this work because I am a tourist,
therefore I am lazy. And I’m not going to do this every day. Let’s make juice together. All right, I have cut
and washed my celery. Let’s start juicing. (juicer whirring) (bright music) – It’s gonna take a while. Super, super excited for this
super green, salty juice. I’m just gonna shove it there once. I can release this, well
if it’s the same time, like (juicer drowns out speaker). See how much this makes. We want it. Some important things to remember are use organic fruits and
veg when you’re juicing. Because, otherwise you’re pretty much just like putting pesticides
like right into your system. So these are all organic celery stalks. So I’m going to be broke
by the end of five days. Yeah, I think I saw
Cheap Lazy Vegan do this and her title of her video was like I Ate or I Drank Celery Juice For, I don’t remember how many
days it was, X amount of days, and Now I Can’t Pay My Rent. This is a real fear guys. Celery is about 400 milliliters of juice. I would say that’s enough for like, oh! Oh! Okay. Cool, cool. I think 400 milliliters is
enough for one day of juice. So one day of juice is
two stalks of celery. That’s good to know. All right. So we all know this about me. I have a weird thing with texture, so I like to strain all of
my juice to get any pulp out. I don’t like pulp, I hate it so much. So I’m gonna do that. You can skip this step entirely. See, I don’t like this. It gives me gross mouth feel. And then I’m gonna pour it into my jar. All right, that’s one jar. There’s probably enough for
like two more, we’ll see. Also I’m going to save all of this pulp and use it in like
smoothies or even stews, like to make veggie broth. Because I don’t want to waste it ’cause it’s really good and fibrous and you can use it and it’s good for you. And so I’m just gonna save
it to make veggie broth or for my morning smoothie. All right, let’s do day two. (upbeat music) Okay, I guess I have to start this today, so I will transfer from
one Mason jar to the other. Okay, so half a Mason jar a day. I’ve never tasted this, I have
no idea what it tastes like. I’m kinda scared, I don’t
like super green juices, so. Tastes like celery. I mean, it’s kind of just like
super strong celery water, like water with celery in it. Truly salty. I don’t enjoy it. So it’s kind of warm
because I just juiced it. So I think when it’s like
super cold it’ll be better. It doesn’t taste good. Like, I’m not enjoying this. But it’s actually a lot, wonder if I just, actually I should sip it. I was going to chug it,
but that be obnoxious. See you on day two. Okay, it’s day two of
the celery juice cleanse? No, it’s not a cleanse. Challenge? So I have my two cups, or 500 milliliters of pure celery juice. And I just made brunch for my
lovely friends after Pilates. It’s like three o’clock and it’s the first meal I’ve had today. Right, we have some tofu
scramble and some tempeh bacon, fresh raspberries, avocado
toast with mushrooms, onions, and tempeh bacon on top. And of course, the celery juice. I don’t know if you’re
supposed to drink it on an empty stomach or not. – [Ryan] You are now. – Well, I’ll drink this first, then eat. I don’t know about that. – [Ryan] Drink, chug, chug, chug. – Mm-mm mm mm. There will be no chugging. It’s a lot more palatable when it’s cold, like right out of the fridge. I don’t know if you’re
supposed to do that. I don’t know if it’s good
for you or bad for you, but it tastes a lot better. It’s very refreshing. It’s kinda like summer. Or being at the spa. Yeah, it’s really salty. It’s like really, really salty. Oh, and I noticed this morning
that I had to pee a lot. Like my first morning pee
was like five minutes long. – [Ryan] Was it green? – It was a very diuretic-y color. – [Ryan] So healthy? (motorcycle engine roaring) It was a healthy– – It sounded like that. (laughing) No, it was not a healthy color. – [Ryan] Oh. – Like it was like deep. Hello friends, it is day three? Is it day three? – [Ryan] Yep. – That’s Ryan back there. I am, I am just pouring
my celery juice into here. I have my straw. I’m gonna drink this celery juice. I keep forgetting about it so I’m doing it like
midway through the day. I was out antiquing today
with a friend of mine and I should be drinking this
while I’m talking to you, and like it was so nice out. Look at how nice it is in Toronto. It’s like the first nice
day with sun that we’ve had in like weeks, months. You haven’t even been here,
so how would you know? – You should– – Months for sure. I’m also plant-sitting
for a friend of mine. So let me show you what my
updated apartment looks like. This is also tomorrow’s juice. It’s getting, the more
days it sits in my fridge the stronger it gets, so that’s fun. I am plant-sitting for
my friend who’s moving. So I have all these plants, which I love. I don’t think I’m going
to give them back to him. Because they just look so good in here. Leave a comment below if you
