How to Lose 10 Pounds in  3 Days ๐Ÿ‘‰ the Best Workout to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days ๐Ÿ‘‰ the Best Workout to Lose Weight Fast

some of you ask me best weight loss workout will help me lose weight fast as possible well you’re about to
get your answer in 50 seconds and I promise you after this workout is over
you will lose 10 pounds in 1 week and then you’re gonna say to me
Adrian you lied to me I did this workout and I only lose 10 pounds in 3 days well
is that a bad thing what’s the old saying shoot for the moon
and get the stars well today we got a new sand try to lose 10 pounds fast and gosh darn it you may only lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks or maybe you how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days put your chair against the
wall and when I say go just watch what I’m doing and join in once you get the
hang of it okay let’s get ready you’re how to lose 10 pounds fast in
4 3 2 1 go now remember once you get the hang of it join in just don’t sit down
watch me like it’s a movie stand up start moving it doesn’t have to
be perfect just try to do the best you can and copy the workout for right
now if we look on the right that’s the low impact or no impact version or be a
bad knees or let’s say that’s just somewhere where you can’t make a whole
lot of noise just look on your right all right keep going remember try to do it
you try to the best you can for now you’ll get better as you work out go go
now if you look in the lower right if you’re a beginner any time the clock
turns yellow you can stop all right keep going
20 seconds remember you should be trying to do this by now it doesn’t have to be
perfect just do the best you can all right we got 10 seconds doing these chair burpees three two one
stops alright next time I say go you should be doing this all out stand up
now this is today’s workout every time I say go you’re gonna look better for a
minute and then you’re gonna rest right now you gotta women it breathe and if
you look at the workout if you notice the rest breaks change every time so
next time I say stop you can rest for 45 seconds then 30 seconds then 15 seconds
so remember every time I say stop the rest periods get shorter or longer but
every time I say go you’re gonna look better for a full minute
okay remember we’re not doing chair burpees we’re not doing burpees we’re
looking better for a minute just focus on that and also you don’t need a chair
to do this workout alright get yourself set ten seconds going right back to it
remember trying to do it many things you can’t admit it you’re ready to one go
remember workout as fast you can trying to do as many of these as you can try to
get twenty thirty or forty if you can try to beat me personally I always get
at least 40 of these every minute try to beat me go for 50 if you want to get
dirty that’s okay if you want to get 10 lbs. okay
just do you do the best that you can you’re going I remember when that clock
turns yellow it’s your first time doing the weight loss workout you can
stop but look if you seriously need to lose weight if you seriously need to
look better you’re not gonna stop there is no stops even if you’re real real
tired you’re gonna keep moving you’re gonna march in place you’re gonna do
whatever it takes to look better so there’s no yellow clock for you you
seriously need to look better keep going almost there three two one stop
good job now look to lose weight as fast as possible only thing that I’m gonna
ask you today if it’s 70 percent seven zero I’m not asking for 110 percent 100%
all I’m asking for is 70 percent what that means is I want you to try get
the same number of burpees every minute okay if you can’t get the same number
just try to get 70% so for example if you want to get 20 burpees next time I
say go try to get at least 14 all right that’s all I’m asking for today
I’m not ask for 110% all I’m asking for today is 70 all right you’re ready going
right back to it in 3 2 1 go remember 70% come on keep going now look I’ll
make a deal with you if you hitt your number early you can stop early so the
last time you get dirty if you get dirty before the clock hitt zero I’m gonna let
you stop early okay is that a deal all right go for it if you get your number
early you get a longer break if you get your number before I say stop that’s a
much longer breathe come on keep going going as fast you can there you go and look if you always beat
yourself meaning if you always get your number early try to beat me you’re doing
great you’re doing great you’re not sitting down you’re moving as
long as you’re moving in my world you’re doing great but you can always do better
and beat yourself three two one stop alright and like I said you got an
option if you want to lose weight faster you can just keep moving alright 20-second rest remember like I
said the best periods get shorter and shorter now look just – oh I’m allergic
next time I say stop it’s a 15-second break
alright ten seconds you’re ready going right back to it remember 70% seven zero
