How to STOP Eating Sugar – Marisa Peer

How to STOP Eating Sugar – Marisa Peer

– Addictive eaters aren’t born. When you have a tiny baby,
and you put food in its mouth, it doesn’t actually know
if you’re spooning in something sweet or savoury. (dramatic orchestral music) So babies aren’t born addicted to sugar, but we are born rather liking that taste of pappy, mushy food ’cause our taste receptors
here have memories. And sometimes when you
eat things like chocolate, or creamy pudding,
(mouse clicking) or even toast and butter,
the taste receptors remember, oh, when I was a baby, and somebody picked me
up and put creamy, mushy, sugary food in my mouth,
it met all my needs. I felt happy, I felt significant, I felt loved, I felt
important, I got attention. I was held in someone’s arms and fed, and it made me feel better. And even when you’re two, and you’re mom was spooning in
banana yoghourt or apple puree, it takes a long time
to feed small children, and you have to give
’em a lot of attention. They certainly can’t feed themselves. And our brain starts to remember sugar makes everything better. Creamy, sugary, fatty food
makes everything right. It meets all my needs. But of course, that isn’t true. There is no doubt when you were two, and you were held, and
fed, it met your needs. There’s no doubt that if you were three, and you came in and said, I fell over, or my friend won’t play with me, and your mom made you a
cake, or gave you a cake, it met all your needs. But that is because when you’re a child, your life was so simple that sugary food or any food gave you
instant gratification. We can all remember eating the icing when our mom makes a cake, or
being taken out for ice cream, or getting special cake on our birthday and how that made us feel great because when you’re little,
your life is simple, and food can give you
instant gratification. You fall over, you get a tub
of ice cream, you’re better. Of course, when you’re 35,
if your boyfriend dumps you, and you eat ice cream, you’re not better. And try this, imagine your very
best friend has rung you up, and went, my husband’s left
me, or I’ve lost my job, or we’re gonna lose our house, we’ve lost our business in the recession, or my kid, 16-year-old
kid, just got pregnant. You go, don’t worry about any of that. Have an ice cream. They would look at you
like you were crazy. If you said to a friend
who’s having a bad day, I know, just gonna have a little cupcake with chocolate sprinkles on it, or just have some
chocolate, you’ll feel okay, they won’t be your friend for very long because what works for children
doesn’t work for adults. And so when you are
addicted to certain foods, particularly sugar, that’s
the most addictive one, and then many of the chemicals in junk food are very, very addictive. We know that fast-food
companies put in more and more chemicals,
more and more additives, more and more toxins because
they understand how easy it is to get addicted to chemicals. It’s no different to
painters who get addicted to sniffing paint fumes. Or we know that glue sniffers
get high on chemicals. So it isn’t unreasonable to expect that your brain starts to get
addicted to certain things. And what happens with the brain
is when you give it sugar, it releases dopamine. And dopamine is a feel-good
reaction to sugar. But like all feel-good reactions, you start to need more and more. So an alcoholic will need more alcohol to get that same high. A drug addict will need
more drugs to get that high. And when you start to released dopamine in response to eating sugar or very chemical-addictive laden food, you start to need more and more. And here’s the biggest problem
I find with sugar addicts, they start the day with sugar. They don’t plan it. They don’t wake up, and think, today, I’m gonna have chocolate for breakfast, or I’m gonna have cake for breakfast, or I’m gonna have candy for breakfast. I doubt very much that you do that. However, if you have cereal
and milk for breakfast, you might as well have candy. Most cereal is nothing more than cookies. In fact, there are many cereals that have 70, even 80% sugar. I recently took a box
of frosted corn flakes and showed them to my class, and say, “What do you think
is the first ingredient?” They went, “Corn.” I’m like, “No, that’s
the second ingredient. “The first ingredient is sugar.” And some breakfast cereals,
the first ingredient is sugar. Even supposedly healthy
mueslis are full of sugar. And so you need to read the ingredients and recognise how much
sugar you’re eating. And you need to start
to say breakfast cereal is nothing more than cookies. Bread is nothing more than cake. And I often sit in hotels watching people have croissants with jam, or cereal and milk, and I think to myself, wow,
they’re just eating sugar. And here’s the biggest problem. When you start your day with sugar, guess what you crave all day? Sugar. The more sugar you have,
the more sugar you want. When you wake up in the morning, and one of the first
things you have is sugar, you wake up that monster, and now you want sugar all the time. When you wake up and don’t have sugar, the longer you can not have
sugar, the easier it is. You have to be very
careful reading ingredients because food companies aren’t stupid. They now do something very clever. Instead of saying sugar
is the biggest ingredient, they say, this product
contains evaporated cane juice. It contains lactose,
maltose, dextrose, fructose. And if they list all
the sugars separately, you never quite understand
how much sugar is in there. And I noticed that. And if they put those
all together as sugar, it would come up as the first ingredient. So first of all, you
need to educate yourself. Dextrose is sugar, maltose
is sugar, fructose is sugar. Anything that ends in -ose is sugar. Evaporated cane juice is sugar. Maltodextrin is sugar. And it doesn’t that you
can never eat sugar, but what you want to do is think, well, I’m gonna save sugar. Maybe I will have a cookie occasionally. Maybe I’ll have some chocolate sometimes. But you don’t want to
have sugar for breakfast because I promise you, if you
start your day with sugar, you’re going to want sugar all the time. And we know that. How many of you notice that
you’re going about your day, and you have a cookie, then you think, mm, I need another cookie now? Or you have chocolate, and
think, I need more chocolate. Or you say to someone in the cinema, I’ll just have a little
bit of your sugary popcorn, and suddenly, you’re sharing the whole tub and eating all of it because sugar is designed
to make you want more. When we were tribespeople,
what we needed to do to survive was to binge
on sugar and store fat. So if we came across
the mangoes or bananas, we didn’t think, I’ll just have half. We ate a lot of mangoes and bananas because nature wants us to
binge on sugar and store fat because it doesn’t know when we’re coming across those mangoes or bananas again. And of course, winter comes
where there are no bananas and mangoes unless you
live in a tropical country. But now, of course, we get
access to sugar all the time, and it’s put in so many foods. And if you go to a coffee shop and have a latte and a muffin, you can have eaten, incredibly,
25 teaspoons of sugar, which is extraordinary. You shouldn’t be having
that amount in a day. And food companies put
sugar in everything. So here’s your cure. The first cure is for you to stop eating sugar first
thing in the morning. Don’t have anything sweet. Have eggs, have omelettes,
have scrambled eggs. Have bacon if you want to. Have plain yoghourt, and
deliberately put in nuts, and seeds, and make it salty rather than sweet. Don’t make that classic mistake, and say, well, I’m having oats,
and they’re really healthy. I’m adding bananas,
and raisins, and honey. You’re just adding sugar, and
more sugar, and more sugar. By all means, have oats, but
put in some nuts and seeds. Try to make everything
savoury rather than sweet. I would avoid bread because
bread is nothing more than cake. But if you have to have bread, try and have the dark rye bread. And again, don’t put jam on it. Put on something like
tapenade, or piece of ham, or anything that will get
your body away from sugar. So that is my advice to you. Do not start your day with sugar. Start your day with something savoury. I often still want to eat
sweet things, but I don’t. I was somewhere recently, and
I want a little something. And I was in a store, and
they had lots of sugar. And it looked very nice,
but I bought some olives. Actually, I was at the theatre,
that’s right, the theatre. And in the interval, I wanted something, and they had lots and lots of candy, but they also had olives. And I bought two packets of olives. I like them. And interestingly enough, salt
will stop a sugar craving. So if you really crave
sugar, eat something salty. Not salty potato chips because they, too, have
a lot of sugar in them. Turn over the packet, read the back. You’ll be surprised how many packets of potato chips have sugar. But if you have salted
nuts, or salted seeds, or salted olives, or unsalted
olives that feel salty anyway, that can stop you craving sugar.

