I Lost 230lbs And I’m Proud Of My Saggy Skin | BRAND NEW ME

I Lost 230lbs And I’m Proud Of My Saggy Skin | BRAND NEW ME

Joel: At my heaviest I weighed 467 pounds. For the longest time, I thought I was just the fat kid or the fat guy. And that’s just how it was going to be. I was dealing with some issues, you know of confidence. Like I never had a girlfriend, but something had to change. I didn’t have to be this way I could lose this weight. And I’ve lost 230 pounds. Losing the weight has definitely freed me up with what I can do, and just quality of life and my options for life. Interviewer: Tell me how and when you met Kaitlin? Joel: Good job babe.
Katlin: Let’s go. Joel: Let’s go. I was always the fat kid. I was always bigger than other kids, always wearing bigger clothes. Having to shop in the men section before other kids did. When I was 10 years old, my father had a stroke, and unfortunately he did pass away from that. Death was never something I thought, something I thought about, so it came as a pretty big shock to me. And my mother, she’d actually been diagnosed with cancer a couple years prior. And then when I was 15 in 2010, she passed away from the cancer. So when I was at my heaviest I was 19 years old, I didn’t really have a normal day of eating. It was just kind of whatever I was feeling that day. I’d wake up, you know, late in the morning, and then I’d immediately go get something bad to eat. And sometimes I’d even stop at a local Chinese buffet on the way home, and eat three to four plates there and then go home and then still sometimes eat dinner. Obviously just snack all day, play video games all day, wake up the next day and do it again. So to say I was unhealthy at my heaviest would be the understatement of the century. Like I never had a girlfriend. I know I have a history of heart attacks in my family, history of strokes, history of diabetes, high blood pressure. If I’m obese, I’m just I’m not helping the situation at all. We went to the doctor’s office to get checked up on, and when I weighed in I weighed in at 467 pounds. Which was my heaviest weight. That kind of blew my mind when I saw that. Something had to change I didn’t have to be this way, I could lose this weight. I used to weigh 470 pounds and over the past four years I’ve lost 230 pounds. Right now I weigh in at around 264 pounds. Obviously whenever you’re very big, your body adds a lot of fat, and it’s going to expand. Your skin is going
to stretch with that. So once you lose the weight and you start to shrink back, unfortunately the skin does not shrink with it. It can’t go anywhere. So it kind of hangs as you can see on here. Kind of hangs here, hangs here. My waist line’s here but I still got skin hanging right here. So it can get annoying but at same time I love it. Because it’s a better body than I had before I’ve lost the weight. And it’s really something I’m proud of now. Yes. So if it ever got to the point where it was like not just an annoyance, but also like giving me medical problems, I would definitely highly consider getting it removed. But I’m at the point now where I’m more proud of it. Yes, I went from just taking walks to actually going to my company gym, where I would do workouts that I found online, was able to play football again. I was able to play sports, I was able to play pickup soccer. And then after that, I transitioned more into the world of power lifting. Trying to get stronger and more technical with my lifts. I love competing. I’m a very competitive person. And yeah, that’s where my little power lifting came from. Whenever I lost the weight, I gained a huge amount of confidence. I got more sure myself, was more proud of myself. And I was much more likely to put myself out there. Hey, baby. I met Kaitlin on Christmas Day of 2018 she posted a picture of a was it Panini shop? Katlin: Yeah a Panini.
Joel: And I was like, Oh, it looks so good. And then … Katlin: It was we went from there. Joel: Yep. And then when we met in person sparks flew, And we just been dating and happy ever since. Katlin: So I used to be 400 pounds. So when I got to my lowest I’ve lost about 250 pounds. Joel: We really have that to bond over which was great. There we go. Good. Katlin: Joel definitely motivates me to keep with fitness. He’s trying to get me to become a power lifter, which is something that’s not under my belt yet. Joel: Come on. Good job baby.
Katlin: I didn’t even try to date when I was, when I was heavier. Joel: And I never dated anybody until I lost all my weight. I was always so scared to make a move like I definitely always had a crush on someone but never had never been …
Kaitlin: No you never had a crush on anyone but me.
Joel: Until her no. But yeah, it was just like I was almost scared of the rejection because like being over 400 pounds, you almost know that’s what’s coming. Having Katlin around has been huge for my confidence with my loose skin because, you know, she loves me. She’s always, always reassured me about you know, hey, you have nothing to worry about, you know, you, you shouldn’t be ashamed of this. And step out of my comfort zone, and start to more proud of my loose skin if that makes sense. Katlin: Joel’s skin definitely doesn’t bother me. You know, we joke around about it and we’re pretty open when we’re together so. Joel: I feel like both of us have moved from measuring our progress on the scale, to measuring it just by quality of life. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter how heavy you are, You’ve gone through heartache, anything, whatever is stacked against you, if you put in the work and you want it bad enough, you can do it.

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  1. I am from Mali when I was 5 years old I went to live in Italy I started to grow enormously at 10 years old I was 67 kilos, I went in my father's pants was very difficult to find clothes for me. I had some very good friends who supported me and even a little too much, so when I was told that I was fat, I said it was fake I did not realize the gravity of the situation.One day I returned to Mali greet my family. I was not even recognized so much I had big so I started to swim and play football every day no longer eat produce to transform and no longer drink and now at 14 I weigh 50 kilos.This year I returned to Mali and they were all shocked at the weight I lost, I found clothes that fit me and I feel a thousand times better in my body.

    But now when I see people who are obese as I was, I feel very sad for them, I know they are suffering and so it's good for me to see videos like her;).

    Do not be belittled by others because of your weight.

    Have the motivation you need otherwise you will never lose that fat that creates so many problems.

    Thank you very much.

    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. I like when Joel said: And then we met in person and sparks flew. (with his gf) That's so sweet, I'm happy for them.🥰💗💖💘💝💌

  3. I'm proud of you Katlin! Keep up the great work guys. I'm upset you didn't introduce me to Joel when you guys where here in Brooklyn.

  4. I'd love to get in touch with them because they have motivated me to try again and get my goal of 200 because then maybe I'd have a chance at living a real life instead of people always looking down on my for being fat I know I can do and thanks too these two I'm going to do it

  5. Congrats to them!!
    But a red flag when she said "noo.. you never liked any before me" and nudged him. 😰 like what? Of course he did, it's normal. And the fact that he agrees with her is even weirder.

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    Moringa oil in a drink .
    Potassium bicarbonate 1/8 tsp or make your own pills double o vegan capsules.
    Do this three times a day the next morning measure your ankles . You will see the smaller size immediately overnight. Your releasing toxins.
    Buy them both from Amazon for about 30 bucks together or less. Trust me I was 475 at 55 zero lose skin oh yeah get on the Brewers yeast almost forgot these are mineral and superfoods . You will be amazed. Blessings and more Blessings

  7. Man i though i was heavy @ 220 lbs …now im at 145 lbs 15% fat next goal is 10% fat and more muscle mass …keep growing 👍🏼

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