think I should steal these and keep them from my friend. There’s so many of them. There’s a bunch down there too. And it matches my decor so well. Well, other than the boobs here. I really like these ones ’cause you can see all their little roots. I am regrowing a bunch
of these little vines so I can hang them. But yeah, so my place looks bomb I think with all these plants. It looks bomb. And me trying to sit and
figure this shit out. Oh, well that’s just, only on my chest. I don’t know, do I feel any different? I’m having really good poops twice a day. Those have been great. I mean, I’m already vegan, so my poops are pretty awesome as it is. I don’t know, but they’re different. (laughing) I don’t know, they’re great, they’re even better than they were before. Actually, I don’t know if this
is a thing that can happen or if it’s, I’m just
having a good week or what. But I feel like my skin
is starting to look a little bit different. But, that could just be
because I haven’t, actually, I have been wearing a lot of makeup. I don’t know, I don’t know if my skin’s getting clear or not. But it feels like it is. I could just be having a
good week skin-wise though. And I’m taking my makeup off, which I don’t always do every day. ‘Cause I’m lazy. I do it most days though. Do I have any more energy? I don’t think so. I think the combination of this and also I have been cutting
down on my alcohol consumption. I just feel like lighter in
my brain and more hydrated. Because I’m drinking so much celery juice and it’s a diuretic, I’m
also upping my water content. So I think it’s a couple different things that are happening here that
are making me feel good. I don’t think it’s just the celery juice. We’ll see. That’s about all I have to report. And I’m going to go edit
some photos and drink this. (upbeat music) Today’s breakfast is
tofu scramble Florentine, half an avocado, some
fried Tofurky and tomatoes. Nom. Let’s get a feel of the room right now. – Are these clean? Are these clean? – I don’t know. So it’s day four. There’s like 30 people
at my place as always. – Mom.
– Okay, we’re in the car. – Hi.
– Hi. – You did not just call me mom. I am still drinking my celery juice, but we are taking Ryan to
his Invisalign appointment. – ‘Cause we are his parents apparently. – Mm-hmm. This one was larger. Yesterday I only had 500 mills. – Why did it separate? I don’t understand it. Should it not just like stay green? – No, like real juice– – [Ryan] Separates. – It separates. Oh, hi guys. This isn’t terrifying at all. I am just doing a little eye mask. Another day, another celery juice. Almost done, almost done,
home stretch, home stretch. I’m not really feeling
anything super different. I’m not wearing any
makeup so you guys can see like if my skin looks different or not. Again, like I said before, I also stopped drinking during this time. So my clear skin could
be because of that maybe, and like sleeping more because I’m not, and not having bad sleeps from alcohol. I’m definitely getting used
to the taste of the juice. I mean, I like the taste of
celery, I guess, in things. So it’s not like awful or anything. It’s just really salty. But I was also looking up online and I have been doing this
incorrectly this entire time. I am supposed to be doing this
first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. So from here on out, I will be doing this first thing in the morning
on an empty stomach. I mean, I haven’t really
noticed anything drastic. It’s expensive. Like this is like four stalks of celery. Like it’s expensive and
it has to be organic. So I don’t know if I’ll keep doing this. We’ll see. By the end of the 10 days or two weeks or however long I decide to do this to see if I notice anything different. And I’ll keep you posted. But I will say as a not-thirsty person, it’s really hard to drink
this amount of liquid in one sitting. Like, I just don’t drink
a lot of drinks like this that are just, I don’t
know, like in one go. Like I have my water
bottle throughout the day and it takes me all
day just to drink this. So, I’m sick. And I took a, some medication that’s making me feel temporarily okay. So, I figured I would make a bunch of food so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it for the next couple days
when I’m not feeling well. So, if nothing else, this
just made me pee a lot. It made me spend a lot of money. I really am not seeing any
benefits that I can notice. I don’t know, maybe there is. I really am not seeing any. I just have to pee a lot. So because this is acting like a diuretic, I have to actually drink more water, which I’ve been finding to be really, really difficult as well. So I just, I don’t know,
I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t recommend doing it. It’s really expensive. If you juice this for
like two to three days, by like day three it
really does not taste good. She likes to hold his
head and clean his eyes. It’s the cutest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, Harley, that’s so nice. Good morning, everybody. I just woke up and I have
to take the dogs for a walk. And then I’m going to juice
