HOW TO STOP the Restrict, Binge & Purge Cycle?  | Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

HOW TO STOP the Restrict, Binge & Purge Cycle? | Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, Happy Thursday! Now today’s video is something that I’ve talked about in the past, and I’ll link to a playlist at the end of this video if you want to watch more videos like this. But I get so many questions about it that I think it’s important to talk about more and to have a more candid conversation about. So the question is “Hey Kati, how do I stop overeating? Am I bulimic? I always binge eat but now I’m taking control. Sometimes it still happens to me though and I crave something. And then once I eat it, I just can’t stop anymore. And then I feel so bad about it the next day that I exercise to try to make up for it. But then it’s a cycle. I binge eat again. And then I never lose the fat, because it just keeps happening. I get frustrated sometimes, because my friends think I’m too much of a health freak because I’ll tell them I’m on a diet and then when they’re eating I’ll choose not to join them. But the truth is that I cheat myself. And I still binge eat those unhealthy foods from time to time. It’s really a struggle for me, but I don’t know if it’s bulimia already. Or if I’m just too self conscious. I would like to add that sometimes I can’t concentrate too, because what’s on my mind is what am I going to eat next and how much? Does anybody have advice on this? Now this was asked I think on the website. So the reason I want to talk about this is because I think it’s far more common than we realize. And getting stuck in this overeating, restricting, binging, purging type cycle can be really hard to break. With regard to this question, it sounds like an eating disorder to me. Which one? I don’t know. I’d have to talk with her more and understand her situation more and have to know how often. There’s a lot of different factors. If you want to watch my videos about what bulimia, what anorexia is click here. I’ll link the playlist to it. But with that aside, what I think is important to talk about is how do we get out of this binge restrict kind of cycle Whether or not it’s fully an eating disorder doesn’t really matter to me. This is eating disorder behavior. And the truth of it is that first you need to work with a dietician. I know that we don’t all have access to a nutritionist or a dietician or anybody to help us with that, but even ask your doctor for somewhat of a structure of a meal plan. Because what happens is we restrict. That’s usually how it starts. “I’m gonna go on a diet. I’m gonna get fit for summer, fall, for that dance, my wedding, whatever the hell is going on I’m gonna restrict. Then all we can think about is that food that we won’t let ourselves have. Whether it’s “a junk food” or whether it’s just something that our body is craving. Because believe it or not our body actually tells us what it needs if we listen. Like understanding what your body is saying. Listening to it. It’s going to want chocolate sometime. Maybe it needs more sugar. It’s gonna want certain proteins and vegetables and things. It’s gonna guide us to a healthy diet. We just have to listen to it. Now that’s like way down in the stage of recovery and not having eating disorder thoughts or behaviors But we have to eat every 3 to 4 hours. I’m gonna say it again, we have to eat every 3 to 4 hours. That means we’re having 3 meals and 3 snacks every day, because if we restrict and we get really really super hungry, Guess what our body craves? Sugar and carbs Why? Because it’s extremely low on energy. It’s like well shit I can’t deal with this. I don’t know what to do. I need this now, because I’m dying here. I can’t handle it. I have no energy to do what you’re telling me to do. And so we crave it. And then we overeat on it., because we’re so hungry. We’re not even checking in with our body to notice when it’s hungry or full. Okay. There’s a great workbook I’ll link in the description, the Intuitive Eating Workbook. It talks a lot about this. And so in order to break ourselves out of the cycle whether we’re purging through exercise, or laxatives abuse or actual vomiting. Doesn’t matter We’re purging the calories and we’re purging the energy that our body needs And so it’s going to request more. If we’re training for a marathon. If we’re exercising a lot those people eat a lot of food. And a lot of carbs and a lot of fats to keep their body going. And not to mention, I’m studying. Back in the day when I was studying for my license exam, When I was studying in grad school. All that stuff. I had to eat a lot of fatty foods. Whether that be like avocado or a slice of cheesecake, it doesn’t really matter. My brain was using so much energy. Our brains need a lot of fat to operate. It was requesting more and more of those foods, so I gave it to it. Does that mean that I gained a zillion pounds and things just went off the rails? No. Because our bodies need different at different times. That’s why it’s so important to work with your doctor, dietician, nutritionist, because I am not licensed to talk about exactly how much and when and what you need to eat. I just know our bodies operate best when we eat every 3 to 4 hours. If you eat every 3 to 4 hours, you don’t need to any compensatory behavior because most likely you’re not overeating it. Because we’re not under eating on others. And don’t let your eating disorder get all sneaky sneaky where it tells you just cut this one snack out, it will be okay. No, we’re sticking to our plan. We stick to our schedule. That way we don’t get too hungry, so then we overeat. Cause that’s what keeps us caught in this cycle. Eating disorders are sneaky mother fuckers. They will try to wiggle their way in regardless of what’s really going on. And be like “oh, just cut out that cheese, cut out that avocado, just stop doing that.” “Just take that one snack off.” or “just run this extra lap just this one time.” Trust me, it’s never just this one time. Don’t listen to it. Fight back And if you are struggling with an eating disorder and all of this you’re like yes, oh my God, this all the time How do I do that Kati? I don’t even know where to start. Please reach out to a therapist. Find out if they specialize in eating disorders and also you can click the link over here and it will take you to my website. I have a free eating disorder workbook. I know it’s hard work. I know many of you are like “I only got through the first few tasks.” It’s hard work. It’s a place to start. It’s a place to better understand what’s going on with you. To help you get some help you need maybe while you’re waiting on a wait list to see someone. I’ve heard from a lot of you the wait list in the U.K., other parts of the world are insanely long I hope that helps. I hope this helps get you out of that cycle. We have to eat every 3 to 4 hours you guys otherwise our body will crave some intense amounts of things We’ll feel like we’re over eating and we’ll go back to that whole purging restricting binging purging restricting binging purging cycle I love you all. I hope that this helps. Please share this video. You never know who needs this information. And who it could help. And if you like this kind of content give it a thumbs up. And as always I love you. Share in the comments your experiences and I will see you on Monday.

