How To Run A Fast 5k With GCN’s Dan Lloyd

How To Run A Fast 5k With GCN’s Dan Lloyd

– There’s nothing like running a fast 5K and with so many events
these days like the park run, more and more people
are getting into them, including GCN’s Dan
Lloyd, how you doing Dan? – Very good thanks mate, how are you?
– Nice kit, I like it. – Yeah it’s the way you wear it, what do think of the shoes? – Not so keen
if I’m gonna be honest – Really? – Yeah but anyway shall
we head off for a run? – Yeah let’s do it. – Let’s go. – [Dan] Beat you to the post. (upbeat music) – So Dan you’ve been hitting the park runs and chipping away at your 5K PB. How did you get into running, and what’s your time looking like now? – Well after I retired form
cycling, I started GCN, as you know it’s a very
stressful full time job. (beep) (relaxing music) (beep) And I found that running was
a good way of keeping fit without taking too much time up, and it wasn’t long before I thought, I’m gonna do my local park run. At first when I’d do it
was something like 21:12, and over about 12 months, I
got that down to a low 18. But now I feel like I’ve stagnated, I can’t get any faster than that. – Alright well let’s see if
we can help you out today. Whilst it’s fun to race, turning up to a 5K every week
isn’t really gonna get you that super fast time you’re after. You might see improvements to begin with, but after a while your times may plateau. So the best way to improve your time is by including some specific sessions aimed at improving your
speed and threshold levels. – Which makes complete sense
because I have to admit I do tend to just go out
and run as fast as I can, whereas I’d never have
done that with my cycling, I always had something
specific to do each day. – Exactly so for running I would generally recommend doing a speed
and tempo run per week. (upbeat music) A speed session is as it says really. It’s a session designed at improving your top end running pace. Now you want to do this on
a flat and smooth course. Which does lend itself
to an athletics track, but a smooth trail like this
one will do just as well. So Dan for this session
we’re gonna do eight lots of one minute hard, above your 5K pace, with a one minute walking
recovery between each. So shall we give this a go? – Yeah I’ve just done
my walking recovery now. – They’re designed with shorter reps so that you can get the
best speed out of yourself. But as you progress you
can increase the duration and the number of reps. So the next step would be
something like six lots of two minutes hard with
a one minute recovery. (upbeat music) Now Dan I’m fairly sure
you’ll have experienced this a few times in your career. But when you get that surge of lactic acid it can be pretty hard. – Yeah I have had that a
few times and to be honest I was hoping that running wouldn’t give me that same burning sensation. – Exactly when you’re
pushing yourself to the limit and your muscles become
overwhelmed with lactic acid, it just begins to slow you down. So the idea of the tempo
run is to bump up the point at which you start to
produce that lactic acid. And hopefully you won’t get
that burning leg feeling quite as quickly. So for this session I sent
Dan off to do two lots of three kilometres at tempo, with a three minute walking
recovery between each rep. Now for Dan his 5K pace is
3 minutes 40 per kilometre. So I’ve given him my Polar GPS watch so he can track his pace. And we’ve calculated that his tempo pace should be somewhere around
four minutes a kilometre. Now that’s around 10% on his 5K pace. Or for those that don’t have a GPS watch, you can always run by feel. And I would recommend something
around seven out of 10. This should feel hard, struggle
to breathe, but manageable. So if someone added on another kilometre at the end of the rep, you could do it. (upbeat music) Technique is really important in running, and it can actually shave a
tonne of time off your 5K PB. And Dan I’ve actually picked out a few technical points for yourself. Which are actually really
common across the board for a lot of runners. So to start off with, your hip position. You tend to sit down
into your running stride, which is highly surprising considering the amount of time you spend
in the saddle for cycling. But also really common for
those that are sat at a desk all day or driving for
long periods of time. What happens is your
hip flexors tighten up, and your quads, so when you run, you’re sat in that position. But if you try and stand tall
and lean forward slightly from the ankles what it
does is engages your glutes, which gives you a bit more stability, and also a bit more power in your stride. And the next thing is.
– Oh there’s more, there’s more, right go on. – The next thing is your arms OK. So at the moment you’re
holding them quite high with little movement.
– [Dan] Am I? – [Mark] So we just wanna
relax them down a bit and swing them through. And all this does is just
helps with your rhythm and your balance. – [Dan] OK (upbeat music) – Now to make sure you’re
running at the right pace, and really take your
running to the next level, you can use heart rate and GPS. It’s really common to
see people heading off way too hard at the beginning of a 5K. – Yeah I think this might be something I have been getting right
already through my experience of you know 20 minute efforts on the bike, I know how important it is not
to go too fast off the start. So people do go way ahead
of me in the beginning, I keep my pace that I know
roughly I can sustain, and it does start to bite still
about half way through a 5K. – Exactly you’re just monitoring
your pace during training and races can make a big difference. And holding back at the
beginning of a 5K, like you say. (upbeat music) – Right well thanks for all the tips Mark. What I’m gonna take away from today is that I shouldn’t be
trying to set a new PB at my local 5K every week. But every week I should
be doing a tempo session and a speed session for variation. And I also need to look
at my running technique which I have never looked at before, and we’ve looked at some of the footage, and I can see exactly what you mean. – Yeah and don’t forget although you got it pretty well dialled, your pacing can make a big difference to your overall 5K time. – Yeah right well hopefully
I will start to make some improvements again. If you’d like to make improvements
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GTN by clicking on the icon which you can see on the screen right now. – And to see our run like a pro video, just click below myself. And to see our top nine
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100 thoughts on “How To Run A Fast 5k With GCN’s Dan Lloyd

