I Lost 100 Pounds! I’ve Lost More Than 100 Pounds Since My Gastric Bypass!

Hi, I’m Patti Dunn. Welcome to Let’s Talk about Gastric Bypass! Hi Welcome to my channel. I had gastric bypass surgery 14 months ago, and I’ve lost 117 pounds I thought I would share my journey with you, which maybe you can relate to, if maybe you have a weight problem that you’re trying to resolve. My resolution was to have surgery. I had gone through the Jenny Craig diet, Weight Watchers, South Beach diet. I lost 30 pounds here 50 pounds there. I always gradually gained all the weight back and I thought after struggling you know, flip-flopping what do they call it, yo- yo dieting, losing weight, gaining it back, losing weight again, gaining it back. I decided to finally have surgery. The journey to surgery was, it was quite long. Actually, at first, I thought I would get the gastric sleeve procedure because it seemed like it was pretty straightforward, not complicated. In the bypass surgery, they actually in both surgeries, they reduce the size of your stomach. With the sleeve, they reduce your stomach from the from your normal size of whatever size it is, to the size of a peeled banana. With the bypass, they reduce your stomach to the size of your thumb. Plus they do a little bit of rerouting of your intestines which increases the weight loss. So, I went ahead and had the bypass, but I actually thought I was gonna have the sleeve first because it seemed a little bit less complicated for the surgeon, but in fact, I went ahead and got the bypass because with the bypass you lose more weight, and I thought I would do that. So I had that surgery 14 months ago. I had lost 100 pounds within 9 months which was just astounding to me. Originally, my highest weight was 252. I’m currently weighing 135 pounds. I’ve gone from wearing a size 22 to a size 10. I’m actually a little bit smaller than a 10, but I’m not quite to an 8. I’m actually happy with my weight right now. I’d be happy if I didn’t lose any more weight. And initially, when I went into my first consult I had borderline high blood pressure. I had high cholesterol, sleep apnea. My sugar level was in my glucose level was a little bit high. I’m not diabetic, but it was a little bit high, so every one of these things has resolved itself. Since my weight loss, I no longer have sleep apnea, I don’t have to wear the CPAP machine at night, you know, wear the mask at night. I no longer have high cholesterol. I no longer have high blood pressure. Everything is resolved. It’s just incredible and I feel great. I no longer overeat because it’s a little bit hard to when your stomach’s the size of your thumb. That’s what they say. It’s size of your thumb. And um, well, it’s not what they say, it’s what it is. Can’t say enough things about it. I I had my surgery at the Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia, and this is not a sponsored video I’m just saying where I had it. It was great The name of the practice is the Valley Health Metabolic and Bariatric Program Really great. I can’t say enough good things about it. So I thought I would make some videos on the process, starting with the you know, the pre-op there’s a several month, depending on your insurance, my insurance required a four-month pre-op program, where I had to follow a plan for four months. Other insurance companies actually have a longer pre-op process and then of course, then there’s after you’ve done that, then your doctor’s office submits everything to your insurance company. My insurance company which was Federal Blue Cross, they came back in 5 days with, you know, yes, that they would pay for it, which was so great. And then And then after you have the surgery then you end up with, you know, the different stages. You come home on a Liquid diet for I think it was like a week and then you go into I’ll look at it all more carefully. And uh after the surgery you’re on a liquid diet for a period of time and then you’re on a pureed diet, and then soft foods, and then gradually your stomach is healed and you can eat, you know, normal foods, of course in smaller quantities. So I thought I would make some videos where I would go into all these stages and talk about the whole process. So if you’re interested in weight loss surgery or you’re just looking into it or you trying to decide between the sleeve and the bypass procedure, then I hope you’ll follow my videos and I’ll see you next time.

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