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  1. I have a question regarding depression. I was hospitalized at a mental health facility, then I started seeing both a psychiatrist and therapist. However, despite medication and therapy I'm still deeply suicidal. But it's not that simple. I have a good life. I love my job, I live in a great place, I love my car, I love my 2 cats, and I have a couple close friends that provide an amazing support system. Yet, I'm still unhappy, I want to sleep all the time, I have no desire to eat, and just living seems like a huge chore. I don't want to die. But I have so many plans and I can't help obsessing over perfecting them. I don't have a negative outlook on life. I don't think everyone hates me or that the world is out to get me. I don't feel sorry for myself. But despite all the treatment I'm receiving why am I not improving? Why am I still stuck not wanting to die but having no desire to live either? (PS, I'm doing all the right things by forcing myself to hang out with friends, go to parks, do yoga, therapy, take meds etc) Is this all chemical related in my brain? Or are some people just not meant to get better?

  2. I have been doing this and I never really thought it was a disorder. I binge eat when I'm stressed so I just call it emotional eating. Then I feel bad afterwards and try to go back to my normal diet. It helps motivate me to exercise to maintain my weight, I don't over exercise. When it is considered an eating disorder? Is there a line?

  3. Thank you Kati, I've been suffering from anorexia and bulimia but I am in the recovery stages now so this info was really helpfull! Thanks again x

  4. Hi Kati. I've always struggled wit over eating, I don't restrict and I never have, but I still love to over eat on unhealthy foods every once in a while like pizza or chips. When I have pizza, I feel like I HAVE TO eat the WHOLE pizza, or else it's all been a waste & I'll regret throwing it away the next time I get hungry. SO then I eat the whole pizza, and then I feel really sick because I'm WAY too full – so then I vomit, not all of it (sometimes I vomit all of it) but just until I don't feel sick anymore. I've started doing this every time I over eat, and I even started doing it in the shower to not alert my boyfriend, so he doesn't hear it. The thing is, I only do it when I over eat, and I only overeat maybe once a week, or maybe I go three weeks without doing it and then I do it twice in a week. Is this still considered an eating disorder? Or just eating disorder behavior? I don't know how to control it, because it's NOT about gaining/losing weight, it's much more about that feeling of being full and worrying about my heart and my health after eating too much fatty foods. Help, someone?

  5. I kinda want to start a youtube Channel in Germany bc there are no psycholgy/self care channels here but I also want to become a youth therapist, do you ever had problems with being both a therapist and a youtuber? I am scared if they google me they'll find me as youtuber and only care for me as youtuber or that I give to much personal stuff to them…and that nobody wants to train me…

  6. I have this but not with food, I have it with activities that make me happy. The guilt when I do things I enjoy makes me restrict what I do, then I binge I things I like to make up for being so mean to myself (normally in the form of shopping). Do other people do this? I have no schedule and am finding it hard to do anything, if that makes sense..