come on get ready 3 2 1 go come on beat your number beat your number like I said
if you got 20 last time go for 21 now if you can’t quite beat 20 remember the
minimum all I want is 14 this time come on keep going
remember going all out looking better for a minute come on think about how
much better you’re gonna look go all out focus on all those reasons why that
you’re doing this why are you doing this workout come on ask yourself that
question why are you doing this workout why what’s the reason why brand new
dress going to the beach maybe the prom is coming up maybe you need to lose
weight for a new job whatever that reason is focus on that remember you
need this don’t stop and like I said my said again you’re doing as long as
you’re moving you’re doing great in my world you’re doing good
you don’t whole lot better than those people who are still sitting down
watching this right now like it’s a movie
stop good job good job we got five more teas but look your red
is going right back to it ten more seconds more like a civil short break
you got it you gotta dig deep this time come on going right back to it same
intensity same number same I’m out go come on mama get that same number
remember don’t slack off come on get that same number that you always been
getting that same number come on give it to me there you go and look if you’re
tired of my voice right now you hate hearing my voice
hit mute put some headphones on that’s what I’m doing cuz I even hate my own
voice that’s why I got my headphones on whatever music makes you go put that on
and go for it that’s right come on now why are you doing this and look don’t
let that little voice in your head tell you tell you that you need to be stopped
I know there’s a voice there saying hey it’s 1st time doing this fat loss work out
so I’m just gonna stop for the day I’m gonna do it again tomorrow
no tell that voice to shut up tell that voice that you want this Ted to avoid
that you’re gonna stick with the best workout & do whole thing today not
tomorrow not next week today stop good job again I learn another
short break another short break ten seconds going right back to it come
on five three two go come on right back to it same number same number
like I said throughout this workout don’t give up but keep moving if you
like that person on the bottom right right now I’m still proud of you I’m
still proud of you Callooh you’re doing a whole lot better like I said again
you’re doing a whole lot better it’s somebody who just sitting there watching
this workout like it’s a movie not doing anything not looking any much better at
all if you that person is in the bottom right right now you are looking better
you’re doing something I’m proud of you keep going don’t stop I know the clock
is Yeller but don’t stop even if you’re just standing there if
you’re standing up if you’re not sitting on your butt right now but standing up
you’re doing good you’re doing great come on keep going come on two more
seconds hang in there five seconds you’re right there
three two one stop alright now you get a long 30-second
breeze that’s a long breeze compared to the last two times you don’t have but a
15-second break this is a long break now looking about 15 seconds I say go you
should be fresh ready to go cuz you got a long break right now
alright long break alright get ready 5 3 you’re ready go there you go you
just had a long 30 second break re-energized ready to go let me get that
same number that you always been getting remember what’s your goal for today
your goal is to lose 10 pounds by yesterday that’s how that’s good tips
that you want from this workout every time I say go you’re looking better and
you’re trying to lose 10 pounds by yesterday or 3 days not in
1 week not in 2 weeks not in 3 weeks you’re trying to lose 10 pounds
FAST that’s that attempt do you want to put into it
keep going keep going there you go come on think about the big picture
think about look how would you look 10 pounds lighter
20 pounds lighter 30 pounds later keep going I know you want this if you’re
still watching this video I know you want this I know you need this I know
that’s why you stay here don’t stop please don’t stop at least stand there
come on you can March whatever you got to do
don’t stop almost stop good job good job and look another question I get I get
asked a lot people say hey how do I know this is actually working well just take
a look on your right if your chair is starting it’s starting to look like that
then guess what you will lose ten pounds by yesterday if
your chair is looking like the one on the right you’re doing a good job and
another thing is if your thing about quitting but you’re thinking about how
you gonna look in the future and that keeps you going and
you will be lose weight fastest doing best way to lose 10 pounds fast all right get ready 3 two one go
good job that’s right keep moving come on focus on all those reasons think
about how much butter you’re gonna lose think about fat loss exercise going
away think about the look think about the
reaction you’re gonna get for your friends when they see the brand new you
