How to Lose Weight on a Carnivore Diet

How to Lose Weight on a Carnivore Diet

hi guys welcome to my video we’re going
to be talking about how to lose weight on a carb or diet and what to do if
you’re stalled out and maybe you’re just having limited results so we’re going to
get to all that and more in my video today about how to lose weight on a
cardboard diet you may be wondering how could I not lose weight on a diet which
is all neat and water well you probably will but sometimes it’s just about
patience so I don’t want to hear if you haven’t lost any weight if you haven’t
been doing this for more than at least a month maybe six weeks now it takes a
while for our bodies to adjust to this kind of eating so you have to give it
some time so after you have been doing the carnivore diet for four to six weeks
then you can think about cutting out dairy that is a good idea because a lot
of people are very addicted to dairy they love it it’s hard to stop eating
it’s very easy it’s already prepared so you can just keep eating it without
cooking it and it’s very low maintenance so dairy can be a big issue and a lot
of people don’t realize how much it’s causing them to inflame hold on to water
and just overall slow down their weight loss another thing to consider is that
you might want to cut back on processed meats processed meats can have additives
that can make them more appealing they can have sometimes flavor enhancers or
they can have corn soy sugar that can make us just be very snacky and want
more so those if you’re eating a lot of
processed meats like turkeys or meat sticks or sausages or lunch meats those
are very convenient but they also can mess up our weight loss goals another
big thing to think about is stress so I noticed for about two weeks there I was
super stressed out because I added an extra class and continuing education to
my schedule and I was commuting and it was really really stressful on me
because used to just working from home so I
noticed during those two weeks I kind of inflamed and bloated up and it was like
oh okay stress is a huge factor where my eating really didn’t change because I
was packing my lunch everyday but just that added extra pressure on my life
made my weight-loss stall so keep in mind if your stress is really through
the roof you probably won’t see those numbers go
down on the scale and of course stress really never goes away but it’s our job
to manage it so you want to worry about taking more time for yourself to sleep
work on packing your lunch so you’ll have the right things or you know
preparing your food ahead of time so that you don’t rush out and make a poor
choice on your eating you can also take some more time to rest with a good book
or a bath things like that you can take more time to walk and you can do kind of
a walking meditation or just meditate if you’re good at that or just start to
train yourself to learn how to meditate those are all things you can do that
don’t cost a lot of extra money and they can help you manage your stress and
that’s just going to be ongoing daily struggle that you’re gonna have to learn
how to deal with and along those same lines of sleep so getting lots and lots
of sleep is going to help your weight loss results on any diet that you have
it’s gonna cut down on your hunger hormone ghrelin that’s the signal that
you’re always hungry and you’re always wanting something more that is very high
when you don’t sleep good so you need six to eight hours at least
I need more like nine hours of sleep it just depends on the person and their
health status going into it so if you’re skipping on your sleep don’t expect to
see those numbers dropping on the scale and while we’re talking about the scale
it’s really important to put that scale away for at least the first four to six
weeks while you’re doing carnivore and focus
you’re not skill victories such as your clothes fitting better of measurements
it’s a good idea to take measurements before you start finding more to you
know wrap that tape measure around your waist in your high in your arms and just
to really see the changes in your body because we see ourselves every single
day in the mirror if you are not taking into account those measurements if
you’re really missing the boat when it comes to body composition changes that
are maybe won’t show up on the scale right away if you’re familiar with any
of my work you know I’m a big fan of eating healthy fats and healthy fats on
kind of world animal-based but one thing we can do to help our weight loss is
maybe not add a lot of fat so just eat the fat that’s on the meat already and
don’t add a lot of extra fat to the meat unless it’s super lean so my favorite
kinds of meats are you know grass-fed ground beef I will show you the lot of
rib eye and New York Strip but these a lot of them are very sad you to begin
once I don’t need to add a lot of fat another thing you can watch out for is
kind of a butter coffee in the morning if you’re adding two three tablespoons
of butter into that or some kind of key that can really add up and you don’t
really realize it because you’re just drinking it so you can cut back on that
and that will probably help you to get to your goals faster last but not least
you can just to beef and water so a lot of people of course all to beef and
water and salt that is the most strictest form of carnivore if you have
read anything from like heaven stock he has some amazing resources over meet
health calm that is the strictest bonfire more is the most
anti-inflammatory and if you can’t lose weight on
then that is something you might want to look into with a practitioner maybe you
have parasites or SIBO or you might have a thyroid issue that you need to address
and get a full thyroid panel so if you are running into that stumbling block
you can always reach out to a functional medicine practitioner somebody like that
that can help you to unlock the puzzle pieces and see what’s really going on
with your health and one more thing I wanted to mention is that if your
electrolytes are out of balance it’s going to make you feel hungry even if
you’re not so make sure to heal a lot of water and keeping those electrolytes in
check with lots of sea salt so I really hope this videos helped you make sure
and subscribe so you never miss one of my new videos and push the little bell
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to get healthier with the cardboard diet