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these videos! They are incredibly helpful and informative! I have been watching you from the beginning and if I miss an episode I always go back and watch the ones I missed. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and effort into making these videos! <3

  8. What do you do if you're scared to gain weight by eating every few hours? Like in my head it makes sense to do that for energy purposes, but I'm really freaked out that doing that will make me heavier than I already am…

  9. Thanks, Kati. I needed this video this week. My friend came over to me at work and asked me if I wanted a cupcake. I said yes. She said she was so surprised I actually took one and I said "why I love cupcakes" and she said "I know but I feel like you are always off sugar" and then I realized things I thought I had under control were clearly not. I am constantly doing the binge and restrict thing and I need to get it under control. I'm currently at a weight I'm not comfortable with, but I'm not going to lose weight or be healthy if I keep doing this. I really needed to see this and hopefully start working on this now. Thank you very much.

  10. I'm stuck in this cycle and I have been for over a year now (scary, now that I think about it). I have times where I get back to normal and feel really great about it and relieved but then I stop paying attention and before I know it I'm back restricting. And then I get super hungry and go into reactive eating. I might be fine with this for a while until the shame (and the weight gain) gets too much, then I begin restricting again. It sucks…

  11. What about if I don't fast? I just always binge? I don't restrict, but when I eat I nearly always overeat. I can feel my body telling me I'm full, but I nearly always feel the need to go past these signals, and I just keep eating. I feel awful afterwards physically and mentally. I feel guilt/frustration etc. I don't purge in any form, and in 2/3/4 hours I'll do it all over again. What's wrong with me? I've been in this cycle about 12 months now. Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give me

  12. hey Kati! i know you probably have a lot of questions that are way more important then mine to answer, but i just really wanted to know, what do i do to get back that trust in my relationship with my boyfriend after having CPTSD from being raped by my ex boyfriend? it has been causeing my relationship a lot of problems. i really hope that you can anwer my question. thanks!!!!

  13. Hi Kati! This was a really great video! It came at the perfect time for me as well! I actually wanted to ask…how do you think 'binging' and over-exercise link to being an athlete? I'm a dancer and am constantly being told that I need to eat lots to maintain my energy and weight. However, still being in recovery for anorexia, I sometimes find intuitive eating a bit confusing and often end up overeating (espscially when I'm not dancing as much, like I'm only holiday now) which I then feel the need to compensate for my exercising. However, because my career revolves around exercise, it can be difficult to define over-exercising and sometimes it is not clear in my mind at what point working out becomes 'over-exercising'. I'd really love to hear your opinion! Thanks for everything you do for us xx

  14. This is one of my favourite videos so far, sometimes I just need to watch one of your videos like this one to realise what I'm doing isn't just me xxx

  15. I stopped restricting my calorie intake, though I eat healthy foods. I've maintained 125 pounds. I mostly eat rice, oatmeal, fruit and veggies and lots of carbs!

  16. I can't figure out how to download the free workbook.
    I've signed up to be part of the community, then I go to the link and there's nowhere for me to actually click to sign up. help?

  17. Hey Kati,

    Is it normal to assume you are going to get a terminal illness, and stress about it every day. For the past couple of years every couple of months I stress everyday (several times a day) about a different terminal illness that I have no symptoms of, and if I get symptoms I spiral into full on panic. I've never gone to a therapist but is this something I should consider or can I fix it on my own? whenever I tell anyone about this they act like I'm being childish and silly. What is this? Am I being ridiculous?

    Thank you for your amazing videos!

  18. Hey Kati! I was wondering if you could do a video on how to tell your parents you want to start seeing a therapist. It would really help me.

  19. Please please answer. I'm 14 and I used to have a eating disorder. I went through therapy and was fine. but five years later I'm not feeling ok again and I have self harmed since I don't know how to tell my mother that I am extremely depressed for the past year. How do I tell her?

  20. Hi, I'm really thankful because you were an inspiration for me to get professional health for my anxiety and depression.
    I have to ask you something however:
    I've noticed I always get out of my psychologist's office without propperly explaining everything I believe I need to be helped with. It might be just my anxiety working, but I'm so used to hiding my feelings and problems that I'm afraid I'm unconsciously doing the same with my therapist. How can I explain myself better so that the therapist knows everything?