think about all these things all those things should keep you going all those
things should make that voice in your head shut up you get that little boy or
that little girl your hair since I can’t do this anymore this is getting too hard
it’s my first day maybe I should start tomorrow
no shut that voice off don’t let that voice still steal your dreams away from
you come on mute that voice in your head mute me if you tie to my voice whatever
you need to do I know my voice is you know annoying at times but hey you gotta
keep going ten seconds come on five more seconds of looking
better three two one stop all right one more one more
all right that’s the last one for this set one more one more guys come on one
more alright and just just let you know you only need to do this work out two to
four days four weeks do it one to two times per day but look the most
important thing you need to do is you need to get to how to eat section in my
fat loss plan and that’s gonna tell you how much you need to eat if you don’t do
that part that enough is gonna work alright even the best weight loss workout
make sure you get my fat loss plan so you can learn how to eat and then as
you’re doing this workout then you’re gonna actually lose ten pounds by
yesterday all right you’re ready you got 10 more seconds we’re going right back
to it for our last one guys last one last one all right three two one go
come on you have a long women at Bri this should be like a brand new workout
for you remember I’m not asking for 110% seventy seven zero percent come on keep
going beat me I always get forty I got my
forty are you getting your numbers keep going
remember we made that deal earlier if you get your number early you can stop
early keep going come on thirty more seconds then you’re done then you’re
done come on keep going remember this your last one then it’s over go all out
come on did your last one like your first one like when you first started
you’re not sweating it’s a brand new workout stay with me come on ten more
seconds then it’s over come on blow it out everything you get
right here three two one oh no I lied to you keep going come on
one more minute I promise you I’m not making this up I’m not lying to you
after this is over come on one more minute one more minute come on double
the intensity double the action come on take look take whatever number
you get in and multiply by two look I know it’s hard to do math when
you’re tired so I’m gonna do the math for you if you biginning 30 I want 60 we
begin begin 20 I 140 if you begin at 10 I want 20 this time 10 a minute 10 a
minute 20 come on I’m going for 80 because I like I said
I’ve been bragging I’m in say I get I’m being in the 48 minutes so I got to get
80 come on 20 more seconds over come on keep going come on 15 more seconds you
can sit down for the rest of the day and do whatever you want to do come on 10
seconds stay with me come on we’re almost there come on five more seconds
over come on keep going blow it out to one stop hold it wait wait wait
ask yourself this how awesome would you look you took just a 23 second break and
did this workout program for weight loss over about that we’re gonna do this again
remember in 15 seconds it’s gonna be a new hiit workout you just got here ten
seconds you just got it’s a brand new workout you’re fresh you just woke up
brand new workout to lose weight last 15 minutes forget about the past
think about now you’re ready go come on it’s a brand new burpee workout you just got here you just got here you’re not sweating
your chairs are wet keep going there you go that’s right brand new
workout you know how to do it now come on keep going come on stay with me
where you going what else you got to do just stay right here all I’m asking for just extra 15 minutes
of time just an extra 15 minutes to look awesome to look better come on 30
seconds keep going and look remember like I said when that clock turns yellow
you can stop if you want you keep going come on 20 more seconds of looking
better we’re not look we’re not doing chair
Burpee today we’re looking better today that’s the exercise do one
we’re doing a weight loss exercise called looking better we’re not doing charity we’re
looking for we’re looking for we’re looking better all right three two one
stop and just remind you that’s the workout double door and showing you the
workout for weight loss again now on number two we’re taking a six second rest but
look look at all the even numbers and if you notice the rest pair has changed
every time all right you’re ready but don’t get ready we got you still got
a long break so they got a long break now if you look at numbers at sea look
at number is six three six through 11 six through 11
that’s what the 30 minute workout comes in that’s where the 10 minute workout comes in all right 6 through 11 all right in 20 more seconds we can go
right back to looking better and look every time a day every time when you’re
resting think about the future think about why you’re doing this all right
imagine how you’re gonna look all right here we go three two one go