25 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight on a Carnivore Diet

  1. I'm SUPER ADDICTED to dairy….Even if it's one of the things that definitely contributes to worsened asthma and inflammation in my body! Every time I decide to stop I literally feel like my life is over!🤪😂 I think that if I had more money to buy rib eyes and so on it would be easier, I just bought two pounds of rib eye for the FIRST time in my life bcs it was on sale and I bought it even if it was from Ireland. (I normally buy local meat, but I cannot afford other than ground beef.) It was SO satisfying to eat rib eye. I ate garlic butter on top, so still not dairy free bcs the rib eye was very lean, but I am trying to get a hold of tallow. Haven't been able to get it yet…So it's not easy for me to go completely dairy free, but I have to keep on trying bcs I'm so fed up with the asthma and inflammation that's still in my body… I'm ofc WAY better than when I was vegan, but I have lingering health problems. Haven't been able to ditch fruits either yet, especially now when it's summer. Well well….still have come a long way compared to how I used to eat! 😄

  2. Haha I purchased 2 packs of my favorite cheese provolone so I could have in my eggs for the week and ate the 2 packages same day.

  3. We use Butcher Box and love it….the meat is quality meat and I find we are saving money each month using them and eating almost completely carnivore. Highly recommend them as you do!

  4. I think dairy is part of my problem for sure. I can eat cheese like it's going out of style, too. I'm planning on cutting it out for the month of July as a test.

  5. So true about dairy and how easy it is and inflammation! I lost 2 pounds in inflammation (I know since it was over just 2 days and I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight) when I cut dairy.

    That’s interesting that stress made you gain, I’ll have to watch that too!

  6. Thanks for the tip about cooking frozen steaks! Here I am defrosting in refrigerator and waiting! It's better! I liked them rare and crisp on the outside. Easy peasy, insane!

  7. I’m working on stress management and working on my sleep. Those things are hard when you have a medically fragile child whose blind and deaf, my son’s circadian rhythm is off so it affects my sleep too.

  8. Caitlin, how do you know if you've moved over from being a carb burner to being a fat burner. I'm a meat/water carnivore for 5 weeks today. Thanks!

  9. Great info. I sent it to my newly Carnivore daughter. Shes always had weight issues. Carbs from grains literally cause me pain in my arthritic shoulder within 5 minutes of eating grains (inflammation) Cheese is my addiction.🤓….but I managed to get it close to zero…just eat it occasionally.

  10. coconut oil? same as butter, I guess… in my coffee! but.. but.. coconut oil keeps us old people from brain death!

  11. No, dairy doesn't cause me any hunger, if anything whipping cream helps me do OMAD eaaaaaasily. I may eat a little bit of cheese once a week but I haven't witnessed overall any changes in hunger. Of course don't consume cheeses beyond once or twice a week, sometimes a month. I hear people small or large , female or male eating 2 or 3 lbs a day of meat, but I fail to eat that much, not even half of that a day without getting stuffed, and I'm a average height 250 lb male. I don't get this.

  12. i did keto for a year,, lost 56 lbs in 7 months then 5 months,, nothing,, chilling at 200 for a while no matter how much or little that i eat,,, i did eggs bacon butter and cheese,, every day,, doing carnivore this is my 2nd week, doing 12oz of grass fed grass finished ground beef 85/15 then 6 slices of bacon,, no eggs minimal cheese,, just parmesan regianno from costco in the block… i can eat this every day,, for some reason bacon tastes better,,, not sure why

  13. Caitlin, your advice is golden. Love your channel so much! Going to start Carnivore very soon. I love tuna and I’m wondering if mayonnaise made with olive oil (Iknow it’s not a pure animal fat with olive oil), but I’m wondering if any Carnivore pals eat mayo with tuna. Thank you so much!!!

  14. I wonder sometimes if cheese is due to the rennet which is sometimes from vegetables and not carnivore.

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