How to make Zero Fat Salad Dressing | Jamie Oliver

How to make Zero Fat Salad Dressing | Jamie Oliver

Okay Food Tubers, a zero fat gorgeous,
amazing salad dressing. And if it sounds too good to be true then let me show you how to do it. But before
we do this let’s just have a comparison French dressing if I have a pint of
French dressing okay we’re talking well i about 3000 calories. This dressing
we’re gonna do 300 calories and everything’s going into
it is really super healthy and gorgeous/ so we’re going to put 500 grams of organic fat-free yogurt in there. We go in with a good pinch of salt, some pepper. 2 teaspoons of English mustard I’m gonna go in with some nice herbs
pull the stalks off that’s green and purple basil but you could
go cilantro or coriander I’m going to go in with a little garlic
now this dressing will last as lonf as the day on the packet of your yoghurt, okay? So it normally has a week or a bit more on it and the minute you put garlic
with it just kinda goes off quite quickly. So I’d only have it for a
couple days if you wanna have it for longer just don’t put the garlic in and you could have some cayenne pepper or
a little chilli And then i’ve got some nice vinegar
here. Some cider vinegar some white wine vinegar or even some lemon juice. So I’m going in with about a tablespoon, two tablespoons of vinegar or the equivalent and lemon
juice if you are going to use lemon juice then
remember you’ve also got zest I’m on your side as well. So you can choose either vinegar or lemon
juice or have a little bit of both so I’m
simply gonna whizz this up Ohh that’s good, oh that is good that my friends can go in the fridge
let’s just dress a little of salad The lovely color of the basil. I love dressings, I love French dressings, I love olvie oil. God you know I love olive oil. but you know it’s nice to have a trick
up your sleeve, zero fat the happens to be healthy and gorgeous.
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100 thoughts on “How to make Zero Fat Salad Dressing | Jamie Oliver

  1. I'd love to see a video on salad dressing variations. I typically use an olive oil and lemon juice and mint(+snp), but I'd like some other types, perhaps some sweet ones that aren't fatty?

  2. Too runny…The refrigerated one'd be better.
    Try mixing half the yogurt with all the remaining ingredients first in the blender, finish with gently mixing (with a spoon) the remaining yogurt.

  3. Awesome Jamie! you are incredible and amazing Chef! i love your tricks, techniques and how you demo the dish ive learn so far from you hoping you make more videos especially the healthy kind of food best wishes and good luck!

  4. Hello Jamie.
    Its my first day on your channel. I have watched many videos on your channel as of today. Infact I am a regular watcher of your tv show .

    You are a magician when it comes to cooking with raw ingredients specially the salads. Superb!!!

    Can you share a video for making a salad with only fruits.

    This deep green, peppery salad leaf contains carotenes, which have several cancer-preventing qualifies.Rocket, a member of the Brassica family that grows wild a…

  6. i find english mustard too hot for my liking. can you taste the hotness of english mustard in this? can djon mustard be used instead?

  7. Hi Jamie Can You make a dairy free, sugar free ( also artificial sweeteners ) and oil free salad dressing??? Sounds difficult..:D

  8. Hi Jamie I'm A Vegan just wondering if I could replace the Yoghurt with a starch like corn, potatoes or something?

  9. @Jamie Oliver Heyyyy jamie im from india and i want to include salad in my diet so what leaves or herbs should i use? Please reply

  10. Thank you for this dressing! Try eating "healthy" salads with a 3000 calories dressings that we find in all restaurants and supermarkets is freally hard.

  11. LOVE IT. I substituted the English Mustard for Honey Mustard to give it a bit of a sweeter taste. The herbs I used were Basil and Cilantro. YUMMM! Thanks for the great share.

  12. My second time making this and even better then the first batch , great recipe! Love the bit of kick from the chili pepper!

  13. Where's the olive oil Jamie? โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  14. I made this last night and followed directions carefully. It did not taste good. I hoped it would taste better today after the flavors melded. It tastes worse. I threw it out. Still on the lookout for a good low calorie salad dressing..

  15. fabulous! Made the dressing with the herbs I had on hand including basil, scallions, and tarragon. It came out wonderful. Thank you for an easy, delicious, and healthy option.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy watching you cook. I tried this recipe and it was tasty however I'm looking to experiment a bit more with salad dressings to find something I will like even more.

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