  1. my school makes us run a 5k every year as a huge part in our grade. the course has a huge uphill, downhill, then a gradual and long uphill. it’s a hard course especially for it being most people’s first 5k. do you have any tips for a gradual uphill and downhill?

  2. My local park run is pretty much outside my house and is about 5.7 km. The route I run through the ravine trails is paved. There are some unpaved side trails I can run for some cross-country practice, but I mainly stay on the paved trail.

  3. Nahh, it looks to me Dan has the body for a cyclist, and if he does good possibly make a career out of it.

  4. So can you make an estimation of whether it's possible for me to hit a sub 15 min 5k run (if so, how long would it take assuming optimal training)? My 'specs': fitness level is good due to cycling, just started running (3 weeks ago) and did a 5k run last weekend (I know to soon, not smart but wanted to see my level atm) and did it in 19:07. My pace was really off though; first 2k around 3:30 p/km and the last 3 around 4:00 p/km. I'm planning to lose at least 5 kg. (I'm now 84 kg)

  5. Aha, I see, the huge youtube channel is brancing out into things they dont have any experience doing and the mindless consumers are lining up to have a taste. Who cares if it tastes salty, you are going to swallow. «For to every one who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away» — Matthew 25 : 29.

  6. Long distance running requires a lean and very light body. I am fast short distance runner so my body is built for Track Cycling and 200 meter to 400 meter races. Running puts a lot of pressures on your body and cycling is a cakewalk compared to long distance running. I usually do 10 k at about 50 minutes at a good jog rate. I am 39 and 172 lbs 5 foot 7.

  7. It's been a year since i started enjoy running.
    I run on a treadmill, i just gradually increase the speed by 0.1 km/h every week or after i am able to run a full 5K without stopping , small and steady steps.

  8. Dan heal strikes the shit out of those blue shoes . Terrible form .. the only reason he gets away with it is because he's built like a twig ..

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  11. HI, I have this mental issue that whenever I complete 3 rounds of running, my brain kind of gives up, although my body can still make two more rounds if I really push hard. I just keep telling myself that its enough for today. How do I over come this ?

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  13. Hi, thanks for the tips! I just have one question. I'm training for 3,2k run in July and my goal is under 13 min, so around 4 min/km. My pace is now around 5,5min/km. How many times per week do you think that I should train with this exercises to gain that extra 1,5min/km? Thanks for the answer!

  14. I'm awful then. I'm 49, complete beginner, recovering from a hamstring tendinopathy injury – only done 2 5ks so far, and my fastest is 39 minutes! 😳

  15. Damn really makes me miss running, it was my livelihood I’ve been injured for 4 months need to get better ASAP! I love the 5k

  16. 00:51 that stressful full time job at GCN cracks me up hard. Having GCN people will always make a video interesting!

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  18. Hi can you help me please I am doing the 5k in October but not done a lot for running b4 please can you help me

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  21. easy to get fast at running.dont eat to much loose a load of weight ,get skinny like a skeleton with no muscle and hay presto fast times.been there done that

  22. I've had the best luck with doing mile repeats at your target 5K race pace. Do either 4, 5, or 6 depending on how long of a recovery time you choose.

  23. So to sum up: a tempo session (i.e., your regular parkrun when you're not trying to beat yourself up/off trying for a pb), and some VO2Max intervals. Or basically, wot pretty much everyone else has been saying for the last half flippin' decade then.

  24. I have to complete my 5k in 22 minutes as my Physical test…. But my timing is 28 minutes….. I have only 10 days…. Please give me some importnt tips to decrese my time

  25. As much as no one wants to hear it, the best way to get faster is to increase your easy miles because a 5k is mostly aerobic and those speed sessions are mainly anaerobic systems

  26. Nice video. I wonder if you guys are not pushing your legs a bit too much ahead and landing on your heels. Is that safe for the knees?

  27. Weekly mileage plays a huge issue into how long you are able hold threshold paces.
    I did enjoy your comments on his posture and arm motion as well as the tempo explaination.
    Cheers guys.

  28. Did they even warm up before they ran?

    They don't talk about how mental this sport is

    My time after running cross country for a year in the 5k is a 19:37

  29. Just starting out. I run like a Clydesdale who just escaped from a glue factory. A 5k walk/jog/run takes me about 40min. Not giving up though.

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