going right back to it right back to it doing great if you stay here with me I’m
proud of you keep going and again remember we’re going for 10
lbs by yesterday we’re not how to lose 10 pounds in a week or tomorrow 10
pounds yesterday not 1 day yesterday come on get those numbers get those
numbers get the same number every time you do it come on keep going all you got
20 more seconds of looking better there you go
you’re doing great doing great ten seconds almost there three one stop doing great
doing great all right let’s do this in 30 seconds when I say go I want you
to pretend like you’re on a game show all right and put this game show if you
get if you beat your number for them if you got 20 the last time and you get 21
when I the next time I say go you’re gonna win a million dollars
you don’t TV in front of your family and friends all right in this game show if
you beat your numbers the next time you get a million dollars all right get
ready 5 4 3 2 1 go beat your number come on and feel free to start early you
don’t have to wait for me to say go remember she beat your number you get a
million dollars you don’t eat in front of everybody
come on come on don’t you want that money come on I’d like you want it do I
even need to motivate you right now remember like I said if you beat your
numbers you get a million dollars you’re on TV don’t look don’t get embarrassed
get that number you can do it I know you would do it cuz you want that million
what about 2 million what about 5 million how much would it take to make
you beat your number every time I say go that’s what you got to do you’ve got 20
seconds to win come on go after it attack it ten come
on keep going ring Gaddy better hurry up before you
get that money three two one stop all right
these next three that’s what at eight these next three this is where the
fat-loss magic is gonna happen but the only way to make that magic happen you
gotta dig deep you have to get that same number every time all right you have to
get the same number of chair burpees every time the same number
oops I said sure burpees remember we’re not doing charity so we’re looking
butter sorry about that I get ready go come on
looking better looking better right here think about your before and after weight loss pictures on Instagram or Facebook or wherever think
about all the likes comments and reaction you’re gonna get when you’d
have to do that keep going remember you can have a 6-pack you can have a flat
stomach no more jiggly no more flabby arms none
of that all that’s going away today what seriously all that’s going away
yesterday right remember you go after the impossible so you can make it
possible I’m gonna say that one more time going after the impossible to make
everything possible I just made that up let’s go keep going keep going come on
let’s show the world how good you can actually look come on keep going we’re
building the best you right now five three
stop all right 10 seconds don’t get last too long limit short break short break
you’re ready go run right back to it right back to it come on keep one and
look if you’re doing like that person in the Lower right I’m still proud of you
cuz you didn’t give up that’s all that matters and look by the next time or the
third time or the fourth time that you do this workout to lose weight fast be more like the person on the left you know you can begin your number every time but just
hang in there you will get better and as you get better you’re gonna burn more
fat you’re gonna lose more weight you’re gonna look much better I know it’s your
first time look give it your all give it your 100% not mine all right we got ten more seconds
eight six four two one stop all right don’t relax mama got short
15-second great 10 remember the same thing same action same
intensity three two one go come on focus on the impossible focus on how to lose
10 pounds fast in 1 week focus on all of that come on you need this I don’t even
need to motivate you right now you know look you know how important
this is right do this like your kid’s life depend on it depend on it do it
like your little ones like depend on it come on that’s how you got to do it
that’s how you got grabbed do it lucky on that game show where you can get a
million dollars that’s how you got to do this that’s the intensity level while
warm and look how promised you I’m not lying
we’re almost finished we’re almost finished no more tricks
we’re almost finished come on now you just told me that you
had a vacation coming up you just told me you’re going to the beach
this isn’t the time for you to think about stopping think about keep going three two one stop three more three more
you should be mad right now that just workout is almost over
you angry this weight loss workout routine all move over as a matter of fact my
workout is over you should be thinking about rewinding the video and lose 10 more pounds fast all over again that’s not mad you should be right now
this workout is almost over all right ten seconds we’re going right back to it
remember you need this one million dollars do it like your kids like depend
