How to test your blood sugar levels | Diabetes UK

How to test your blood sugar levels | Diabetes UK

Hi, I’m Kaja, and today I’m going to be
showing you how to safely test your blood sugar. So here’s what you need A testing meter, some test strips a lancing
device, a lancet, and finally, a sharps bin. Once you have all your kit, you’re set. Firstly wash your hands with soap and warm
water. Make sure you don’t use wet wipes as it can affect the result Next, take your testing strip and slot
it into the end of the meter. This should turn it on. Once your meter is ready, it’s
time to prepare your lancing device. Each one works a little differently, but
the principle remains the same. Take the lid off to your lancing device.
Take your Lancet and slot it in. Remove the protective cover, then pop the lid
back on. You can select the depth of the puncture. And, finally, set the device by
pulling the plunger Now you need to choose which finger
to prick. So, avoiding your thumb and your index finger, you want to use a different
finger every time. Take your lancet holder and hold it to the side of your
finger, avoiding the pad and the nail A drop of blood should appear, but if it
doesn’t, that’s fine, just squeeze it gently until some blood appears. Then you
want to take your testing meter, take the blood and press it against the strip
until your meters ready. Then, just stop any bleeding taking a tissue, and
just hold it until the bleeding stops Now it’s time to record your blood sugar
level. You can use a diary your phone or a laptop, whatever works best for you.
It’s just important that you date and record every single reading that you get Finally, use a tissue to remove the test
strip from the meter, which usually turns it off. Just like a testing strip, a lancet can only be used once, so take the lid off your lancing device
and remove your lancet. You can then throw both your lancet and the testing
strip into your sharps bin. So remember check your kit, wash your hands,
choose which finger to test, wait for your meter to be ready, clean up and write it down

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  1. actually the needle or lancet u can use again and again. Secondly, some dont have a adjustment for the lancet. The needle or lancet pricks so fast there is no worry for contamination, unless of course u drop it or ur finger is some how dirty. Thirdly, those things somehow turn off. watch out. Also, due to wrong readings.As it does start to happen. Products designed to fail. Reset by taking the battery out flipping the battery ,putting the cap back on .Then taking completely out . Then put back right usually fatter or plus side up. Never trust the reading as it can be too high or tool low should be within 6. Then you might or usually have todo this ever 15 reading or so even cleaning the port with a alcohol swab. ie alcohol on a Kleenex ..placed on a toothpix . Just be careful when u place it in the port. GL

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