How to locate Small Intestine 3

How to locate Small Intestine 3

Small Intestine 3. I bet you want to
know where that point is! The Small Intestine meridian runs down the outside
of the fordarm and it comes all the way down and and at the tip. Actually at
the nail bed on the pinky finger. Now to find Small Intestine 3 you just want
to bend the finger a little bit and you’ll see a little crease pop out here.
It is right in that little hole. Right on the side of the hand. Here are her knuckles, so you want to make sure you’re back from the knuckle a little bit, and on the side of the hand. You press right in there and that’s how you find Small Intestine
3. This point is the master point of the Governing Vessel or the Du
Vessel, which runs along the back. So even though it’s far away from the back, it’s
a really good muscle, I mean really good point to use for any issues
going on in the back. Anybody that has any spinal conditions, disc issues, stenosis things
like that, Small Intestine 3 can really just help relieve what’s going on there and wake
up the spine itself. Remember these points there on both hands so you
working on both sides alright thanks for your time. Bye

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  1. This is taken from Dr. Tung: (asking about your thoughts on the last depth)

    Secret of needle technique is depth of insertion. If for instance your ling gu and da bai don’t work, it
    could be because you don’t have them deep enough. Shallow is an impotence treatment! Every single
    point has 3 levels:

    • Heaven – shallow, about ½ cun
    Only treats locally. SI 3 needled shallowly will treat hand and shoulder.
    • Human – middle depth, about 1 cun
    Reaches more deeply. SI 3 needled 1 cun in depth affects the upper back.
    • Earth – deepest depth, about 1.5 cun.
    Wakes the internal Qi, reaches the furthest regions of influence.
    SI 3 needled 1.5 cun in depth reaches sciatica and knee cap pain.

    Based on this, it would not be possible to needle dai bai 1.5 cun or you would be out the other side of the hand. I recall a teacher telling me that you base the depth such as this on where you are needling. Although, this still doesn't really clarify this. Have you any thoughts on this? And SI3 as I know it would be hitting bone at 0.3-0.4 cun. Needling 1 cun would mean you are going under the bone.

  2. thank you I would love if you would do the whole I channel, you are easy to understand and your video is technically easy to visualize.

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