How to Overcome Obesity in 12 Weeks : Overcoming Obesity: Hip Flexor Stretch

Hi I’m Angela Martindale and today we’re talking
to you about obesity and how to get out of it in twelve weeks. This is stretch two of
the last eight weeks of your program. Hip distance apart with your feet and knees. One
foot forward pressing down with your heels and creating a ninety degree angle. Now again
some of you may have pain in this front knee. This is a really deep hip flexor stretch.
You’re going to feel it down your quad all the way down into your knee. You are also
going to feel this in your inner thighs and through your calves because you are stabilizing
this hip. You want to pull the abdomen in and you want to press the hips forward. Keeping
your neck neutral, palm down on the knee. Some of you may feel off balanced here, just
hold those abs in and breathe. And then begin to tighten the glute. And then press back
through your heel and press the palms to the floor. Lifting the toes towards our shin.
Pressing the hips back to get a nice deep stretch in that hamstring. And then you want
to flow back in to your hip flexor, inhale and exhale. You may even want to take that a little bit
slower, breathing into it, two deep breaths and then press back for a hamstring stretch
through the glutes, hamstrings and calves. Now you will complete this exercise starting
out with five deep breaths, rotating and flowing between five deep stretches. You’ll add two
stretches each week, three days a week in your next eight weeks of your program.

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