some more celery juice. Yay. I am so over this. I don’t know how people do this every day. I barely eat breakfast until like noon. Or if I eat breakfast at all. So this has been annoying. I hate it. I hate having to do something every day. (upbeat music) I rinse with the vinegar. Wash it, rub it all down. Because it’s organic
there’s a lot of dirt. And I transfer them over here. Let them drain. And then we go over here
and juice it all, again. And it’s very loud outside. ♪ Here we are again ♪ ♪ Two days of juice and
40 minutes of my time ♪ ♪ Na la la la la ♪ ♪ Not even done yet ♪ ♪ Have to do more ♪ ♪ This is so annoying ♪ ♪ And I hate it and my
camera won’t focus ♪ ♪ Oh there it is ♪ Not gonna lie, getting really
sick of the taste of this. It’s just too green for me. You know what? You know what else hydrates you? Water. I have seen no changes
to my digestive system, my skin, my energy, I’ve seen nothing. Good morning, first thing into
my belly, my celery juice. Trying to make this enjoyable for myself. I also think I’m getting sick, so this definitely didn’t
boost my immune system I don’t think. Or I just, I don’t know, I mean it didn’t prevent
me from getting sick. So that’s an interesting little tidbit. Again, I’m really not
feeling any different. In fact, if I was supposed
to feel like a superhero, I actually got sick,
so that’s interesting. Okay, guys, it is day 10. I have 10 days of juicing
celery juice and drinking it. Putting the apparent
goodness into my body. And I just wanted to give
like a quick kind of summary of my thoughts after
doing this for 10 days. First of all, I definitely
learned how expensive it is. This whole celery juice trend has really just brought
up the price of celery. So if this is something that
you want to do in your life it’s like, you have to like
budget and prioritize for this. It was $10, no $12 a day in celery for me to make celery juice. Like that’s insane. ‘Cause you have to do it organic because juicing conventional vegetables just isn’t good for you
because of all the pesticides. So right there, like if
you’re incorporating it into your wellness plan, maybe you have to drop something else. Because it’s expensive. Secondly, it’s apparently
there’s all these like amazing life-changing benefits. I did this for 10 days. Originally wanted to do it for five. Felt that I wasn’t
really noticing anything, so extended it five more
days to make it 10 days. It’s supposed to say that
it boosts your immune, or they say that it
boosts your immune system. I ended up getting sick. So if that’s the case,
I don’t think it worked. My skin, I didn’t notice
any drastic changes at all. My bowel movements were about the same. I never had issues with that before. But they remained relatively the same except for about halfway
through the challenge and then I started not being able to go to the bathroom as easily. And maybe that was like a fiber issue. I don’t know. Probably hydrating like
all these studies claim. But so is water. Like you could just drink water. What I would be concerned about is the amount of sodium
that you’re taking in if you’re drinking celery juice every day. So I’d love to see a study on that. Yeah, it just doesn’t seem
like a realistic thing, guys. It’s so expensive. I don’t think that the
benefits that I noticed, which were almost none. Yeah, I don’t know. Let me know in the comments
if you guys have tried this. Or if you are doing it let me
know your thoughts on this. Also let me know if there are other like ridiculous health trends that you want me to try and test. It was annoying to do this, but I actually love kind
of debunking these types of like health trend myth things. So if you have one that
you want me to try, except for the urine
cleanse, I will not do that. Don’t even bother commenting that. I’m not drinking my own pee for 10 days. And like who came up with that one? Anyway, leave me a comment
in the comment section below. If you’re new here hit
that subscribe button. And if you love these types of
testing like hacked recipes, or me trying out different trends, give this video a big thumbs
up and I’ll know to make more. And I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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    I increased my distilled water a couple of years ago along with changing to an organic, vegetarian diet and my health issues improved as well. I eliminated all toxic bath/body & cleaning products and my TWO DECADE LONG, low-grade fever went away. It's amazing what can happen when you remove toxins from your body and stop poisoning yourself with more toxic food/products. I wanted to try the celery juice to see if it will regulate the HCL Acid in my stomach considering I was recently diagnosed with H Pylori negative, chronic gastritis and I've suffered with Acid Reflux most of my life. I really hope it will allow me to come off Nexium before I lose my teeth and end up with osteoporosis. Stomach acid is REQUIRED in order digest food & assimilate it into nutrition so anti-acids should not be taken for an extended length of time.