  21. 5 months ago I NEVER thought I would get out of this cycle but I am. I'm on the otherside of it. If you are looking for a sign, or a glimpse of hope….I'm telling you that it IS possible. Recovery is possible. Just ask for help.

  22. Hi Kati. My therapist refuses to refer me to a psychiatrist because he doesn't think I need medication. He knows how much I struggle with depression and he knows how bad I feel. What should I do? I know that I need medication; I don't want to be found dead tomorrow.

  23. Hi Kati I'm writing this on behalf of a friend.
    My close friend has suffered from eating disorder and depression for a while and has been in and out of hospital for it. During that time she'd also been using drugs. Shes now hanging around the "wrong crowd" And recently started using drugs again. I also think she's slipping back into her bulimia. It's becoming really hard stressful for me to watch her do these self destructive behaviours and dragging me into them. She's become a very toxic friend. I want to end the friendship because I can't take it anymore but I feel obligated to look after her.. I worry that if anything bad happened to her it would be my fault for not being there. I also worry that if I stop the friendship she will do something to harm herself. What should I do?

  24. In regards to "dieting", it's a mentality. When you realize your changing your lifestyle, that this is not a "diet". Diet's are thought of short term, not forever. With that being said I like the rule of sticking to my meal plan throughout the week, and have 1 cheat/victory meal on the weekend. It helps me stay on track and I have that cheat meal planned so there is no guilt associated with that meal. Also realizing everyone has weak moments where we eat something that is not on our plan. Even professional fitness models and competitors where it is there job to stay fit. If you eat something, don't feel bad, move on. Yes I totally agree work with a coach or dietician. Also tracking what you eat really helps you to learn your body and how it responds to what foods. I like myfitnesspal. It's a free app. 😉

  25. I take stimulates for ADHD and one of the side effects is loss of appetite so I can go all day without food and I'll feel fine. But once I eat I get starving, wanting to eat everything. Does anyone else have a similarly experience?

  26. The three to four hour tip BLEW MY EFFING MIND I never do that, going to try and snack a little bit more on satsumas between meals. Thankyou so much Kati, you're the best! 🙂 xxx

  27. mam, how r u so confident all the time? you are so perfect all the time.and you are extremely beautiful and fluent.

  28. it sounds like over eating not binging and purging but not able to stop because of being addicted to the way food tastes and then the hate of it after because she wants to do good

    i will give her the same advice i gave a youtuber that has this and sort of realizes he does but not really

    if you have a food you really love dont have it around the house if you cant stop eating it if you have a healthy food that you eat to much of it cut it and dont go to the other part of the food keep it in the fridge and walk downstairs with the portion you have

    then do the check in with yourself and is it do i want more because i like the way it tastes or am i actually hungry and figure out if you should maybe have something else like carrots as a side thing if you are still hungry or maybe some fruit

    that way you dont over eat and you are getting different vitamins in your body and always cut to smaller portions

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  29. This definitely describes me. I went to an IOP program earlier this year but I have relapsed into behaviors/thoughts. I'm going to download the workbook to see if that will help me in conjunction with my therapist. Thank you for putting these resources out there for all of us need help.

  30. I agree, definitely sounds like an ED. The preoccupation, the struggle for control, avoiding eating with friends — all of that is how it started for me.

  31. I wish there was an eating disorder where people restrict and binge constantly. I feel like a lot of people struggle with that including me.

  32. "Eating disorders are sneaky motherfuckers."

    So true! This video actually has helped quite a bit. I've been working on stopping eating disorder thoughts/behaviors for around five years and this video has been more informing than most other resources I've read/watched. I've been a longtime fan. Keep on doing your amazing work, Kati!

  33. ive been going to a phycologist for a year…0 results              my dream is not to eat for 3 weeks…lose all this shit, let the body reset and redo. shame I never get past day 1-2 then the cycle goes again binge, purge, shame, say its the last day. and 7 hours later back to it

  34. I just can't get out of this circle. It is not working. It feels like my brain is gonna explode. I was diagnosed with Anorexia(and have Depression for 9 years now) last year , got therapy and manged to eat again and gain some weight. But I don't no how to eat normal. I want to lose weight than I eat healthy meals through the Day. I realize i did not lose weight I'm feeling fat so I restrict this healthy meals until I'm in "anorexic mode" and eat nothing . Then Depression kicks in tells me I don't care how I look doesn't matter no one will see it you got no social life either so just eat. And that's what I'm doing . I over eat so much until my stomach hurts and I wanna puke it all out but it does not work. The next day the circle continues. I don't know what to do anymore I have no control over my brain.

