Hussain – This is my journey. | Freeletics

Hussain – This is my journey. | Freeletics

Ilford, it’s where I grew up. Sometimes, it’s getting out of bed and sometimes it’s getting out of my head. Sometimes, it’s telling myself I really got this and sometimes it’s telling myself to give this a rest. I have to unplug from the world to reconnect ‘cause there’s too much happening online, my little brain can’t digest. I end up comparing myself to other people on the internet, so in a way, everything I see in the world makes me stressed. We’re not meant to be continually attached to our screens, that’s not healthy and we have to break away from that. And the ones that are fortunate enough to break away from it get a great quality of life, free-thinking and the ability to get up, get active and do what you want to do and not just scroll and like all the time. But you start to self-hurt, when it affects your self-worth. And at the moment in life you realize if you’re putting anything anywhere, you’re putting yourself first. And everything that’s no good, you keep far away. Look it straight in the face and say, “You know what? You need to come back another day.” Because right now, I am growing, I’m healing myself some other way. Running, sweating through the summer haze In the ring when it’s cold and it ain’t just another phase, It’s the Mother Earth-loving way. Yo yo yo, what’s good cuzzie?! This is Ali, Ali cuts my hair. This neighborhood yeah, it really made me who I am, I’ve grown up here my entire life. When you’re so close to a community, you also realize how much people go through and that’s why I started to do what I do, that’s why I talk about mental health. There’s way more that unites us than divides us. So I let my mind go with the path as I start running through its gates. I let the weather tell me what I really like, I let nature show her face. And the older version of me, who’s telling me to give up, put him in his place. If you really want to become the best version of yourself, and you really want to grow and evolve and transform as a person, it starts with you.

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  1. Nobody who believes in a psychopathic tyrant from the desert can mentally advovate for me! Hussain I don't want your "Submission"!

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