HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT: Tips for Weight Loss for Women

HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT: Tips for Weight Loss for Women

good morning guys I have already had 16
ounces of water and I like to follow up with a green juice or some sort of
vegetable juice and the juicer that I use is a masticating juicer and it
squeezes the most nutrients out of your vegetables as possible and it doesn’t
allow for a lot of waste so I’m going to be making a green juice using cucumber
I’ve got one lime and I’ve got a half a lemon which is really good to help with
your digestion early in the morning then I’ve got one green apple fresh ginger
root I’m gonna use some kale leaves and then I’m just gonna use about four
stalks of celery so after juicing the vegetables this is
what you’ve got just in case you didn’t know this jar is 16 ounces so that’s the
second thing I do to start my day hey guys so the next thing I like to do
after having my water and my juice in the morning is I like to get my body
moving and that is a sure way to keep your belly tight and to keep that way
from coming back so let’s go friends hey guys so we’re on our walk and I usually
try to walk somewhere around two two-and-a-half miles a day
but sometimes that doesn’t happen but as long as you’re getting your body moving
I know that you can keep the weight off for good and that you can lose the belly
fat so if you will do these simple things that I’m showing you here in this
video trust me you can stay slim and keep that
belly fat off your body hey you guys so I’m having a little rest right now in
front of the tennis court and another thing I wanted to add in is intermittent
fasting so say for example you ate your last meal at 8 o’clock in the evening
you would not eat anything else until around 11 o’clock in the morning the
next day so you could still get up have your juice have your water but you will
not have a meal until 11 a.m. the following day so that’s called
intermittent fasting it’s usually around 15 hours when your
body starts to go into ketosis and that is a powerful mechanism that can help
you lose weight and keep it off and so you guys to recap the tips there’s only
three that I’ve given you in this video is the first thing you do when you get
up in the morning is you hydrate your body with water your body dehydrates
overnight while it is trying to detoxify and cleanse itself so you want to get up
first thing in the morning and hydrate your body with at least 8 to 16 ounces
of water after that you begin your juice you can make the juice a day ahead or
you can make it the morning of you want to drink a green juice because it
immediately just saturates your body with so many phytonutrients and minerals
that it’s going to keep you from snacking on health unhealthy items that
you shouldn’t put in your body so you’re going to be flooding your body with
greens and you’re going to be giving your body minerals and phytonutrients so
the green juice is number two and then the third thing that I recommended is
simply to get your body moving on a daily basis you

23 thoughts on “HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT: Tips for Weight Loss for Women

  1. That made a lot of juice! I love walking. I’ve tried other forms of exercise, but nothing else works for me like walking.

  2. I love a great green juice. I wish I had the patience to make it myself. I usually end up buying it from a juice store, which is rather expensive. I’ve always felt my best when I do a 3-5 day juice cleanse. I absolutely love this video. TFS!!

  3. If I don’t need to do this already!!? 😫 Thanks so much for sharing this. Real motivation for me! Loved this. Just clicked the like, bell and red button. Genuine supporter here 😁

  4. Great tips. Intermittent fasting has so many benefits for brain health, blood sugar regulation, detoxification, growth hormone release,. as well as weight control.

  5. The green juice looked so good. I love making my own juices also. I don't have a juicer so I've just been using my blender😊

  6. Thanks so much for the comments on my videos!! Tuning in now to learn how to lose belly fat and so excited to hear your tips!! New subscriber xx

  7. I need to try intermittent fasting. I feel like I kinda do that already bc I don't usually eat breakfast or lunch. I need to get back into juicing! That juice looks amazing!

  8. Very, VERY interesting and useful upload dear! I'll follow your tips for sure! Happy weekend Theresa! Hugs from Milan. Renata

  9. hola amiga buen jugo para empezar el día me quedo en tu casa para que puedes crecer en ella y al aves te invito a que pases a mi casa para que podamos crecer los 2 te mando un caluroso abraso y te dejo un like  cuídate mucho bye

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