on whatever motivation you do that you’re ready go there you go remember
we’re looking better that’s the name of the fat loss exercise cause looking back you’re doing exercise called burning fat we’re doing
exercise called getting ready for the beach we’re doing an exercise called Hey
look at all those reactions that my friends when they see the brand new me
that’s the name of exercise we’re doing today I’ve never even heard of armchair
burpees have you I’ve heard of looking better though all right 30 seconds
halfway there keep moving so proud of you right now so proud of keep going
come on prove to me that you need it come on show me that you want that
brand-new body keep going ten seconds you’ll write there five
three stop now you get a long 45 second brief I think we got two more right is
that right two more I don’t know like I said you should be angry that this
workout is almost over you should be angry that you can’t spend
more time looking better and look if you truly need to look better like I said
when this runs over you’re gonna hit the rewind button and do it all over again
alright the very least you might take a two-hour three-hour four-hour break and
do it again a day all right ten seconds get ready 3 2 1 go
that’s right beat that number remember minimum 70 percent maximum beat
your number come on keep going keep going that’s right
oh yeah I also forgot to tell you you this is also a lower abs exercise
this does work your pooch a little bit keep going so that’s the bonus not only
are you getting rid of belly fat you’re also flatter stomach by losing belly fat at the same
time keep going ten seconds doing great you’re doing
great Bri stop all right one more I promise you
this is the very last one very last one and just like the last time we’re gonna
do this last one for at least two minutes okay remember what I said at
least two minutes so if you’re big in a twenty I need you to multiply that by
two for these two minutes if you begin at 20 you need to multiply that by two
and go for 40 whatever your number is multiplied by two we’re doing at least
two minutes I know that I might have a bonus for you I don’t know just get
ready to spend a whole lot of time looking better for the next two minutes
all right 10 seconds remember whatever the number you got multiplied by 2
that’s the last one for the day you ready 3 2 1 go
all out that’s right come on everything you got right here come on because I
spend a long time looking better that’s all we’re doing right now we’re looking
better but losing weight burning fat getting a flat belly get rid of those
flabby on getting rid of the flabby everything looking much better looking
sexier looking more attractive that’s doing right now come on lose
10 pounds fast by yesterday remember we’re doing the impossible to make to make the
possible come true tomorrow come on keep going remember
20 and 20 seconds we’re gonna start all over and do another minute I know we’re
doing at least two minutes remember at least two minutes the minnows worth at
least two minutes all right ten seconds keep going
everything you get come on keep on remember like I said we’re doing another
minute keep going I’m gonna get angry get mad that this is your last minutes
of looking better keep going it’s the very last minute I think it is come on
this is your last minute to look better this is the last minute before you go to
the beach last minute before the palm last minute for whatever reason that
you’re doing this for put everything you got into it
come on 30 more seconds come on don’t waste these last 30 seconds pick it up
remember Afridi’s next um 22 seconds you can stop for the day come on all out
right here come on 15 more seconds keep going come on 10 seconds then it’s over
I’m not gonna make any promises keep going
almost three two one nope I lie to keep going come on another minute another
minute I know I’m come on another minute come on you can do it at the very least
stand there and keep moving look I’m still going come on keep keep
it up if you need to get a quick sip of water get a quick step then join me
right back in join right back in come on I’m giving you more I’m giving you bonus
time to look better I’m giving you everything phone this time come on 30
more seconds all over come on that’s all over come on 22 seconds is all over you could sit
down and watch TV the rest of the day after this is all over I promise you
come on 15 seconds all right your last 10 seconds of the
day right here keep going come on 5 5 seconds and it’s over 3 2 1 alright No
oh man another minute another minute come on
I don’t even know what’s going on is this the last one this is a very last
minute keep going like I said you should be angry the best workout to lose weight fastest over come on keep going come on keep trying to get that number come on stand there with me all right 30
seconds 30 seconds keep going keep going 22 seconds of looking better come on
please stay with me I don’t you know it’s gonna be over come on 10 seconds it
might be another minute come on just keep going don’t stop
five three stop oh and that’s it