32 thoughts on “How to STOP Eating Sugar – Marisa Peer

  1. Love all your videos mam
    So grateful i found you
    I intend to be a great psychologist and a life coach
    Youre an inspiration to me
    Ive had anxiety because i had insecurities
    Now i know I’m enough therefore it’s gone
    Thanks to you
    If there is something i could do for what youve give me im happy to be a part of it.

  2. 👍 great explanation 💞👍
    Follow the gold 4 R rulles:
    Does it rot, roam,can you eat it raw, can you recognize the ingredients? -you can eat it.

  3. Thank you so much. I will try this because I crave sweets especially after I eat a meal. I think it came from how we were raised, after dinner or a meal when I was a kid we had a dessert and of course when I got older I carried this tradition to my family. I’ve been trying and trying the last few months to stop but I have yet to stop eating anything sweet. I will try this as well as detoxing.

  4. These techniques are extremely effective! It's not all about calories/obesity – absorption of nutrients is hindered by sugar – wish I learned this info several decades ago! Nitrate free, but salty, bacon helps me to reject sugar.

  5. I don't eat sugar anymore, I noticed that it negatively affects my mental health, and I was a true addict. I don't even eat occasional cookies or cake. If I truly want a sweet, I have an apple or other fruit – but I even limit those. When I stopped eating it, I felt like I came out of a drunken haze. It was amazing the changes I have made in my life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information!

