I Am Sick And Tired of Being The Chubby Girl

I Am Sick And Tired of Being The Chubby Girl

I’ve always been kind of chubby and
quite short for my age. And I just thought that I was normal. And as I
started to get older I just noticed that people in out school were a lot thinner and
taller than me. And I’m over here just like a short plump 13 year old girl. If I
was walking down the street I’d just hear people go “fatty!” or just give me weird
looks. Then especially in school I would get called “fat” and “unattractive”. This really
affected me because I couldn’t fit into clothes that I liked and I couldn’t
communicate with my friends because if they asked me to go to a pool party or
something I would just reject them because I was too self-conscious and I
did not like my body. I would literally have stretch marks. So now I try and cover up
as much as I can even in the Summer. And I don’t go swimming anymore like I
used to when I was younger. Winter is now my favorite kind of season and Autumn
because I got to cover it more. And it makes me feel more safe going out in
public like that. But when I’m with people from school, I still feel kind of
weird and just not comfortable going out while they’re wearing like skinny jeans
or like a really tight crop top, while I have to go out and just like baggy
leggings or jeans and a long sleeve or like a t-shirt or something just like
really baggy. So I can just feel it more comfortable myself. And I’ve been trying
to do diets but I just can’t really keep them up because every time somebody
calls me a name I just go back to the food as a comfort, and I can’t help it.
And then with exercise I try and try but because I have asthma, it makes it really
really difficult for me to breathe and because I get angry at myself I just
burst out into tears and can’t breathe because I can’t run without coughing and
choking. It just makes you really upset most of the time. My mom has been really
comforting towards me and she just really helped me through this time. I
just hope that I can lose some weight and feel more comfortable.
Lately I’ve just been feeling really upset and I don’t know what to do. I dislike
myself for having such a disgusting body and that’s why I find it so hard to
separate myself from the food that I keep eating because I get called names
all the time at school and wherever I go. Sometimes I cry about it and I just
can’t help myself. And I really hope things will get better one day for me
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14 thoughts on “I Am Sick And Tired of Being The Chubby Girl

  1. Once at school I was sitting next to my bff at lunch and she said “ do you know why your so fat?, it’s because you eats loads of junk food”. Then I said “ wow, that’s not rude, totally” trying so hard not to cry. She like, said it in a nice tho, not like bullying. Then my friend that I only just made friends with cake up to comfort me 🙂🙂

  2. Hey Lucie. I can understand what you are going through. But please don't let others judgments or criticism affect you. Because you are only destroying your health by being depressed about it and eating junk food to just feel better. I am not saying you to have a particular body type. But taking care your health is important. And whenever you get mean comments and you feel hurt. Don't just eat junk food or comfort foods to feel good. Instead just write it down. Write everything down it seriously works. And also start becoming more confident. Because you are confident in yourself then they will stop bullying you. When someone says that, " You are so fat!" Just say that," So what?? I'm comfortable in my skin" Doing this people will stop bullying you.

  3. don't hate yourself your beautiful the way you are god doesn't the like to hear his children talk about how they hate their body its the way god made you and you should be proud of yourself

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