Hyperglycemia and Diabetes

On-screen: Hyperglycemia
(high blood sugar) and Diabetes On-screen: What does it feel like
when your blood sugar is high? JIM: When my blood sugar is too high I get
light-headed – and it’s strange, I’m not talking about being dizzy – I’m talking about
not being able to put facts together correctly. KIM: I have nausea. I just don’t feel good. MICHAEL: Feeling very fatigued,
almost like I’m going into a stupor. MICHAEL: I also get irritable, and I also get tired. VICKY: My husband can sometimes smell a
fruitiness on my breath, and he will if I’m sleeping, wake me up, or ask me “Have
you checked your blood sugar in a while? It smells like its high.” On-screen: What kinds of things
make your blood sugar go too high? JIM: The kinds of things that lead to
high blood sugar for me are lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods, tension, and lack of sleep. KIM: I’ve eaten the wrong thing, or if I‘ve
eaten something high in fat, even though I haven’t had much of it, the fat in the food
will make my blood sugar rise at a slow rate. MICHAEL: By not injecting enough
insulin or by eating the wrong food. On-screen: What do you do to
treat your high blood sugar? JIM: When my blood sugar is high, the first
thing I do is lie down if I can, relax, drink some water, take my sugar levels. KIM: I’ll check my blood sugar to make sure
that it’s high, and then I will use my pump to figure out how much insulin I
should take to bring it down to normal. MICHAEL: I take insulin, I drink plenty
of water, and I check my blood sugar. On-screen: How confident are you that you can
manage your blood sugar when it’s too high? JIM: When my blood sugar is too high, my
confidence level in dealing with it sometimes varies. If I’m tired to begin with,
I begin to wonder if I can do this. KIM: I’m comfortable handling my high blood
sugar, because now I know that it’s coming on, and I can feel it, and I can check it immediately
and know what to do, and how much insulin to take. On-screen: What do you want other people
with diabetes to know about high blood sugar? KIM: I would say if you’re a person who’s
suffering from frequent high blood sugars, you need to really keep track of what you’re eating,
when you’re eating it, and also your medication so that you can bring that information to
your health care team to try and get everything more regulated. JIM: Talk to your doctor, and if your
doctor isn’t supportive, find somebody else. Get a team. I have a number of people that know more about
this disease than I do, and when I have questions I go to them, and I find out that there are
a lot of answers out there that help me in the present day situation. On-screen: To learn more about
diabetes, visit www.ndep.nih.gov

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