This one, she wants to know if I have a different
change of clothes or if this is what I wear every day. Uh, oh boy. In today’s FABulously Fit Friday we’re taking
a look at how to create a time-lapse video so that you can track your progress. Time-lapse
videos can be one of the most exciting and fun ways to track your progress when you’re
on any diet and exercise plan, whether that’s preparing for a competition or you’re just
trying to get into shape in general. I’m a huge proponent of time lapse videos because
it can really highlight the changes that are happening in your body that you may not be
noticing on a day-to-day basis. So be taking time-lapse photos over a few weeks and then
you run it through a time-lapse video. You can actually see those changes that you’re
probably not even noticing. Here’s an example of a video that my really good friend, Elain,
put together when she turned her life around and went through a complete body transformation,
and I love how she did that, and I’m going to give you some tips here today that will
help make that time-lapse video even better. First, you want to set up the area that you’re
going to take your picture every single day. It has to be in a consistent spot. You should
be wearing the same outfit each time and you want your feet in the exact same place with
the camera in the exact same position and the telephoto lens zoomed in in the exact
same spot. Now, there’s a great way that you can do this to make it real easy for you. Next, I want you to designate a time every
single day, same time every day that you take that photo. Now, that may be first thing in
the morning for you before you hop in the shower. Then maybe when you get home from
work perhaps and you’re changing from your work clothes to your play clothes and you
have a moment where you can put on maybe a swimsuit and get in front of that camera.
Whatever works for you. Make it a consistent time. Make an appointment with yourself and
make it a habit so that you’re doing this day in and day out, and then, third, what
I want you to do is to not look at these pictures for quite a few weeks. Now, as time-lapse
videos can be extremely motivating, they also have the potential to be demotivating if you
try to put this together too soon and you don’t see the progress that you’re hoping
to see. So give it a few weeks. Allow your diet and exercise program to make those changes
in your body, those changes that you’re looking for, then put your time-lapse video together
to see your body change right before your eyes, and, lastly, you need to put all those
photos together in some sort of video with software, right? Well, fortunately there’s
a bunch of free software available online and I put the links below in the description
for this video. So I hope that this video has helped you a little bit to put together
your own time-lapse video, and if you do like it please, of course, share it with your friends,
and if you have any comments and tips of your own of how to put a time-lapse video together,
I want to hear from you. Please leave comments below. I’m Kristin Shaffer, founder of Figure
& Bikini, and I hope to see you at the next FABulously Fit Friday. Are you ready? The next session of FAB University
is coming soon. Just head to to get on the notification list.


  1. Thank you for the compliment! You're a sweetie. 🙂 Sorry the audio isn't the best on this one. I think if you are able to turn the volume up either on the video or your speakers you should be able to hear it better. Fortunately with future videos I have figured out how to increase the audio volume. 🙂

  2. I just started a 3-month preperation for Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery. I think this would be an AWESOME idea, as my doctor seems to think I'll lose 100-125 lbs in the first year… Interested in the links you mentioned for the software to compile the photos together. Awesome video.

  3. Fantastic! Please be sure to share the video with me… would love to see your transformation. Good luck with your surgery. With love ~Kristin <3

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