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  11. I'mma start this either tonight or tomorrow, and once I get good at it, I already have a weighted vest on deck ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

  12. I was 280lbs, Iโ€™m down to 214. My goal is to get to around 180 so Iโ€™m going to use this exercise to achieve that.

  13. If I do this MON-FRI Can I lose a lot of weight with a healthy diet? Can this burn fat in all areas of your body?

  14. Maaaaan I hated this workout and what's with the lying thing man u made me angry in middle of the happiness feeling that the workout is done ugh

  15. This workout it's so easy and difficult at the same time, it was definitely challenging, I'm not gonna lie,I did the beginners one like 3 times throught the workout but it was still hard as I was very tired, but I did it and felt great!

  16. And to think I laughed when I first saw this video and gave it a side eye. I was like this dude out his damn mind. I stand corrected and sweaty๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ I just did this and it kicked my butt!!! New subbie๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

  17. Thank you so much for the home workouts! I have 4 kids, homeschool and going to a gym will never happen. Youโ€™ve given me hope to get an even better body than I had before my 4 pregnancies in 6years. I have 80lbs to lose, gotta start somewhere.

  18. You are amazing, I just started yesterday the 10 min bike workout, I am 52. God Bless you for helping all of us that need little bit of motivation and canโ€™t afford a gym membership. Thanks

  19. Did this for 2 days I lost half an inch off my waist but I was at a calories deficit and I did my weight training as usual I did it for 30 mins 1 min on 1 min of rest, itโ€™s a great way to do cardio in the home making life easier

  20. Omg๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ.. I just completed the full workout at 280 pounds I never thought I could do a full burpee workout and I also completed the 30 minute jumping Jack's as well. I'm super sore but it's well worth it you made everything fun. Thank you๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ

  21. "You're doing better than someone watching this like a movie." I feel seen. LOL. I like to watch workouts first to see whether they're doable for me. I'll be doing this tomorrow after work.

    UPDATE: I had to do it tonight instead of last night due to a last-minute babysitting thing (as a single and kidless person, I definitely worked out chasing and having two toddlers climbing all over me, haha). Whew, what a workout! I only did the 15 minutes because I'm slow and out of shape, but it was a damn good 15 minutes–a "drinking 12 ounces of water" 15 minutes. I think I'm going to try the broom and card workout next. I love having so many options. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 1st I watched it like a movie,then I got mi butt up and did it..I cussed and complained the whole way through but I NEVER stopped moving๐Ÿคฃ!

  23. I started yesterday but only made it 15 minutes through.

    Iโ€™ll be doing this workout over again today and will continue.

    Iโ€™m 23 years old, 6โ€™3 300lbs and I donโ€™t wanna be fat anymore.

  24. OMG I did all the way through!! I swear I found another video and I did half and I was saying to myself "I NEED TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE CHANGELING" So I found this one and I sweating like a dog. I love this video im going to be doing this every morning. Thanks, Adrian. I'm 114 pounds and 27 years old 5'1. but i don't want to get fat at all so I'm doing this everyday I don't care. Thank you for making this video.

  25. SHUT UP! I love you for this one!!!!

    Yo! I was gonna say that I dont have a chair I could use but you knocked THAT excuse out the window.

    Thank you for this!

  26. Hi Adrian. I did two of your work out. And I love it. I'm almost 60 yrs old and man this kick my butt. I burn approx 750 calories. Thank you so much for doing these low impact hiit. I need to loose at least 12-15 lbs and these workout are goung to help me.

  27. I'm gonna di the exercise, but I'm telling you now, that, "Oop,I lied, let's go for another minute!," and that, "Now just imagine you haven't even worked out yet, let's start again," my immediate thought was FOH… tha how ni**as get punched in the face. Just tell me what it is straight up.

  28. I completed it till the end. I'm 18 years old. Will I really loose 4kgs(10 pounds) in 3days?
    I told one of my friends, they said it is a scam.

  29. You are the best Adrian ! Thank you for this hiit workout ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

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  31. Hello sir, im 11, how many times should I do this, and times mean like each set right?
    Will it be good for a 11 year old to do this, I am 77 KG

    31/12/19: I did it and my back is hurting like hell, but its definitely worth it, I am 76 KG now
    1/1/20: OMG, I did the whole video, feeling so happy, lost 400 calories, not that much, but still worth it

  32. I work out to stay lean ,like alot of hitt workouts with weights, I underestimated this workout Adrian! I have never sweated this much in less then 4 minutes!!! Total fat burner!!! I recommend this to all!! God bless you my man๐Ÿ–

  33. Did this well on my first try. Didn't sweat as much as I expected but damn my calves, traps and lower back sore a day later

  34. At 1st I was like WTF..but I had to think..this dose work.cause it's just like H.I.T yes this is a good workout bro..

  35. Im pretty sure i can do the advanced version but i did the beginners and still got a good sweat in ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  36. Adrian always be Lyinโ€™. Just one minute left.. once that minute is up…wait, I lied. REALLY!

    But hold on. Forget about the past. That was before. Well Adrian, I donโ€™t forget.


  37. Bro no lie I havenโ€™t been to the gym in 6 months and put up 225 at ease at 201 black people just have good genes my white friend has been lifting for two years weโ€™re similar build I started doing push-ups and have surpassed him with only here and there gym going since high school ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  38. hey adrian, just wondering? which one of ur workouts is the hardest? also how many calories would i lose doing this 4 times? also, love ur vids:)

  39. Im 120kg 193cm 27 years old. Probably like 40kg of fat on me that i gained over the course of last 6 years. Just did this for the first time and omg i like it! It was very hard for sure, but i ***king loved your motivational talks, that boosted me and i was even replying something like yeah i can do it!
    Made a Timelapse video of my first training,
    hit Like if u want me post it guys!

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