How Weight Loss Saves Me $$$

So I’m gonna be really honest with you,
when Kelly over at Freedom in a Budget (who I love) invited me to do this collab
I was like how weight loss has saved me money? Yeah it hasn’t saved me money. I’ve spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollar. But then I came to
a realization it really has saved me a lot of money hey guys it’s Wendy Valencia. Let me give
you a quick background. So I used to weigh a lot more than I weigh now. I am
NOT at my ideal weight by any stretch of the imagination but I have lost between
65 and 75 pounds… depending on the time of year. I do tend to pack on about 10
pounds around the winter time. I have kept it off for several years now and I
would like to loose the rest of it and I will, at some point but right now we’re
we’re focused on finances and I tried focusing on both things at one time and
I really found it to be quite stressful so I’m just kind of chillin with the
weight loss thing until we meet our financial goals our immediate financial
goals and then I’ll get back on focusing on that I do try and eat very very
healthy especially when I’m eating like by myself when I make my work lunches
and my breakfast and stuff like that they’re extremely healthy I tend to
gravitate towards vegetarian or vegan dishes. Those just are the most
fulfilling food wise for me I know I’m weird but I really truly love fruits and
vegetables that’s like my my jam as I mentioned I did struggle a lot in the
beginning with coming up with with a way that losing weight has saved me money so
I actually came up with two things that really have helped me it was really
obvious and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it immediately so I probably am
not gonna be the only one who deals with this but before at my heaviest I was
diabetic I had low functioning thyroid I had high blood pressure I had two other
things that were going wrong I I can’t even remember what they were right now
but they were all directly tied into how much I weighed and once I started losing
weight those things disappeared almost immediately and I every blood test or
workup I have had since I have lost the weight
has been perfect I’ve got no health issues at all other than my dystonia
which will never go away and acne which is acne what are you gonna do about that
but other than that I have no health issues real true health issues so I
started thinking about being diabetic and my father’s diabetic being diabetic
is extremely expensive I was not on insulin but I was using injectable
medication so I had to buy the medicine and I had to buy the needles I had to
blot by the blood testing strips and a lot of it was covered by my insurance
but a lot of it wasn’t and I was constantly buying medication and co-pays
and I would get sick so easily and now I don’t have that problem knock on wood
she says and I’ll probably be sick next week but I really don’t get sick very
often anymore and I was sick constantly when I was diabetic and it just it’s one
thing after another when you when you have diabetes not only do you have to
watch what you eat constantly but there’s so much energy that goes into it
so medically wise and medical cost yeah being diabetic is expensive and plus all
the other medications I was having to take so yeah that in itself is a huge
savings so another thing that being on Weight Watchers has really helped me
with is putting vegetables and fruits first which is never difficult for me
and but I’ve started I started doing that this summer and realized I could
fill up on fruits and vegetables for very low-calorie and so when I would eat
horribly in the evening maybe with my family or whatever it didn’t impact my
weight I could make a lot more bad choices when I had two very healthy
meals a day and now the ideally I would have three very healthy meals a day but
for right now two is awesome and I am very easily maintaining my weight by
doing this now fruits and vegetables are by far some of the most expensive things
you can eat but doing that and doing a video about
it led me to hear about a CSA and I mean I do a whole video on this but there is
a local farmers market here that has CSA shares and I we get one share every week
of whatever vegetables were in season and one it allowed me to eat vegetables
that were in season locally grown and delicious and flavorful now did that
save me money a little bit um it wasn’t hugely savings because at the time that
we were doing the CSA the refrigerator dodge so I didn’t get to keep them cold
for as long so some of them went bad but I think if we do this again in the
spring which I’m leaning towards it’s a huge payment upfront you know like for
the fall it was like I don’t even remember like $300 but you get a lot of
vegetables all at one time and so if we do it for the spring and into the summer
it’s gonna be more money but it is I don’t have to worry about purchasing
vegetables for the week because literally there are so many vegetables
that come in that I can actually eat vegetables for two meals a day and still
have vegetables leftover for the family so so we may go ahead and do that I
haven’t decided yet but that I think in the long run will save us a huge amount
of money it’s really cool I really loved doing it so and I’m gonna do a whole
video on that probably in the spring so thanks to Kelly for inviting me this was
super I love doing collabs that make me think and I had never really considered
how losing weight had impacted my finances but it really it has definitely
because we were spending hundreds of dollars a month on medicine hundreds
yeah so I’ll see you in the next one see ya
we’re out

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