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    Yes taste is important for enjoyment.

  37. It’s too bad you didn’t follow it more consistent like drinking it on a empty stomach and making it fresh everyday. I assume it looses vitamins and nutrients sitting in the fridge. Also I think if your healthy you wouldn’t notice as much of a difference but I’ve herd for people who suffer chronic illnesses or eczema, fibromyalgia etc have had great experiences with celery juice. I don’t feel you should say you debunked this because it could stop someone from trying it, who could gain benefits from it. Just because you as a healthy young woman found no benefits! 🥰

  38. You should have done your homework first since your video makes you look like a real idiot. Anytime you juice you are getting rid of toxins in the body however,you did not release all toxins and some get turned back in the body. to get rid of these, you should take some zeolite. Zeolitein powdered form helps to excrete the rest of the toxins in the body.you obviously got sick from toxic overload. You need to be careful!

  39. what has dog licking eyes got to do with the subject? could have been edited down to 4 minutes max…. the rest belongs on Whatsap (or 'what a sap')

  40. Hi. I developed Psoriasis in February this year and started drinking 16 ozs of pure celery juice on an empty stomach. I miss some mornings, but the Psoriasis is almost gone. It has changed gradually during the time and now has faded and disappeared from my arms, torso and almost gone from my legs. I have every reason to believe I will be totally healed soon. If you really want to know more about celery juice, check out the book by Anthony Williams.

  41. Yah did it all wrong and weren't even really committed and ya bitched and moaned the whole time. Dont think I'm going to listen to you half hearted video. Byeee

  42. I really agreed with you at all points! By the way, you look 10 years younger without makeup, just saying 🙂 xx

  43. I’m sorry but the second I noticed it wasn’t being done properly I stopped watching. If you’re going to do a video like this do it properly otherwise it’s just a lot of pointless talking. Kinda obnoxious and not accurate

  44. "One day of juice is about 2 stalks of celery?" Do you mean 2 bunches of celery? It takes me 7 to 8 stalks to make one 8 oz. glass!