  6. Marisa I admire you deeply.
    I had never seen a person that talked about working for success from a place of peace and being one with your brain, being its ally. Instead of the extremely popular and selfdestructive ways of extreme stress, going against yourself, chasing from fear, pain and notenoughness. You give me motivation to keep going with your calm perspective of life. You are water in the desert. I appreciate you

  7. Low carb and keto
    Atkins and all the others who have been crying healthy eating for years… Dr Eric Berg Dr Sears many thanks for their work, welcome to the sugar stopping.
    It takes time to lose the fat and don't get discouraged to badly when you go through a feeling like a cold or flu it's the carbs leaving the body. Check out those I mentioned and many others who have done scientific research for this as sugar is not a stand alone issue for our overall health.
    I hope you can do it. Marrisa . It's an amazing journey, so far,
    My prayers for you and yours in Jesus Name to find our saviour and be washed in His blood sugar be damned .

  8. Nature "" does not want anything ….the trees grass bugs ladybug eggs air clouds don't care if I eat rocks. So, don't try and personalise nature as a singular person it is deceptive to others making or incurring a thought of another being as nature .
    Sorry Marisa you can do anything you want , I personally do not enjoy being told by another grown up that nature is watching looking or intending to be anything other than the items and intentional things they are…
    Sugar is not a lone problem Marrisa, please do some research before you just pop off and say eat salt if you are craving sugar. It's a fat most are missing. Fat and moderate proteins and veggie producing carbs you as a health person want to consume. Also don't leave out stretching and some simple exercise like walking out doors or on the spot while watching your favourite show😍. Do it don't wait.
    It's a now issue.
    I don't want to be rude🤗 I am only frustrated because you are speaking about it like you know something and then you mention nothing of scientifically studies or directing your listeners to an Authority on Ketosis. Please people Search access YouTube for Dr Eric Berg and for others a man named Thomas Delour probably spelled wrong lol. Also Facebook has tons of low carb and keto groups so you can learn the reasons we don't want sugar in the blood. Carbs are NOT nessesarry for the body we don't need them at all. The body makes its own. Check out Dr Sears and His Wife another Dr Sears . Low carb so simple on here has five ingredients or less for some awesome food that is sugar free , like lemon curd. And remember fiber is your friend. Water please drink water lots.

  9. I always feel inspired by your videos, thank you for all that you share with us. Hope to make one of your talks next year 😊🙏🏼🔥❤️

  10. Marisa your techniques & self-talk strategies have been a key part of helping me lose over 78lbs so far this year & combat a lifetime of obesity. I feel very grateful to you! The fat is practically melting off. When there’s a counter-productive thought I talk back to it! I’ve already made up my mind that my first big goal is to dig in & hit the 100lb weight loss mark then go on to be a bikini figure competitor just for how fun I think it would be and…because I AM ENOUGH! 💜

  11. Sugar is definitely my comfort food. I associate it with my grandmother. We would go out for a walk in the countryside and then come home, sit by the fire and eat cake. This was my happiest ever time. I adored my grandmother and this was our closest moment. I’m always trying to recreate that happiness for myself.

  12. I appreciate you and your work (life mission) so much, Marisa!!! Thank you for being you and for all the things you speak to us.

  13. All Carbs are sugar…eventually. This is such a fundamental statement but many people miss the point. ' Healthy wholegrains' make sugar as soon as it hits the saliva in your mouth. As Marissa states, eat eggs or bacon, have Himalayan or Dead Sea salt on them too….satiety is a Godsend . Thanks Marissa xxx

  14. Its so helpful to be reminded of what used to be obvious. But addiction blinds us.
    "Sugar is designed to make us want more". That is what we need to remember, instead of hating ourselves for being weak.

  15. Marisa is absolutely amazing, I love how she uses babies and children as examples. I’m 45 and being someone who’s missed out on a childhood, I now close my eyes listen to her soothing voice and visualize being a toddler seeing the world with fresh trusting eyes and thoughts,eager to learn and experience new things one day at a time! Like she’s said previously,children live in the now moments and I’m retraining my brain to understand… I AM ENOUGH

  16. I have the best addiction ever! I am addicted to Marissa peer's videos and lessons😁I have impressed my family third last holidays when I told them a few things I heard from her😊😍❤

  17. podrian poner traducciones en español ?eh visto anuncios de marisa peer en español y me encantaron.por favor no debo ser el unico que le gustaria escucharlo traducido a la lengua española

  18. 1.How about rice? I eat rice everyday. 2. Can i replace sugar with honey?.. Honey is really good for health,right?..
    Thanks Marisa,..i'm waiting for your opinions about my questions, please. I really appreciate 🙏🏽💚


  20. Please help me : I am addicted to sugar, I do not eat sugary products nor drink tea nor coffee (no sugar) nor do I eat processed foods, but I like a drink of Chablis at night with dinner and as soon as I have my glass of wine, I want not more wine but the sugar from the wine and want to eat chocolates (and force myself not to eat them – I stopped buying chocolates) How can I enjoy my Chablis without craving sugar? Have bought several of your courses because they work. 🌹Best wishes & Thank You.

  21. Hi Marisa, I'm a HUGE fan & take all your suggestions very seriously. However I love to bake and have been trying sugar-free recipes using only stevia and/or dates. Do you think that is okay?

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