  35. My doctor was no help when I told her about my b/p/r cycle. She prescribed me Zoloft and called it a day. I never took it and just sought out a therapist. I'm amazed how many doctors don't know how to respond to eds outside giving you drugs.

  36. Hi Kati,
    Thank you so much for sharing unflitered, real advice on eating disorder. I'm a recovered Anorexic but have been battling Bulimia and Anxiety disorder for the past 6 years. My health has been affected by this ED so much that i have chest pain and panic attacks almost everyday now. unfortunately i'm on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist and dietitian. I seriously want to free myself from my ED, and i fight it everyday, and so if i don't binge or purge, I eat minimal and lose weight and then i get physically very weak and panic and therefore i eat a little more and the cycle keeps going. I'd like to ask if you can help me with a positive reinforcement or method to fight the negative thoughts of putting on weight (as it's my biggest fear, to not be accepted if I'm not thin enough). Because even though i wakeup every morning to fight my thoughts and remind myself of my priorities which is gaining my health back, I somehow repeat the same routines and go hungry and tired. I really appreciate your input and advice.

    Thank you


  37. hello i really need a help i 've been binging purging restricting for about 3 years i stop one week and return again what can i do

  38. I totally agree with you. We have to listen to our bodies and give them kinds of food they need. Sometimes we eat more, other times we eat less, but that is perfectly fine if we do it because we feel we need to but not for slimming or flattening purposes.

  39. Hey Kati ! thank you so much for these videos cannot imagine what big of a difference it has made in my life just to know that I can come here and listen to you makes me feel understood and less lonely so thank you! I have a small question regarding this binge eating cycle. With me it is so that I know that I am going to binge. It is just certain that as soon as i am on my on and there is food, whatever it is as long as it is edible, I am just going to eat it and I won't stop until there is no more. It is very emotional so whether or not I had a completely normal meal plan or even if I had just returned from dinner, I will still find myself binging. So I basically feel trapped. How do I get out of such a situation, i.e. when the binging is emotional? because i feel that having a normal meal plan won't make a difference, it has really nothing to do with hunger and most of the time when I am binging I feel absolutely full and awful but i has come to a point where i am basically afraid to eat when i am out or with people just to compensate for when i get home. do you have any advice on this? or just someone please I would appreciate it so much!

  40. "Eating disorders are sneaky motherfuckers" haha sooo freaking true. Thank you for the video Kati!!

  41. I wish I was one of those girls who is normal and doesnt have to worry about binging, i binge on fucking healthy foods thats how bad its getting

  42. I just want you to consider one thing. People who binge often do it for more than one reason. Eating is actually very triggering. Because we don't eat to get nutrition we eat to stuff ourselves. So every time you eat you trigger your binge behaviour and you can't stop until you're completely stuffed. I find it way easier to not eat at all than to try and eat normally.

  43. Wow I had no idea that exercise is a form of purging. I won't self diagnose myself completely but I guess it's quite possible I've been struggling with a binge/purge type eating disorder for some time now without even knowing it. Thank you so much for your words on this. I've started just today keeping a food journal to help myself see my patterns. Your videos have been so helpful xoxo.

  44. Can someone help lead me in the right direction.. (this might get very emotional) so right now I’m 5’2 and 187 pounds, and last year at this time I was 137.. I gained 50 pounds in one year. And I’m noticing the fat weight gain. This has completely sucked motivation out of me. Im embarrassed to go to a gym because I feel everyone looks at me, and I’m so out of shape now its hard to workout.. because of the low self esteem I have I started becoming a non purging bulimic. I cant eat a single serving of anything, healthy foods, or junk foods. I have to just eat and eat and eat to the point my stomach will hurt for days, just to keep my mind happy at that moment when I have such bad cravings. I signed up for so many $30-$50 memberships to help me get back on track with diet and exercise but its not working.. im always falling back.. does anyone have any advice? Please? 😞

  45. If I dam not binging and just purging when my stomach doesn’t want the food in it is that still an eating disorder?

  46. "Maybe it needs more sugar…"
    Majority of humans don't ever need more sugar unless they have very high levels of physical activity. Even then, fat seems like the more sustainable option.
    "Eat every three to four hours"
    Eh..wut. That cant be right, unless it happens within an 8 hour window of time or less.

