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hey there this is life coach Giovanni. to any
market owner have you ever seen people at the gym that are working out they’re
in shape and they go home and eat healthy and you’re wondering how do they
get the motivation to work out and to lose weight? I’m going to show you
ten easy, simple and motivating ways to motivate yourself to lose weight
consistently. But you’ve got to watch to the end because there’s a special prize
at the end. As I’m talking you feel free to leave comments underneath the video
tell me how you like the video and what other videos you want me to make also be
sure to click subscribe for more personal development videos you know the
fitness industry and the health industry are you know multi-billion dollar
industries however a lot of North America’s are actually out of shape and
actually unhealthy and you have people making New Year’s resolutions saying I’m
going to work out this year I’m going to the gym and they go with like a month
I mean I’m most and make it up you have parents bagging their kid and their
teenagers and trying to motivate their teenagers to workout but to no avail and
it’s trying to get themselves motivated to work out I’ll teach you the ten easy
easy strategies and techniques step-by-step on how to do it number one
change your language let me change your language most people say I would like to
I want to lose weight humans don’t want to lose things right like when you lose
your keys don’t shirt right people want to gain things so instead of saying I
want to lose weight you say I want to get fit and strong and alive number two
make being active part of your identity part of who you are human beings almost
always go in line with their identity a que how they define themselves if
somebody says you know I’m a lazy person but I’m trying to work out now they’ll
never do a long term because they’re lazy person if somebody says no I’m an
active person I’m just that’s just who I am I’m an active person that’s why
I am that’s what I do people have that active mentality or active identity work
out long term forever and ever because that’s part of who they are
see how good it feels to work out to move like if you ever if you’ve ever ran
15 20 25 30 minutes you get what’s called one or time we feel amazing you
know when your dad to expand your dance and dance and dance and dancing you feel
great right why because when you move like that you actually when you move at
certain intensity for certain duration your brain actually releases the happy
neural transmitters it releases dopamine serotonin and endorphins so instead of
thinking drugs all you need to do is go swimming Wilson with friends bike around
the block bike with friends jump up and down skip throw up like you were a kid
go dancing with your friends it’s so easy and it’s gonna feel so good to work
out people get addicted to work you know because it feels so freaking good
remember motivation is not a pump up it’s a lifestyle it’s just something you
do as part of your life for example when you wake up in the morning and go to
work do you take a shower yeah but just what everybody does every day imagine if
someone came to work with major Bo and they said and you ask them watch take a
shower they say oh you know I’m just not really
doing a shower thing anymore what would you think of a personal time what would
you say to a person like that you probably say what do you mean you need
to pump yourself up take a shower it’s just a lifestyle you just do it every
single day so make working a learning healthy part of your lifestyle
no more diets no more diet diets don’t work
diets are back to you mentally and physically
what someone goes on a diet that means you’re going to go off a diet okay and
it’s bad mentally because you’re depriving yourself you’re anything you
don’t want to feel like you’re doing something for someone else and so hard
and you eventually go off the dime it’s bad for you physically because when you
you know especially those diets where you release your tongue reducer calories
week after week one of the things that happens is your metabolism she slows
down it actually slows down people who go on diets and that awful diet and of
gaining all the way back plus more now it’s suck so what I do if it’s not a
diet make it an easy lifestyle a lot of people have what’s called a balanced
diet and I I personally subscribe to that I generally do an 80/20 rule 80
percent of time I healthy clean delicious food and flavors all the time
I eat basically whatever I want like greasy pizza
I leave my pots of cream and my desserts and my chocolates and I’m able to do
that 20 percent because 80 percent of time I’m eating clean I’m eating good
and I make it delicious I do not just need salads and boiled chicken all think
I ever you guys I eat really simple easy delicious things for example meal number
one you can make it breakfast I have a smoothie I put in handful of almonds I
got my protein and I go my good size and I put a handful of greens I my vitamins
nutrients minerals and greens are actually out devised so they actually
give me more energy and you lose weight by doing that because your body is not
acidic it’s one out the line and then obviously I want to make it taste good
so I pour some cinnamon inside and then I put some low GI fruits for example
berries blueberries strawberries raspberries and I put a banana as well
because it’s usually after my workout that I eat it a couple hours later I’ll
have my fish my fish for example salmon and then I have some vegetables and to
make it taste that I could put you know tomato sauce on it I could play
extra-virgin olive oil I put some seasoning a little bit of good salt it
tastes good I’m healthy and unfold energy why are you really going to be
fit strong your life motive does matter if the reason is you know because you
know dr. oz told me or because my husband thinks I’m fat or it all really
really should those are sucky reasons they suck because there’s no real
emotion there’s no real empowered emotion ask yourself this what do you
feel when you feel fit and strong in a lot what do you feel you feel confident
you feel mentally physically strong you feel alive you feel calmer you’re more
in tune with your body and mind you’re more control of your life you
present yourself at social gatherings and I work with more confidence people
who are in shape feel good with coffins times get better jobs don’t they they
tend to make money right with that newfound energy you make your current
relationship even better if you’re single with that energy and feel good
you look good guys and girls come up to you see it makes dating a lot easier you
see being healthy isn’t just about looking a certain way or what’s
imperfect is if I’ll see you alive it’s about your energetic that’s about it
develops feeling empowered keep it simple stupid keep things simple and
easy simplicity equals execution which is action which gives you results keep
things simple you don’t have to be nutritionist to figure out there’s a few
little things you could do that make a huge difference for example most people
like you know every lunch and dinner they’ll have a can of pop one or two
tend to pop per day every single day 80% of the time as we talked about you
replace that pop with water just drink water I don’t I personally know people
and there’s been so many stories of people who just replace coke with water
eighty percent of the time and they lose so
which wait and they feel so much more alive and you enjoy your food more
another example is most North Americans cannot properly digest cow’s milk and
they get their body gets inflamed when they drink it and when their body gets
inflamed you put on more fat your body holds more set and it ruins your
digestion as well something as simple as instead of cow’s milk you drink almond
milk perfect instead of white rice brown rice instead of a white potato a sweet
potato which tastes so good and it can even put some seasoning on it keep it
simple stupid don’t exercise just move and have fun
exercise seems like such a dreaded hard word just think about as move around and
have fun for example you know when you go to the club with your friends and you
just dance dance dance dance and dance that’s moving around that’s fun you feel
good and you get in shape human beings we are naturally made to move
we love moving the human nervous system needs rest and it also needs movement
look at a baby a baby you know sleeps and rats and all that stuff but they get
to a point where they have to move around and move their hands in with
their limbs with their legs or move something at least for a certain period
of time you know go back to sleeping and they’ll move again because the nervous
system needs both to stay don’t celebrate your successes oh my
goodness like I said to these pants again you know what I stop so good last
night actually I was doing a lot more energetic lately my husband or wife just
notices a different energy in me those are major successes and celebrate them
when you accomplish every little thing you celebrate like it’s the biggest
thing in the world because when you celebrate it you want to do it again and
again yeah and we get ya that we give makes it feel so good when he celebrated
so don’t be a lot of girl it reach my goal yet you know even 10% better it
changes your life and celebrate it when you celebrated you don’t want to do
another 10% and another 10% it just becomes a real feel-good thing
remember being in shape and being fit is our birthright it is natural you feel
good you look good this is a really fun experience don’t make it complicated
make it simple have fun and keep these 10 simple steps in mind as my gift for
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