  45. My wife and i have been doing it for months shes a vegan and i’m a vegetarian and wow what a difference it’s made in both our life’s we buy in bulk organic saves money. We will keep doing it and are very happy with the results amazing it’s
    been along time sense I felt this good😋

  46. (this is not against you in any way, you are just trying it for a few days + bringing it to my attention)
    diaretic? that's what doctors give you when you need liquid drained from the body, so basically this is fit tea but natural/organic. good to know the health and fitness fanatics keep overworking their kidneys and refraining their bodies of proper hydration 👍

  47. I think you were probably clean inside already as a vegan eating organic. I have seen major differences in my brain fog and skin and bowel movements. I truly think it’s cleaning and detoxing my liver. I would imagine your body isn’t a toxic waste zone like mine. Lol

  48. First thing first -your video title is misleading. You didn’t do this for 10 days, only 5. Second you have to do the celery juice first thing in the morning 39 minutes before eating. Thirdly YOU MUST drain the pulp out. What resource did you use for your instructions??? You were using your laptop and not the actual book which gives explicit instructions and details of how the Celery Juice without pulp first thing in the morning. You don’t seemed focused on the true documented benefits or directions on how to use celery juice. You do not even indicate the ounces to drink (16 oz). If you expect to get a cure in 5 days I think you’d do better with a Jeannie in a bottle. And “lighter in the brain” is definitely what your video shows. Not impressed with your misleading title and your poor authentic desire to show celery juice benefits and how to use it. Buy the book MedicalMedium Celery Juice.

  49. yes it has to be on an empty stomach.. its not to stop you getting sick.. its to help with severe health issues.. auto immune dieases, gout, diabetes, skin conditions etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPTojw9AUoQ

  50. There are a lot of people saying that she hasn't done this correctly. I'd just like to point out that the person who started this craze is Anthony William 'Medical Medium' who doesnt really have any credentials and is a spiritual healer.
    Celery like many vegetables is very healthy for you but I'm really unsure as to adding a little lemon or cucumber or leaving the fiber content in is really going to hurt that much.

  51. You got sick because it was detoxing your body. You need to do things properly to get results. When you are testing a regime, follow the steps properly and also your diet is important for those days you are detoxing. Don't discourage others thats want to try, it works especially for eczema and psoriasis. Stay blessed.

  52. Drinking celery juice every morning is propably one of the best decisions I've ever made in life, my digestion, skin, hair, metabolism feel like they have all improved dramatically.

  53. Only like 80 milligrams of sodium in celery. Ramen noodles has like 700, chicken soup 600-800. So celery is doable. Cost is about $12/week where I am and even cheaper in summer months when I grow it or barter my veggies for neighbors. People spend $15.00/a day at Mc Donald's, $10 or more at Star Buck's, and $8 or more for a pack of smokes. I guess my health is my wealth. If it keeps me from a co-pay, Dr Visit or worse…then I say juice it! It's a cleansing program, which removes many toxins from body. Many people have yeast over load which when flushed can push sugars around and make you feel ill. I don't tell people what is best for them because Im not them. Their body knows what is right. If it wasn't your cup of tea, that's quite okay. I still try to find ways to eat beets. Taste like dirt to me! lol Nice video, diary and thank you for your input. Oh by the way your skin does look smoother, fresher then the first day. You do you! Have a fabulous day!! <3 #Im50andUnstoppable

  54. You might not have noticed anything on the exterior. But that celery was doing soooo much for your blood, and liver and cleansing your arteries. Your already healthy person so you may not see all the exterior benefits. But it was definitely working internally.

  55. thanks for taking us on your journey and for sticking to it. I definitely think your getting sick might be from the detoxification process. The mineral salts in celery should not have a negative effect on blood pressure. In fact many people say it lowered their blood pressure. There are some great videos that explain the nutritional properties and anti-inflammatory benefits but it sounds like you eat a very clean diet and lifestyle so I can understand why you would not want to invest in doing this daily going forward.

  56. you on meds and you drink alcohol..alcohol is a poison to the body in any amount…Hmmmm no wonder! I have a kangen water machine so it l can clean off the pesticides and herbicides…I dont drink alcohol because in Recovery we realize its like drinking battery acid

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