    I agree sticking to a schedule and not indulging to the just this one time mentality helps. I really appreciate everything this channel does.

  47. 1 year ago I was anorexic and then I started to eat again. And now Everyday, everyday I’m binging and purging and exercising. I can’t stop😭

  48. I just wanna say that at the beginning, when you try to stop the cycle, you'll still overeat. It takes time to learn how to listen to your body. The main thing is to stop the purging mechanisms. And i know how hard is to stop the purging mechanisms one you overeat, but keep pushing. You got this ♡

  49. Thank you so much for this,from tomorrow I’ll try and fight my bulimia back! Make it stop forever! I actually have all of the symptoms and risks are really high I could die from a heart attack if I keep doing this. What I do is after every meal overeating I just vomit everything. I’ve come to the point where I even vomit water. My period is gone since three months ago.. Wish me luck in this whole new journey,I’ll keep you updated if I remember it

  50. Well then how do you feel about fasting? Not eating between 8pm and noon the next day? That is actually way better for you than constantly snacking and eating

  51. I never make myself vomit but I restrict for a week or two, then I have a binge (like an actual binge I can't stop it from happening) and then the next few weeks I will exercise and eat barely anything. Anyone else have that type of thing here?

  52. Back when I had my eating disorder, I would eat nothing, eat a bunch at the end of the day, and then throw it up

  53. I’d love to check out your workbook and see a therapist but unfortunately my ED wouldn’t even allow me to do that right now because part of me doesn’t want recovery

  54. For myself, these things are still the hardest things to give up after 12 years. I restrict all day and then end up binging my life away and shortly after I will purging my guts out. I have taken the initiative to check myself into a treatment center but I know physically stopping these behaviors will be hard.

  55. Hey Kati, I know this is an old video and you probably won't see this…but I wanted to let you know that youtube is playing ads for weight loss programs at the beginning of some of your ED videos (including this one). I'm not sure if you have any control over what they play, but I did want to let you know just in case. 

    Also, I'm really thankful to have come across your channel; I have an eating disorder (along with all that other fun stuff like anxiety/ptsd/depression/ADHD) and your videos have really helped me feel less isolated and given me a better understanding of what I'm dealing with. Thank you for all that you do!

  56. It wont stop you know why? Iam stuck in this cycle since forever. I went to a therapist,nutritionist and….Last week i was abstinent then i got a strong craving and ended up binging on penuts and i gained alot of weight in just 3 days😪😪😪 ughhh am so tired of it
    Ps: am so active,healthy but I swear i gain weight so so fast my metabolism is so low according to my nutritionist:(

  57. "Glucose, the sugar found in your blood, is usually the brain's main fuel. Unlike muscle, your brain can't use fat as a fuel source" Also, physicians don't have a clue about food. They rather prescribe you pills for heart disease than advice to avoid saturated fats and eat more fruits and veggies.

  58. I wonder if I have those. Like every since I read up about anaoexic and bulmia, I get scared about becoming it. Like thoughts of running into the bathroom. Now I get nervous to eat for the first time and I just want to eat without obbessive thoughts or thoughts of it. Do I have a disorder?

  59. i don’t even binge a lot. i restrict. and eat at night. then purge. but i don’t even eat enough to count it as a normal sized meal. but i still feel guilty and hate myself so i work out a lot. i guess it’s a different problem than over eating

  60. My psychiatrist, social worker and even my doctor don't take it seriously because I have BPD and I am overweight so they don't give me help for my ED.. I keep binging and purging 5 times a week…

  61. I am anorexic but since 2 month I‘ve lost control completely and it‘s the absolute worst. Like I KNOW I should stop eating and stuffing food in my face that isn‘t even worth it ( because I eat everything we have in the kitchen even stuff that I would usually never eat) but I can‘t. It‘s like having no control oveR your own body. Like a zombie.
    Now I‘m struggling a lot especially because of my eating disorder. I don‘t feel anorexic anymore and people still treat me as such. That makes me feel bad because I don‘t deserve to be seen as something I‘m the absolute opposite of.

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